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My very own dotfiles
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Makefile Creates testing container for bash and zsh shells
bootstrap Now with Zprezto! Now with Zprezto!

What it is?!

This is my own personal dotfile repo. There are many others like it but this one is mine. If you're interested, feel free to fork, poach, whatever.


The user and host is gone for a local prompt. I work on a mac or ubuntu primarily, both of which promote heavy use of sudo. As such showing the user on my local system is unnecessary. I know what user I am logged in as, I know what system I am on.

However, if I am SSH'd in somewhere, I want to know who I am as and what host I am on. So, if I am ssh'd somewhere, I show the user and hostname, otherwise just start off in the directory.


While I've gone full zsh on systems I have full control over, occassionally I have to use bash, so I've tried to cobble some basic support for it.


# Boot the straps!
curl | bash

# Change shell to zsh (optional)
chsh -s $(which zsh)

# Restart your shell


Thanks to mschout for all the help, especially on the bash stuff.

Thanks to holman for the inspiration for things such as the topical organization and prompt.

And many others for your insprirations.


  • install homebrew (if on a mac)
  • install git (optionally install ack, etc?)
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