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Copyright 2013-2018 Crate.IO GmbH ("Crate")
Licensed to Crate.IO GmbH (referred to in this notice as "Crate") under one or
more contributor license agreements.
Unless otherwise stated, every component of CrateDB is licensed under the
Apache License, Version 2.0.
Third-party components bundled with the CrateDB source code are indicated in
the LICENSE file along with their respective licenses. Any additional
mandatory notices pertaining to those dependencies will be reproduced in this
Crate provides pre-built releases for convenience, also known as convenience
releases. Building CrateDB from source pulls in a number of additional
third-party dependencies. Hence, convenience releases will contain a mix of
CrateDB source code and third-party build-time dependencies not listed in the
LICENSE file or in this file.
Crate is committed to only using permissively licensed third-party code.
However, for the time being, if you make use of convenience releases, it is
your responsibility to check the licensing status of the bundled third-party
build-time dependencies.
This product includes software developed by The Apache Software
Foundation (