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Add Heroku to the sponsors

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1 parent efd88da commit dbf078485675ecd568e33a170d31b068949ec9bf @dstufft dstufft committed
BIN crate/web/theme/static/img/sponsors/heroku.png
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8 crate/web/theme/templates/_footer.html
@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@
<div class="offset6 span2">
- {# <h6>{{ gettext("Hosted by") }}</h6> #}
+ <h6>{{ gettext("Hosted by") }}</h6>
<div class="sponsor-logo">
- {# <a href="" title="{{ gettext("Hosted by Gondor") }}">
- <img alt="{{ gettext("Hosted by Gondor") }}" src="{{ static("img/sponsors/gondor.png") }}" />
- </a>#}
+ <a href="" title="{{ gettext("Hosted by Heroku") }}">
+ <img alt="{{ gettext("Hosted by Heroku") }}" src="{{ static("img/sponsors/heroku.png") }}" />
+ </a>

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