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This project is still under development and is for reference purposes only. If you are interested in this project or have suggestions on how to improve it feel free to contact us at


The Go Component Framework project provides the foundation for the Bali Nebula™ cloud-based operating system. It provides a rich set of components that can be used to construct abstract syntax trees (ASTs) from documents containing Bali Document Notation™ (BDN for short). The syntax trees can then be processed by agents like compilers, interpreters and formatters for different document types (BDN, HTML, JSON, XML, etc.)


Documents containing BDN can be compiled and executed by the Bali Nebula™ which resides in a secure, highly scaleable cloud environment.

An Example Document

To whet your appetite, here is a short example document that demonstrates the use of some of the more common component types available in the framework:

    $transactionId: #LYZ6PJ9GBABSF18MQMBSJDV7KAPV4MS7
    $timestamp: <2017-12-30T17:38:35.726>(
        $city: $Madrid
        $country: $Spain
    $consumer: [
        $email: <>
    $merchant: [
        $accountId: #GYR0D0N7D7RGLAMM50TA7YYP9TRCYFF0
        $name: "Cool Deals R Us"
    $items: [
            $name: "Hover Board"
            $version: v2.65
            $quantity: 1
            $price: 142.15($currency: $USD)
            $name: "Hover Battery Packs"
            $version: v15.3.7
            $quantity: 2
            $price: 16.75($currency: $USD)
    $tax: 10.77($currency: $EUR)
    $total: 184.62($currency: $EUR)
]($type: /acme/accounting/Transaction/v3.4)

In Summary

Bali Document Notation™ is a bit like JSON on steroids. It supports a much richer set of primitive element and collection types (22 types in all) compared with JSON's five total types. Also, just as JavaScript extends JSON to support functions, the Bali Document Notation™ provides a rich set of procedural constructs that make managing the components in the cloud simple and secure.

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