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Stone Soup 0.23.2 (20190330)
Bugfix Release
* Various seed-related bugfixes and improvements:
- Seed input now supports pasting, and is autofilled from the last game.
- The seed input box now has an extra digit.
- The game seed is saved correctly and will no longer show as 0 for games
started after this fix.
- Seed stability for floating point calculations: for most configuration the
main dungeon should remain unchanged, but 32 bit systems (and 32-bit builds)
should now be much more stable, among others. Slime will likely differ.
- Seed stability for rc options: certain rc options affected the generation
of some layouts, leading to divergent seeds.
* AK starts will no longer crash when exiting the abyss in pregen games.
* Gozag bribe branch in pregen games now works correctly when entering a
previously unvisited level.
* Meatsprint is now difficult again.
* 37 other bugfixes and improvements in total.
Stone Soup 0.23.1 (20190228)
Bugfix Release
* Vampiric attacks by the player against allies created from Sticks to Snakes
and the Ratskin Cloak no longer restore HP or give vampires satiation.
* Damage from Ozocubu's Refrigeration has been increased to the correct
* Placement for the uniques Aizul, Bai Suzhen, Donald, Jorgrun, and Mara has
been fixed so they can place throughout their intended level ranges.
* The chance of Boris to respawn has been lowered to match previous rates.
* Yellow draconians now correctly receive their rCorr mutation at XL 7.
* 45 bugfixes, adjustments, and cleanups in total.
Stone Soup 0.23 (20190207)
* Trap system overhaul
* New Gauntlet portal to replace Labyrinths
* Nemelex Xobeh rework
* Nine unrandarts reworked and the new "Rift" unrandart added
* Support for seeded dungeon play
Branches, Environment
* Trap system overhaul:
- Traps that generate on the ground are always revealed.
- Exploration has a chance to trigger a "trap effect" independent from
terrain traps. The possible effects are alarm, shaft, and teleport near
- Monsters only trigger traps in sight of the player.
- Alarm traps now always Mark the player whenever they are triggered in LOS.
- Net traps now try to net the player whenever they are triggered in LOS.
- New trap: dispersal trap. When triggered, every actor in sight of the trap
is blinked.
- Trap placement in Ossuaries, Zot:5, and Tomb has been overhauled. In Zot:5
and Tomb, all mechanical traps save for net traps have been removed.
- Grate traps (triggered by pressure plates) have been removed.
* New Gauntlet portal to replace Labyrinths:
- Gauntlets have the player choose a path through several combat arenas,
each of which contains (sometimes exotic) monsters and loot.
- Access to each arena is one-way using transporters. Teleports and Passage
of Golubria are disabled.
- All paths lead to a minotaur who guards a pile of treasure and the exit.
- Gauntlets are found where Labyrinths previously generated.
* Support for seeded play:
- A new option for pregenerating the entire connected dungeon based on a fixed
seed has been added. This takes a bit of time, but ensures that any
playthroughs of a particular seed will use the same dungeon.
- This option is not yet available for online play, but can be used offline.
See the manual section "Seeded play" for details.
- The dungeon RNG has been separated from the gameplay RNG to allow this
feature to work.
- Each game seed generates a unique dungeon (including layout and
monster and item placement) that is always the same for the same version
of crawl, as long as levels are generated in the same order.
- If you see that two games with the same seed generate a different dungeon,
please report this as a bug!
* New vaults: early thematic item shops and monsters guarding manuals, as well
as new ghost vaults for many branches.
* Translucent doors that can be seen through when closed have been added.
These are used in most runed door vaults and in some Elf layouts.
* Two new dungeon layouts enabled, one for Dungeon and one for Lair.
* The player can no longer be put to sleep when paralyzed or petrified.
* Tengu Permanent Flight becomes immediately available at XL 5.
* Tengu EV bonuses are no longer applied to +EV from equipment.
* Wanderer starting spell libraries are announced along with equipment.
* Wanderers that start with exactly one level 1 spell start with it memorized.
* Nemelex Xobeh rework:
- Decks are are accessed through abilities and no longer exist as items.
- Nemelex offers three abilities: "Draw Escape", "Draw Destruction", and
"Draw Summoning", which provide card effects.
- The deck abilities do not have rarities; card power levels are determined
by invocations and piety alone.
- Nemelex periodically adds cards to the three abstract decks.
- Triple Draw works on the three decks as before, offering a choice of three
cards. The piety cost is increased.
- Deal Four deals four cards from a deck and has a reduced piety cost.
- Stack Five constructs a player-ordered stack of five cards drawn from any
of the three decks to be drawn later. Creating a new stack discards the
old. The piety cost is the same as old stack five.
- The Velocity card no longer hastes enemies, instead always slowing them
with a chance proportional to power.
- The Storm card has been revised. It now performs a wind blast followed by
one to nine electrical explosions.
* Elyvilon's Heal Other's is adjusted:
- The formula depends only on monster type, not specific monster maxhp.
- Player Ghosts and Pandemonium Lords are now immune.
- The targeter displays the pacification chance.
* Ashenzari protects followers from exploration-based trap effects.
* Qazlal's cloud immunity is extended to elementals created with Elemental
* Fedhas' protection of plants from player spells is extended to LOS-wide
attack spells.
* The acid damage from Makhleb's Minor Destruction has been reduced.
* Exploration-based piety is no longer granted for the Temple, deep water, or
* Monster conversion for Beogh, Gozag's Bribe, and Jiyva is attempted upon
sight instead of on the turn after the monster enters LOS.
* Spell damage message punctuation has been adjusted to reflect damage done
using the same scale as melee damage.
* Damage brand message punctuation has been similarly adjusted.
* Monster descriptions in 'xv' display spell ranges.
* The Religion screen '^' gains a fourth pane for gods that need Extra
- Ashenzari displays information about bondage status.
- Beogh displays a list of named followers, with gifts.
- Gozag displays bribe information.
- Hepliaklqana displays ancestor upgrades.
- Nemelex Xobeh displays deck information.
- Wu Jian displays information about martial attacks.
* The Hepliakqana ancestor reaching full health interrupts resting. The exact
behavior of this interrupt can be configured by rest_wait_ancestor.
* The new display_chars cloud_weak, cloud_fading, and cloud_terminal indicate
remaining cloud duration in console.
* WebTiles users can use a "Forgot Password" link to reset their password
via a link sent to their registration email address. This feature is not yet
enabled on most official servers.
* Unrandart changes:
- New Unrand: the +8 demon trident "Rift" {distort, reach+}. A distortion
demon trident with a reaching range of 3 and smite-targeted attack.
- The Singing Sword's sonic damage effect is stronger, can trigger at low
tension, and triggers only on-hit. It also gains the vorpal brand.
- The Spriggan's Knife converts all stabs to sleep-tier stabs and loses
Dex+4 and MR+.
- The Robe of Misfortune is +5 {*Contam *Corrode *Drain Harm *Slow EV+5} and
is now always identified.
- The Sceptre of Torment is now a +7 eveningstar of pain, and its torment
does not affect the wielder.
- The Arc Blade's effect now casts static discharge only once at very high
spellpower. The weapon's enchantment is now +8.
- Finisher gains a chance to instant-explode the target and loses Str+3.
- The Robe of Clouds is now +3 {+Thunder rCloud rElec}, providing evocable
storm clouds in place of its old mist.
- The Skin of Zhor gains a passive Metabolic Englaciation effect and SInv.
- The Storm Bow no longer occasionally creates rain clouds.
- Unrandarts with melee effects that could anger nearby allies give a proper
* Wand charges for wands of digging, enslavement, flame, paralysis, polymorph,
and random effects have been reduced.
* Butchering a corpse always leaves a skeleton.
* The blowgun targeter now displays the chance to affect the target.
* Stash search can now search by handedness.
* The custom `require` used in clua and dlua has been renamed `crawl_require`.
* A new function `spells.path` has been added to the `spells` module to provide
access to the targeter from clua.
* Monster weapons, armour, and wands are identified and revealed to the player
when the monster is first seen.
* The shambling mangrove Grasping Roots ability now performs smite-targeted
constriction instead of applying a 'Roots' status.
* Jorgrun gains the Grasping Roots spell and can now spawn in Swamp.
* Killer Klowns now have a pie throwing ability that damages the player and
effects them with one of Vertigo, Silence, -Potions, Stat drain, rF-, or
polymorph to bat, pig, or wisp form.
* Killer Klowns have highly enchanted, branded clubs instead of the Klown
melee flavor, and no longer have fast regen.
* Orb run spawns are more frequently near the player and more dangerous.
* Pandemonium lords' spell sets and attack brands are revealed.
* Monster summons disappear whenever the summoner changes alignment from being
charmed/uncharmed, pacified, or slimified.
* Confused monsters now get a 1 in 3 chance to move normally, like players do.
* Giant monsters no longer tear through webs.
* Confusing touch works with a weapon wielded
Stone Soup 0.22.2 (20190327)
Bugfix Release
* Fix a crash on startup when there are seeded games (from 0.23) in a shared
save directory.
* Let Barachim telefrag at their full range.
* Don't let ball lightnings climb stairs.
* 52 other bugfixes and cleanups in total.
Stone Soup 0.22.1 (20180916)
Bugfix Release
* Support for distributing player ghosts files with releases. Now local games
will have a starting set of ghosts available for ghost vaults.
* New tiles for Azrael, shock serpents, dream sheep, mana vipers, and the Robe
of Vines.
* An additional set of Gnoll player dolls tiles.
* Fix WebTiles menus for older versions of Firefox.
* 81 bugfixes, adjustments, and cleanups in total.
Stone Soup 0.22 (20180810)
* Player ghosts now only appear in sealed ghost vaults
* New spell library interface
* User interface revamp for Tiles and WebTiles
Branches, Environment
* Player ghost vaults:
- Ghosts now only appear in vaults sealed by runed doors or transporters.
- The ghost is always visible from outside the vault through clear walls.
- Dozens of new ghost vaults with a variety of themes. All contain loot, and
many place other monsters with extra loot.
- Each level from Dungeon:3 onwards has a fixed chance of placing a ghost
vault in most connected branches.
* Players on Abyss:1-4 will sometimes be drawn a level deeper, with the chance
increasing based on XL and decreasing based on current depth.
* The Hall of the Hellbinder WizLab has fewer higher-tier demons.
* Two-headed ogres are less common in earlier dungeon levels.
* The player can use wands in all forms.
* The player can't order allies while confused.
* The MP-powered wand mutation allows use of wands at 0 MP and is now
considered a good mutation.
* Dithmenos revamp:
- Dithmenos's Shadow Step ability no longer requires the target monster to
be 'still' and has an HP cost of 8% max HP.
- Dithmenos no longer has an anti-fire conduct and allows use of fire-themed
spells, items, and abilities.
- Dithmenos is now an evil god, hence is hated by the good gods and holy
* Fedhas' Sunlight is now the 1* ability and Evolution is now the 2* ability.
* Makhleb's Major Destruction has its range increased to 7 and Minor
Destruction has its range reduced to 5.
* Yredelemnul's Enslave Soul ability is now smite-targeted.
* Trog no longer has a Burn Spellbook ability.
* In the Tiles minimap, the exploration horizon has a distinct colour.
* WebTiles chat improvements (server support may vary):
- The player can use `/mute' and `/unmute' commands on chatters.
- The `/mutelist' command shows the current mute list.
- The chat window has a minimize button that removes message notification.
- The `/hide' and `/hide forever` commands minimize/remove the chat window.
* Wands of digging now have a targeter showing the dig range.
* Updated visual theme for Tiles and WebTiles.
* Tiles and WebTiles informational screens now show tiles where appropriate.
* New Amulet: the Amulet of the Acrobat, which boosts the wearer's EV by 15
for non-attacking movement and rest actions.
* The Mace of Variability is reworked to sometimes create arcs of chaos that
harm nearby monsters, but not the wielder. The enchantment is now a fixed +7.
* The Vampire's Tooth is now a +12 quick blade instead of a +4 dagger.
* Maxwell's Thermic Engine no longer has rC- and rF-.
* All fog types from Scrolls of Fog now spread like grey and black fog.
* Player ghosts can now follow the player through stairs.
* Minotaur monsters have increased health, defenses, and HD. They also spawn
with armour and either tomahawks or javelins.
* Swamp worms and Iron Giants now have Harpoon Shot: a range 6 ability
that fires a shot which pulls the player adjacent.
* Harold has better melee damage and armour, and he places earlier. His Bolt
of Fire and Blink spells are replaced with Harpoon Shot and Sentinel's Mark.
* Jorgrun has Iron Shot instead of Shatter and places earlier.
* Ilsuiw spawns on Shoals:2-4 instead of nearly always spawning on Shoals:4.
* Engulf status from Water Elementals now blocks god abilities but no longer
slows movement.
* The Barb status from manticore barbs now counts any non-movement actions
towards removing the status.
* Swamp worms no longer spawn submerged in water.
* Sojobo, air elementals, ball lightnings, and twisters have resistance to
Tornado instead of resistance to all wind attacks.
* Shock serpent retaliation now properly checks rElec.
* Spell Library:
- Spells from books are automatically added to a global library upon pickup.
- Library spells can be memorized from anywhere through the 'M' screen.
- Spellbooks are destroyed after their spells are added to the library.
- Vehumet won't offer you a spell you already have in your library.
* Borgnjor's Vile Clutch constriction damage is reduced by 25% and the spell
is no longer in the Necromancer starting book (the Book of Necromancy).
* Lee's Rapid Deconstruction can no longer destroy walls.
* Ozocubu's Armour now expires immediately upon movement.
* Spellcasting success rates no longer use a step-down, making L9 spells
slightly easier to cast.
* Passwall now has better range scaling, a lower max spellpower and a targeter
to show its range.
Stone Soup 0.21.2 (20180805)
Bugfix Release
* Shock serpent retaliation now properly checks rElec.
* No more errors on autofight commands when using ranged weapons or polearms.
* Fix a bug that led to Ru sacrifices not consistently giving promised piety.
* Fix many cases of "mid cache bogosity" errors involving Beogh followers.
* Training xl estimates in item descriptions are now more accurate.
* Compilation under Msys2 is now *really* fixed.
* Autotravel will no longer try to take shortcuts through hell.
* 70 other bugfixes and cleanups.
Stone Soup 0.21.1 (20180201)
Bugfix Release
* Dith shadow mimic of launcher attacks no longer copies the enchant and ego
of the launcher.
* Monsters lose constriction by Borgnjor's Vile Clutch when they are moved by
any means.
* Formicids can now manually cancel digging, allowing them to use Wu Jian's
Wall Jump ability after digging.
* Wu Jian's Wall Jump ability now works under silence.
* New splash screen art.
* Numlock on Windows systems no longer causes unpredictable repeating
* Alt-F4 no longer causes freezing in Tiles on Windows systems.
* Resizing the local Tiles window during prompts no longer causes crashes.
* SDL 2 contrib updated to 2.0.7, which fixes compilation under Msys2.
Stone Soup 0.21 (20180105)
* New species: Gnolls
* New god: Wu Jian Council
* New spell: Borgnjor's Vile Clutch
Branches, Environment
* The rate at which unique Pan lord levels appear in Pandemonium is increased.
* Transporters now have a 'landing site' that indicates their destination.
* The Hellbinder and Cloud Mage Wizlabs have been revamped to give greater and
more varied challenges as well as improved loot.
* New species: Gnolls, with extremely high aptitudes for all skills, but
an inability to focus: Gnolls always train all skills equally, regardless
of whether they have the requisite items or spells.
* Ogres now have better aptitudes in shortblades, longblades, and axes.
* New (temple) god: Wu Jian Council
- Grants free 'martial' attacks from certain movement actions:
* 0*: Moving toward an enemy triggers 'Lunge', which attacks the enemy and
does extra damage.
* 1*: Moving between tiles adjacent to a monster triggers 'Whirlwind',
which attacks all adjacent foes and 'pins' them, preventing one turn of
* 2*: Moving against solid obstacles triggers a two-turn Wall Jump, moving
two tiles in the opposite direction and attacking any adjacent enemies.
This ability can also be triggered via an (a)bility, and the movement-
based mode can be disabled using `wall_jump_move = false` in your rc
file for more careful play.
- 3*: Active 'Serpent's Lash' ability, granting two free movement actions,
of which any martial actions will never miss.
- 5*: Active 'Heavenly Storm' ability, creating opaque clouds and increasing
your martial prowess while you continue to use 'martial' attacks.
- Piety is gained through defeating foes.
* Gozag Potion Petition no longer offers haste/berserk potions for species
that can't haste/berserk.
* Zin blocks 100% of mutations at 6* piety. At that piety level, potions of
mutation now only remove mutations and don't cause piety loss.
* Zin no longer has a mutation removal one-time ability at 6* piety.
* Makhleb's Minor Destruction has slightly lowered range, and Makhleb's Major
Destruction has slightly increased range.
* Players can now set training targets for skills.
- Press = on the skill screen, select a skill, and enter a skill level.
- Training of that skill is disabled when it reaches the specified level.
* Water species except for merfolk autoexplore/travel through shallow water.
* Diagonal shift-running now stops properly at doors.
* Draconian players now show their hat tiles in Tiles/WebTiles.
* New 'tc_forbidden' RC option to set color of squares forbidden by travel.
* New xp_by_level morgue table to track XP sources on a per-level basis.
* New -force-map objstat/mapstat option to always place a given map on each
* New objstat fields for tracking monster numbers/XP from vaults.
* Many new tiles for artefact weapons and monsters.
* Wands of the same type merge charges upon pickup and wands have no cap on
* Wands identify charges upon pickup and are destroyed when their last charge
is used.
* Items in a doorways no longer prevent closing doors in most instances.
- Items get pushed out of the doorway when the player closes the door.
- Doors refuse to close only if the items would fall into deep water or lava.
* Potions of mutations remove fewer mutations on average and are a bit rarer.
* Fan of Gales now disperses clouds at the user's location.
* Un-equipping an item currently giving you invisibility now gives extra
* Rods of lightning XP-recharge even when only partially used and only grant a
power bonus for shots over consecutive turns.
* Scarves are never made as artefacts.
* Wands of random effects include malmutate in the set of possible effects.
* Permanent food has been simplified.
- Rations are now the only type of permanent food, replacing bread and meat
rations, fruit, and royal jelly.
- Ration item generation and well as the herbivore and carnivore mutations
have been balanced to keep available nutrition the same as before.
- Fedhas abilities that formerly required a piece of fruit instead require
two rations.
* Removed:
- Wands of confusion and lightning.
- Scrolls of recharging.
- Mutagenic chunks.
* Monsters no longer spawn after level-generation in most places.
- This also eliminates the "super OOD" timer that could generate
exceptionally hard monsters after a long time on the level.
- The number of monsters created during level generation is increased
slightly to compensate.
- Pandemonium and Abyss are unaffected by this change.
* A fraction of the monsters generated with a level are created awake,
but never near stairs.
* Air elementals now have a Vortex ability, which creates a short-range,
short-duration tornado effect.
* Player ghosts have normal speed regardless of species, never have a chaos
ego on their melee attack, and no longer generate in portal branches.
* Pandemonium lords can no longer have the Shatter spell.
* New spell: Borgnjor's Vile Clutch (L5 Necromancy/Earth); calls forth undead
hands from the earth over a smite-targeted area to constrict hostile monsters.
Appears in the Necromancer starting book, the book of Unlife, and the book of
* Shatter's damage has been simplified to use one of three dice values for
susceptibility, and can now slightly damage insubstantial monsters. Intrinsic
player/monster susceptibility takes precedence for damage over flight status.
* Lee's Rapid Deconstruction now gives each material type a fixed explosion
damage and size that doesn't increase when a wall is destroyed.
* Removed:
- Control Undead.
- Cigotuvi's Embrace.
Stone Soup 0.20.1 (20170701)
Bugfix Release
* Restore 5 base damage to kick aux attacks, which had been missing since
* Don't let equipped weapon accuracy affect throwing accuracy.
* Ignore negative relative window sizes in fullscreen mode. Not ignoring these
settings caused fullscreen issues on Windows platforms in particular.
* 41 other bugfixes and cleanups.
Stone Soup 0.20 (20170525)
* New species: Barachim
* New spells: Poisonous Vapours and Ignition
* New scarf items: Armour for the cloak slot with new egos
* New evocations: Wands and an evocable based on spells formerly found on rods
Branches, Environment
* The Slime Pits treasure vault walls are breached when the Royal Jelly dies.
* Web traps created in play (by e.g. jumping spiders) are destroyed on
* The Tomb of Ancients now has one-way escape hatches with return hatches
nearby instead of stairs.
* New transporter dungeon feature: a one-way portal to elsewhere on the level.
Currently used in a number of new loot vaults.
* The last levels of Cocytus and Gehenna never require flight to reach the
* New species: Barachim, with an powerful innate Hop ability and good
aptitudes balanced by slow movement and an increased base LOS radius.
* Ogre aptitudes have been adjusted, trading M&F skill for spells.
* Mummies' spellcasting aptitude has been increased to +2, from -1.
* Deep dwarves have an innate ability that heals them and has a chance of
permanently reducing their MP. Their old recharge ability has been removed.
* Loud noises no longer break mesmerization or fear.
* Various 'badform' (e.g. wispform) special cases have been removed.
* Several abilities that triggered exhaustion now have their own cooldown timers.
* Removed:
- High elves.
- Mottled draconians.
- Vestigial Lava Orcs/Djinni. Saves will load, but (after a prompt) will be
converted to Hill Orcs/Vinestalkers.
* The Shining One:
- Cleansing Flame is more effective against non-evil enemies.
- All bonus-damage 'stab' attacks are prevented.
- Poison is no longer forbidden.
* Minor Elyvilon wrath effects removed; enemy lifesaving strengthened.
* Nemelex's wrath reclaims all decks, rather than sabotaging them.
* The species selection menu has been reworked to have a more useful
conceptual organization, with species grouped into "simple", "intermediate",
and "advanced" categories.
* Noise from the last turn is displayed in the top-right, replacing gold.
(Gold can still be seen with % and $.)
* Terminal colors now work properly on a wider range of terminals by default.
However, as a consequence the default background map color is dark blue.
To get dark grey, depending on your terminal you can set
`bold_brightens_foreground=true` or `allow_extended_colours=true` in
your rc file.
* New equip_bar option that replaces the noise display with a display of the
glyphs of your equipped items (console only).
* Monsters' melee attacks, including estimates of potential damage, are
now included in their descriptions.
* The player's odds of succeeding with melee confusion attacks is displayed.
* auto_butcher can be configured to trigger on different hunger levels.
* Stash searches now hide distant duplicate matches of more vanilla
weapons, armour, and ammo by default. Searches results are now first
ordered by items' descriptive names, rather than by the whole string
including determiners.
* Red draining is now divided into red and magenta; magenta is the worst.
* The mouse can be used in webtiles (now enabled by default, previously a
secret option).
* Local versions have much-improved support for custom sounds; see for details.
* SDL Tiles now no longer disables screen savers.
* New item type: scarves, occupying the cloak slot.
- Scarves give 0 AC and cannot be enchanted, but always have an ego.
- Scarf egos: Cloud Immunity, Spirit Shield, Resistance, rMsl.
* Evocations:
- New wand types: Clouds and Scattershot.
- New misc item: the Lightning Rod, a 4-charge XP evocable.
- Wands scale better with Evocations.
- Wands can no longer be zapped while confused.
- Wands of disintegration no longer destroy terrain.
- Wands of digging can now destroy statues.
- Wand and miscellaneous acquirement merged into 'evocations'.
* Unrandarts:
- New unrand: Maxwell's Thermic Engine, a freezing/flaming double sword that
increases in power with each swing taken.
- The Ratskin Cloak's stats have been tweaked, and it can now summon rats.
- Amulet of Bloodlust: Slay+6 (was +3), MR++ (was MR+).
- Shield of Ignorance: Now +10 {Int-4, rN+}. *Curse, AC+4 removed.
- Sword of Jihad: renamed to Zealot's Sword.
- Sceptre of Torment only torments on-hit, rather than randomly.
- The Captain's Cutlass no longer chops off hydra heads.
- The Ring of Shaolin is renamed to the Ring of Phasing, and the bow of Krishna
"Sharnga" is renamed to the longbow "Zephyr".
* Potions of cure mutation, beneficial mutation, and mutation have been merged.
* All types of food take one turn to eat.
* All types of manuals are pre-identified.
* Weapons:
- Giant Spiked Clubs have had their base delay lowered slightly.
* Removed:
- Wands of heal wounds, haste, teleportation, and slowing.
- Rods.
- Discs of Storms.
- The Hat of the High Council, the Scimitar of Flaming Death, and the Dagger
of Chilly Death.
- Beef jerky and pizza.
* Draconian callers -> stormcallers, which Smite, Summon Drakes, and Upheaval.
* Mottled dragons -> acid dragons.
* Two-headed ogres are significantly stronger.
* The 'draining' effect once again lowers monsters' MR.
* Various unique monsters give better rewards for defeating them.
* Monsters such as alligators get a larger movement speed increase when using
their Sprint ability.
* Maurice and Ijyb now always have wands, and Ijyb first appears a bit deeper
in the Dungeon.
* Draconian ghosts will no longer have negative energy breath.
* Removed:
- Mottled draconians.
- Draconian zealots.
- Hill giants.
* New spell: Poisonous Vapours (L2 Poison/Air); creates an extremely short-
duration poison cloud on a targeted creature. Appears in the VM book.
* New spell: Ignition (L8 Fire). Drops a weakened Fireball on every monster in
line of sight. The caster and their allies are unaffected.
* Gell's Gravitas is now Translocations only (was Tloc/Hex).
* Portal Projectile is now Tloc/Hex (was Translocations only).
* Swapped Portal Projectile and Gell's Gravitas in the Wr/AM starting books.
* Book of Conjurations: Battlesphere replaced with Force Lance.
* Book of Air: Repel Missiles replaced with Airstrike.
* Confusing Touch is less effective, especially against high-HD enemies.
* Sandblast consumes stones directly from inventory, but no longer functions
without ammo, and cannot consume large rocks.
* Removed:
- Delayed Fireball.
- Poisonous Cloud
- Repel Missiles.
Modding/contribution support
* A number of guides from contributor Cerol on how to change key components
of the game (first debuted in r/dcss and r/roguelikes) have been added to
the documentation. These can be found at:
Stone Soup 0.19.5 (20170228)
Bugfix Release
* Fix save compatibility when loading games from version 0.18.
* Macros now work in map mode in Tiles.
* Autopickup is now smarter about whether items are permanently or temporarily
* 22 other bug-fixes and cleanups.
Stone Soup 0.19.4 (20170130)
Bugfix Release
* Fix mouse lag experienced by trackpad users on Mac systems.
* Fix to allow the Temple entrance to place as part of a vault instead of
always by itself.
Stone Soup 0.19.3 (20170121)
Bugfix Release
* Work around an AMD driver bug where the game crashes when loading 512x512
Stone Soup 0.19.2 (20170120)
Bugfix Release
* Fix a long-standing Tiles mouse lag bug. Now there is no lag when updating
cursor information upon mouse movement to a new tile.
* Fix to allow helmets as armour acquirement gifts.
* Fix to prevent Infestation death scarabs becoming hostile when killing their
host in an explosion.
* 24 other bug-fixes and cleanups.
Stone Soup 0.19.1 (20161123)
Bugfix Release
* Demon tridents are two-handed for small races, as intended.
* Allow Dith shadow to attack diagonally and to reach.
* Many other bug-fixes and cleanups.
Stone Soup 0.19 (20161031)
* New gods: Uskayaw the Reveler and Hepliaklqana the Forgotten.
* New portal: the Desolation of Salt.
* Sif Muna and Nemelex Xobeh have been dramatically reworked.
* Long blades have a new passive effect, 'riposte'.
Branches, Environment
* New timed portal vault: the Desolation of Salt, appearing in Elf and Vaults.
- Six new enemies, including swarms of fragile golems with supporting allies.
- Open terrain layout with large, opaque clouds to use as cover.
- Many powerful artefacts resting within ancient ruins.
* Volcanoes are now much more dangerous, but offer better rewards.
* Lair is now six floors (formerly eight).
* Slime is now five floors (formerly six).
* The Slime treasure vault's walls disappear entirely on their master's death.
* Webs are no longer destroyed after creatures escape from them.
* Beogh will no longer smite creatures that destroy orcish idols.
* Lair and Orc no longer have ambient noise.
* Storm cloud damage is more common and much less severe.
* Non-opaque clouds created by the player vanish instantly when out of LOS.
* The Orb's translocation restrictions now apply throughout the Zot branch.
* Flight or transformations expiring over deep water or lava no longer causes
instant death. Instead, they cause heavy drain over time until reaching land.
* Potions, scrolls and books can be used while still on the floor.
* Resistances granted by rN (to e.g. Pain effects) now scale with rN, only
reaching full immunity at rN+++ (instead of at rN+).
* Monks can now choose a weapon to start with.
* Corrosion slaying penalties now affect unarmed & auxiliary attacks.
* Spriggans can wield any weapons that kobolds and halflings can.
* Kobolds and halflings rebalanced toward & away from casting, respectively.
* Hidden "stealth factors" for species and forms are gone.
* Vampire blood level effects have been simplified and reworked.
* Bat form can quaff potions and open doors.
* The undead always take stat damage if mutated, instead of sometimes rotting.
* Temporary mutations only have a 50% chance of affecting the undead.
* Mummy self-restoration has been removed.
* The 'sustain abilities' effect has been removed.
* Sickness no longer has a chance of damaging stats.
* Issuing orders to allies no longer makes noise.
* Climbing stairs takes slightly longer, but doesn't penalize EV.
* Clarity provides immunity to sleep and fear.
* New temple god: Uskayaw the Reveler.
- Piety gained by dealing damage to enemies.
- Piety decays extremely rapidly over time.
- 1*: Stomp: deals damage to all adjacent enemies.
- 2*: Line Pass: instantly travel through a line of enemies, confusing some.
- Solo Time: on reaching 3*, briefly paralyse all visible enemies.
- Pain Bond: on reaching 4*, all visible enemies begin sharing damage
taken with each-other.
- 5*: Grand Finale: blink into and instantly kill target monster.
* New temple god: Hepliaklqana the Forgotten.
- Grants a permanent customizeable ally, respawning on a delay after death.
The ally automatically grows in strength as you level up.
- Piety granted for exploration.
- 0*: Recall: interlevel recall for your ally.
- 2*: Remember Life: permanently make your ancestor a Hexer, Knight or
- 3*: Transference: swap your ancestor with any creature in LOS, or yourself.
- 4*: Idealise: heal your ancestor & temporarily increase their AC, damage
and spellpower dramatically.
- 5*: Transference drains enemies adjacent to the target.
* Sif Muna changes:
- The 1* Channel Energy ability is replaced with Divine Energy, which allows
the player to cast with insufficient mp, causing temporary -Cast.
- At 3*, grants "Channel Magic", trading piety for a fast MP regen status.
- Book gifts now begin at 5*, instead of 6*.
- Sif grants piety for both learning magic and killing enemies.
* Nemelex Xobeh changes:
- Now gifts decks of escape, destruction and summoning.
- Drawing from decks and using Nemelex abilities now uses invocations,
not evocations.
- Identify scrolls can no longer be used on decks.
* Beogh's water-walking always lasts until the player is on land.
* Beogh no longer increases the benefits of armour and shields.
* Dithmenos's Shadow Step can no longer be used on allies or while immobile.
* Fedhas appreciates all corpse decay, and rots all corpses when the player
leaves a level. Toadstool generation is an ability, instead of a 'p' effect.
* Qazlal's cloud immunity applies to all clouds, not just the player's.
* Jiyva's jelly paralyse ability has been removed.
* Many divine abilities have had their hunger costs removed or increased.
* Most gods that like killing are less particular about what you kill.
* Piety decay over time has been streamlined and adjusted for most gods.
* Gods that hate specific monsters no longer prevent you from enslaving them.
* Pakellas has been removed.
* Most targeters will be more intelligent when trying to maximize enemies hit.
* In tiles, monster attitude is indicated with colored auras instead of icons.
* The (p)rayer command is gone; pray at altars with > or <, as with shops.
* Descriptions of monsters with multiple spellsets show which spells you've
seen them cast.
* Monster descriptions list their average max HP.
* New auto_butcher option, which butchers edible corpses during autoexplore.
* Fixed artefacts:
- Firestarter and Frostbite now provide immunity to their cloud types.
- The Octopus King trident's enchantment bonus for wearing Octopus King rings
is now +2 (prev. +1).
- The Staff of Olgreb now has a fixed +9 enchantment.
- The Sword of Zonguldrok no longer creates hostile dead or curses itself.
- The arbalest 'Damnation' doesn't provides resistances, and does more damage.
- The morningstar Eos takes Brilliance's halo, and no longer has -Tele.
- Fencer's Gloves no longer increase Sbl/Lbl skill or provide +EV/AC, but let
the player riposte with any weapon (details below).
- Wyrmbane now has rC+ instead of +Rage.
- The greatsling Punk has a unique 'acid' brand, instead of freezing.
* Evocations:
- Wands of random effects can no longer produce digging or disintegration.
- Boxes of beasts and sacks of spiders have a fixed chance of destruction
per-use, instead of a hidden charge count. They now stack.
- Fans of gales & lamps of fire no longer summon elemental allies.
- Phials of floods impact damage significantly reduced.
* Players using long blades sometimes riposte when dodging attacks, launching
instant, automatic counterattacks.
* Weapons of protection give a temporary +7 AC on hit, replacing a passive +5.
* Creatures that could be butchered for enchantable hides instead, with the
same chance, leave behind the corresponding armour when killed.
* Amulets of harm now increase damage dealt more than damage taken, and are no
longer evil.
* Elemental enhancers no longer penalise spells of the opposite element.
* Jewellery acquirement creates twice as many randarts.
* The *Confuse randart property is now *Slow.
* Books can no longer be destroyed to forget spells.
* Rods are created through misc. acquirement instead of staff acquirement.
* It's no longer possible to acquire ammunition.
* Renamed:
- dragon armour -> dragon scales.
- greatsling -> fustibalus.
* Removed:
- All decks and their cards, except for those gifted by Nemelex Xobeh.
- Dragon and troll hides.
- Sword of the Doom Knight, Amulet of Cekugob, and "Brilliance".
- Amulets of dismissal.
- Rings of sustain abilities.
- Stones of tremors.
- The evasion weapon ego.
- The Akashic Record.
- Artefact blowguns.
* New monsters
- Bai Suzhen, a late-game draconian unique that casts Summon Hydra. When
severely injured, she becomes a dragon ringed by storm clouds.
- Meliai, bee priestesses that sting and smite in trios.
- Dream sheep, pack monsters that put their enemies to sleep.
- ...and the residents of the Desolation of Salt.
* Uniques:
- Urug and Jory's weapons are now much nastier for their depth.
- Mennas always spawns with a sacred weapon.
- Donald can now cast Haste and Might.
- Asterion's Spectral Weapon has been replaced by Greater Servant of Makhleb.
- Xtahua can now roar to cast Paralyse.
- Nergalle can no longer enter Death's Door.
- Gloorx Vloq can no longer cast Black Mark.
- Various uniques have had their genders changed.
* Zombies, skeletons, and simulacrula no longer hide damage taken, and display
the full names of the monster they were created from.
* Battlecry has been simplified, affecting all monsters of the same genus.
* Blood Saints's Legendary Destruction now casts two spells at a time.
* Necromancers gain Bind Soul, reviving slain monsters as simulacrula.
* Ghostly Fireball is now completely resistable by rN and causes draining.
* Obsidian statues can Mesmerise.
* Wizards and Ogre Mages have split up and re-arranged their many spell sets
to arrive at three sets each, with minimal overlap.
* Spriggan air mages can no longer cast Control Winds.
* Hellions no longer have fire resistance or cold vulnerability.
* Deep elf archers no longer fire their bows in melee.
* Death scarabs no longer trail miasma, but are somewhat tougher.
* Tzitzimitl melee slows and rots victims, instead of creating miasma.
* Ushabti gain Dispel Undead and Warning Cry, and their clouds are now miasma.
* Friendly monsters will no longer open doors.
* Jellies no longer eat unseen items for non-Jiyva worshippers.
* Turtles no longer withdraw into their shells when injured.
* Giant eyeballs charge up their paralysis-stare 50% faster.
* Statues are now stabbable; obsidian & orange crystal statues gain sInv.
* Renamed monsters:
- Giant newt -> frilled lizard.
- Giant frog -> bullfrog.
- Giant gecko -> leopard gecko.
- Giant leech -> tyrant leech.
- Giant eyeball -> floating eye.
- Giant spore -> ballistomycete spore.
- Giant orange brain -> glowing orange brain.
- Greater naga -> nagaraja.
* Removed monsters:
- Anubis guards.
- Boulder beetles.
- Chaos champions.
- Griffons.
- Putrid demonspawn.
- Salamander stormcallers.
- Sheep.
- Wasps.
- Norris.
- Maud.
- Wiglaf.
* New spell: Infestation (L8 Necromancy), appearing in the Necronomicon.
Applies 'infested' to monsters in a large, smite-targeted area; a friendly
death scarab erupts out of the victims when they die.
* New spell: Lesser Beckoning (L3 Translocation), which pulls a single target
adjacent to the caster.
* All temporary allies are incapable of attacking out of LOS, not just summons.
* Confusing Touch is level 1 (was level 2).
* Cigotuvi's Embrace only degrades over time, not on-hit.
* Irradiate causes significantly less contamination when cast.
* Olgreb's Toxic Radiance causes less damage, but doesn't poison the caster.
* Simulacrum's duration is significantly shorter.
* Spells formerly in the Akashic Record have been redistributed elsewhere.
* Various other spellbooks have had minor adjustments.
* Removed: Cure Poison, Haste, and Warp Weapon.
Stone Soup 0.18 (20160504)
* New god: Pakellas the Inventive.
Branches, Environment
* Killing monsters in the Abyss eventually spawns exits and down-stairs.
* Ziggurat portals no longer appear in Pan.
* After clearing multiple ziggurats, enemies found in later ziggurats will be
considerably more dangerous.
* The Orcish Mines are now two levels, and generate fewer plain orcs. Gold
generation is doubled to account for the shorter branch.
* The Elven Halls now contains elementals and dancing weapons (in addition to
the ones normally found in the Hall of Blades).
* A new mutation: Sturdy Frame, reducing base ER by 2/4/6 and thus making
heavy armour easier to wear. Can be a demonspawn mutation.
* Formicids now have 0 Throwing aptitude (was -2).
* Taking a known shaft now has a 2/3 chance of shafting one floor and 1/3 of
two floors.
* Breath abilities are no longer mutations and are now unique to draconians
and nagas.
* Throwing speed now works like weapons do, making it somewhat slower.
* Weapon types no longer have distinct strength weights. Strength now only
gives a bonus to damage, and dexterity only gives a bonus to accuracy.
* Formicids can no longer dig while in most non-Formicid forms.
* Statue Form now gives somewhat more AC.
* Early-game attribute loss is recovered significantly more quickly.
* rElec now reduces damage by two-thirds, rather than three-quarters.
* New temple god: Pakellas the Inventive.
- Grants MP on kills and passive wand charge identification. MP gained while
full will eventually be turned into potions of magic.
- Blocks MP regeneration and hates channeling.
- Gifts wands, rods and miscellaneous evokables.
- 1*: Quick Charge: uses a portion of current MP to recharge a wand or rod.
- 3*: Device Surge: spends variable MP to apply power enhancers to your next
use of an evocable item.
- 6* capstone: Supercharge: sets a rod to +10 (18/18), or sets a wand's
capacity to 50% above normal for that wand type.
* Ashenzari now allows followers to curse items with an ability that consumes
a scroll of remove curse, instead of using prayer to create curse scrolls.
* Beogh no longer allows corpse sacrifice.
* New Beogh 6* ability: Resurrection, reviving & converting dead orcs.
* Followers of Elyvilon can pacify insects (again).
* Monsters buffed by Gozag's wrath now remain buffed as long as they live.
* Jiyva altars in Dungeon no longer appear as early.
* Okawaru's abilities now cost less piety, but don't last as long at low
Invocations skill.
* Finesse is no longer blocked by stasis.
* Piety given for a Ru sacrifice is more explicitly stated.
* Sif Muna now grants miscast protection at 2* and amnesia at 4*, rather than
the other way around.
* Xom now chaos brands more weapon gifts, and can chaos brand ranged weapons
* Yredremnul's Enslave Soul can now affect demons & holy beings.
* Abandoning Yredelemnul now destroys your zombie minions.
* Zin's Recite is now only interrupted if the player is silenced or
incapacitated (or goes berserk).
* New items:
- The amulet of dismissal, which may teleport away enemies that damage the
player, but causes a brief combat penalty when equipped.
- The amulet of reflection, which grants a few points of shielding that
act as a shield of reflection.
- The amulet of harm, which increases damage dealt to and by the wearer by
- The amulet of magic regeneration, which increases MP regeneration after a
warmup period.
- The ring of resist corrosion, replacing the amulet.
- Wands of acid, which cause significant damage and corrosion.
- Wands of iceblast, which cause a partially irresistible explosion of cold.
- A figurine of a ziggurat, which can be evoked to create a ziggurat portal.
Appears on Zig:27 of all ziggurats and in the Tomb:3 loot.
- Unrand: The +8 frozen axe "Frostbite" {freezing cloud, *Noise +Fly rC+}, an
executioner's axe that may create freezing clouds on those it strikes.
- Unrand: The +3 Warlock's Mirror {reflection}, a buckler that allows
reflection of piercing effects and enchantments, among other things.
* The Etheric Cage now multiplies gained contam, instead of generating it.
* Sniper can no longer miss, and is now +9 (formerly +15).
* The robe of vines now grants slightly less regeneration.
* The Majin-Bo now speaks occasionally.
* The captain's cutlass now causes bonus damage when disarming.
* The amulet of Cekugob is now an amulet of dismissal.
* The brooch of Shielding is now a +8 amulet of reflection with no AC or EV
* Wearing an amulet of regeneration has no effect until the next time you are
at full health.
* A new property can now generate on random artefacts: Fragile, which destroys
the item when it is removed.
* Amulets of faith now grant a 25% bonus to piety, not a 33% bonus.
* Scrolls of enchant armour & enchant weapon no longer remove curses.
* Potions of ambrosia now bypass clarity.
* The evocable teleport property +Tele is removed. Rings of teleportation now
only have the *Tele teleportitis effect.
* Potions of cure mutation are slightly more common.
* Potions of degeneration now cause 1-3 damage to every stat.
* The Damnation card has been renamed to Exile.
* Poison needles' effects scale with Throwing skill and weapon enchantment.
* Arrows, bolts and sling bullets no longer have brands.
* Removed items:
- Amulets of resist mutation, stasis, warding, and corrosion.
- Wands of cold, fire, frost, magic darts, invisibility, draining, and
- Rods of destruction and of the swarm.
- Ring of invisibility.
- Potions of poison.
- Needles of slowing.
- Lanterns of shadows.
* New monsters:
- Spark wasps, electric swarming insects appearing in Spider and Depths.
- Iron giants, with the ability to throw you towards their pack of allies.
- Doom hounds, who can howl to create a pack of dangerous creatures.
- Deep elf archers, with skill in archery and hexes.
- Deep elf elementalists, with mastery of elemental magic and the ability to
turn rock into earth elementals to dig out entrenched foes.
- Dart slugs, slow-moving, squishy gastropods with a ranged dart attack.
- Howler monkeys, fast and extremely loud creatures, often found in packs.
- Rime drakes, small flying lizards which breathe Flash Freeze.
* Shadow Fiends are now Tzitzimimeh, made somewhat stronger and given attacks
that surround their targets in a ring of miasma clouds.
* Hellfire has been renamed to Damnation, and no longer melts ice.
* Chaos champions lose Chaotic Mirror and instead gain Call of Chaos, an
ability which applies (usually) positive status effects to nearby allies.
* Mnoleg gains Call of Chaos (as above), Random Bolt, and Dig.
* Gloorx Vloq gains Summon Executioners and Black Mark.
* Liches and Ancient Liches no longer have a long list of random spells,
and return to a new set of fixed spellbooks.
* Salamander stormcallers' chant does not need to be continuous; they now
only need to try to cast Fire Storm at their target three times for it to
* Entropy weavers' corrosion is now instant and smite-targeted, but only
applies one level of corrosion.
* Ice devils are now tier 4 demons, and are weakened slightly.
* Hellwings now have the swoop attack formerly possessed by blue devils.
* Shock serpents' discharge now only strikes whatever hit it.
* Salamander mystics lose Localised Ignite Poison.
* Deep elf high priests & sorcerers can no longer cast Summon Demon.
* Natasha, deep elf knights, and salamander stormcallers can no longer cast
Conjure Flame.
* Banishment from powerful monsters can now send you deeper into the Abyss
than Abyss:1.
* Deep elf mages are now stronger and have new spell sets, including spells
previously cast by deep elf conjurers and summoners.
* The Sap Magic effect from demonspawn warmongers now has three fixed levels of
success rate penalty, rather than scaling continuously. Each spell cast while
under the Sap effect has a fixed chance to increase the penalty level.
* Demonspawn corruptors' Corrupt Body spell is now a single-target version of
the same spell used by wretched stars. These spells both now try to apply
multiple levels of a single random temporary mutation instead of giving many
different kinds.
* Ancient champions and death knights no longer have the Haunt spell.
* Swamp worms are now amphibious and generate submerged, emerging to attack the
player and never resubmerging.
* Deep elf high priests now have an Aura of Brilliance spell that affects all
allies in their view, making them cast spells more frequently and with more
spell power.
* Hell hogs now have Fireball, replacing Sticky Flame.
* Giant eyeballs are now normal speed, but must stare thrice to paralyze.
* Maurice can now steal from the floor as well as your inventory.
* Natasha no longer becomes weaker upon revival.
* Death cobs now drain speed, rather than causing hunger.
* Monsters that drain speed can now do so even to creatures with rN.
* Corroding monsters now reduces their AC by 8, rather than halving it.
* Needles no longer strike unaware monsters more powerfully.
* Removed monsters:
- Octopode crushers.
- (Plain) spiders.
- Salamander firebrands.
- Blue devils.
- Brain worms.
- Deep elf fighters, conjurers, priests, and summoners.
- Trapdoor spiders.
- Fire drakes.
* New spell: Yara's Violent Unravelling (L5 Hexes/Transumations). Dispels
all cancellable effects on the target and, if any were dispelled, causes
a damaging explosion of mutagenic energy around the victim.
* Hydra Form now has a fixed number of heads.
* The Infusion spell has a lower power cap, scaling more quickly to the same
damage bonus as before.
* Song of Slaying now increases its slaying bonus with every kill, but caps at
+9 total.
* Tukima's Dance's power multiplier has been reduced.
* Spectral Weapon now bases the strength of the summoned weapon on spell power
instead of weapon skill.
* Alistair's Intoxication is now level 5 and gives Vertigo status instead of
confusing the player or draining Int, and can sometimes affect rPois
* Monstrous Menagerie is now level 7 (was 6).
* Shadow creatures is now level 6 (was 5).
* Passwall is now level 2 (was 3).
* Ozocubu's Armour now slows movement slightly while active.
* Removed spells: Stoneskin, Condensation Shield, Mass Confusion, and
Phase Shift.
* Earth elementalists now have their stones start on b.
* Characters starting with a primary ranged weapon now have their melee weapon
on b by default.
* New autofight_warning option, to combat accidentally holding down tab.
* An option is added to the butchering prompt to allow butchering only
(e)dible corpses.
* Auto-eat now triggers for ghouls if they are rotted.
* The religion screen now shows all god powers, with currently accessible
powers (per level of piety) being highlighted.
* Many previously hardcoded forced mores are now optional and present in the
default init.txt.
* New character dump option: skill_gains, which shows when skills were gained.
* A s(T)atus effect lookup has been added to ?/.
Stone Soup 0.17.1 (20151210)
* Fix insect monsters never berserking. This bug prevented queen bees from
berserking their hive bees and moths of wrath berserking insects in Spider.
* Prevent the Gell's Gravitas spell from moving monsters into deep water or
* Fix resting to stop properly when MP don't regenerate.
* Properly warn when a beam might poison a monster while worshiping the Shining
* Put hunter's swords in slot 'a' or 'b' at game start to allow easier
switching between ranged and melee weapons.
* Put EE starting stones on the 'b' slot.
* Update the manual for 0.17.
* Many other bug fixes for game crashes, to vaults, and to in-game text.
Stone Soup 0.17 (20151106)
* Square line of sight.
* Shorter Lair rune branches.
* New rune vaults for many branches.
Branches, Environment
* Snake, Shoals, Swamp and Spider are now all 4 levels long, down from 5.
* Levels no longer have -cTele.
* Shadow Traps have been removed.
* Slime wall damage no longer varies by depth.
* AC now applies before resists for cloud damage.
* Ghostly flame clouds have been renamed to spectral mist clouds.
* Troves no longer ask for items that the player character's species cannot
* Pandemonium now spawns primarily tier 3 and above demons.
* New altar type: 'ecumenical altars', which allow the player to worship a
random god.
* New WizLab: Lehudib's Moon Base, where the player can fight the legendary
Moon Troll.
* Tukima's Studio and Eringya's Formal Garden WizLabs have been removed.
* All races have had their evocations aptitudes reduced by one point.
* MP scaling has been reworked & simplified; MP aptitudes have been adjusted.
* Heavy armour no longer penalizes unarmed combat & throwing speeds.
* Rot is now healed first, instead of last; effectively, rotting reduces the
effectiveness of healing until cured. The Rot status is also gone, with rot
taking place immediately.
* Stat loss is no longer regenerated over time; instead, it's restored by XP.
* The deterioration mutation is now only 2 levels, and has a chance of causing
stat loss whenever the player takes damage, rather than over time.
* Being at 0 in a stat no longer causes direct damage to the player.
* Undead stat gain: Mummies get one of Str, Int, or Dex every 5 levels, and
Vampires get either Int or Dex every 5 levels.
* Vampires can now drink from anything that has blood, regardless of their
chunk type.
* Headbutt aux attacks no longer apply a small stun and the hooves aux kicks no
longer bypass AC.
* Unarmed attacks no longer have a speed penalty when attacking with a shield.
* Cleaving attacks now function even under confusion.
* Control-attacking & manipulating doors are no longer permitted under
* Confusion will never cause characters to stumble into deep water/lava.
* Corrosion can affect characters not using weapons or armour, and applies -4
to both armour and slaying (instead of -5/-3).
* Multi-turn actions, other than climbing/descending stairs, no longer reduce
EV by 5 for their duration.
* Poison-immune characters (e.g. gargoyles, mummies) no longer take poison
* Draconian Fighters no longer start with extra equipment.
* Teleportitis only triggers when it would land the player in LOS of
enemies. It triggers slightly more frequently as a result, but no longer
triggers in Labyrinths or the Abyss.
* The 'spiny' mutation is now dramatically stronger.
* Powered by Death is now triggered by kills, instead of corpses.
* Black Mark no longer gives vampirism; its other effects are now stronger.
* Clawed attacks no longer have bleeding-over-time damage effects.
* There's now a distinct hunger state of Fainting and appropriate warning
messages for when the player is so low on nutrition that they might become
* The Breathe Flames and Spit Poison mutations are now mutually exclusive.
* Demonspawn can shoot through their own demonic guardians.
* Ability scores now cap at 125, up from 72.
* Some species now have lower Throwing aptitudes:
- Centaur, Halfling, and Kobold go from +3 to +1;
- Ogre, Spriggan, Tengu, High Elf, and Deep Elf go from +1 to 0;
- Hill Orc and Gargoyle go from 0 to -1.
* All range-based mechanics now treat diagonals identically to orthogonal
directions. Line of sight, spell range, and other effects are now visually
'square'. Many of those, including line of sight, are now slightly shorter.
* Gozag:
- The fee for entry has been reduced, especially early on.
- Gold distraction is now an effect centered on the player that's refreshed
whenever they find (make) new corpse-gold, rather than being centered on
the gold piles themselves.
- The cost of Potion Petition is more variable and higher initially, but no
longer increases with use.
- Friendly bribed allies are now permanently allied, but restricted to the
branch from which they came.
- Corpseless monsters now drop gold.
- Gold that lands in deep water/lava teleports into the player's pockets.
- Amulets of faith no longer have any effect.
- Bribes now work on any intelligent monster in the branch, with bribe
susceptibility based on HD and a scaling factor by branch. Unique Hell or
Pan lords can't be bribed.
- Bribes now trigger on monsters coming into view, rather than on level
- Call Merchant now always places shops at the player's location.
* Ru:
- New sacrifice: Sacrifice Eye, similar to the effect of amulets of
inaccuracy (and stacking with the amulet).
- New sacrifice: Sacrifice Resistance, providing rC- rF-.
* Beogh's smite damage now scales better with invocations.
* Okawaru's Finesse no longer gives contamination.
* Lugonu and Trog no longer accept corpse sacrifices.
* The Shining One no longer blesses allies' weapons and armour; the Summon
Divine Warrior ability is now slightly cheaper.
* Cheibriados' slouch damage is now based on monster movement speed.
* Ashenzari now gives the Scrying ability at 1* piety, boosts skills at 2*, and
grants SInv at 3*.
* Zin's Vitalization no longer provides nutrition, and now has a small MP cost.
* Jiyva's Slime Prayer now lasts longer and has a small MP cost.
* Sif no longer requires worshippers to know spells.
* The player now no longer needs an altar to use the following abilities, which
are accessible from the ability menu: Zin's Donate Gold, Kiku's Bless Weapon
and Gift Necronomicon, Lugonu's Bless Weapon, and The Shining One's Bless
* Gods no longer protect worshippers from Beogh smiting or TSO cleansing
* Qazlal's wrath now causes noise 50% of the time before other possible
actions, and can no longer inflict Deformed Body.
* Notes are now generated whenever you reach a piety rank for a god for the
first time, instead of on abilities being gained.
* New items:
- Maxwell's Etheric Cage, a helmet giving rElec, +4 MP and a large boost to
MP regen, at the cost of causing intermittent light contamination.
- the Robe of Vines, a +5 robe with massive regeneration but which renders
the wearer unable to heal by external means.
- Kryia's mail coat, +7 scale mail which amplifies the effect of healing
items (and grants rC+ to boot).
* Poisonous chunks and rot chunks have been merged into 'inedible' chunks,
which are only edible by ghouls. Some monsters have had their meat cleaned.
* Unrandart changes:
- The Cloak of Starlight is now +2 and gives Stlth--.
- The fencer's gloves now give a bonus to Short and Long Blades skills.
- The Sceptre of Torment is now a staff.
* The box of beasts now produces a new type of variable creature, 'mutant
beasts', instead of chimeras.
* The Orb of Zot now turns all controlled blinks into uncontrolled blinks while
* Warding now applies to ranged attacks.
* Troll leather armour now provides regeneration to trolls.
* Staves of summoning no longer have a chance of abjuring on hit.
* Staves of power now give a flat +15 mp, rather than scaling with your MP; they
no longer store MP when swapping.
* For the player and for monsters, curare needles no longer have an effect that
prevents the use of abilities relying on breath.
* Scrolls of Holy Word now apply the Daze status effect instead of stunning
* "Sustain abilities" has been renamed to "sustain attributes".
* The Storm card no longer summons twisters.
* The Placid Magic card is no more.
* The Sack of Spiders makes more appropriate types of spiders at lower and
higher levels of Evocations and fewer orb spiders overall.
* The Rod of Clouds makes acid clouds more often and storm clouds less often.
* Removed items:
- The Cloak of Flash.
- Potions of decay.
- Potions of restore abilities.
- Rings of teleport control.
- The Book of Control.
- Hammers.
* New monsters:
- Salamander stormcallers, appearing in the late Dungeon and the Vaults. They
chant for a few turns before calling down a Fire Storm on their victims.
- Entropy weavers, appearing in Spider, Vaults, and Depths. They chant for a
few turns before corroding their victims' equipment terribly.
- Juggernauts, terrifying giants that lurk in Depths. They move quickly and
deliver fantastically punishing blows, but must rest after each attack.
* Death cobs have been greatly strengthened and their attacks increase your
hunger, even when guarded by AC.
* Hungry ghosts' hungering effect now apply even when their attack damage is
reduced by AC.
* XP and placement for many uniques has been adjusted; in general, uniques have
been removed from depths at which they're no longer threatening, and their XP
has increased considerably.
* Jellies no longer eat items the player has seen.
* Monsters will now pick up all scrolls & potions, not just ones they use.
* Poison now has a 1/3 chance of affecting rPois+ monsters (up from 0/3).
* All nonliving monsters now have rPois+++.
* rElec++ has been removed; monsters that previously had it now either have
rElec+ or full immunity.
* Non-magic-immune monsters are now always confuseable.
* Unrelated monsters can now swap with each other.
* Ghouls no longer cause rot with their attacks.
* Monsters no longer eat corpses.
* Revenants no longer ignore silence.
* Phantasmal warriors' attacks no longer pierce shields & armour.
* Death knights now have agony & haunt in addition to pain mirror.
* Worms are less vulnerable to some forms of kiting, having more regen in
exchange for less max hp.
* Air elementals can no longer 'submerge' in air.
* Fire elementals no longer fly (though they can still cross lava). They can
now enter shallow water.
* Queen ants are now faster.
* Liches and Ancient Liches can no longer cast Shadow Creatures.
* Many monsters have lost the 'teleport self' spell: (ancient) liches, wizards,
giant orange brains, hellwings, smoke demons, ogre magi, Mara, and Boris.
* Various 'high-intelligence' monsters no longer have immunity to drowning
while confused.
* Basic mummies no longer have death curses.
* Alligators now come in pairs.
* Jorgrun is no longer a deep dwarf, and now regenerates normally.
* Deep dwarf ghosts now regenerate normally.
* Hell beasts no longer have randomized speeds.
* Salamander mystics, firebrands, and stormcallers now all have normal land
move speed and fast swimming speed.
* Polyphemus can throw his yaks at the player.
* Blocks of ice are now susceptible to LRD and Shatter.
* Demonspawn warmongers now have Haste Other instead of Grand Avatar, and can
spawn with a shield.
* Demonspawn blood saints no longer have ephemeral infusion, and no longer
damage themselves when casting Legendary Destruction.
* Orange crystal statues now have Shadow Creatures and both they and obsidian
statues are faster at casting their spells.
* Monsters can no longer have the Inner Flame spell.
* Hellwings no longer have the Teleport Other spell.
* Monsters can no longer have Animate Dead nor Simulacrum spells.
* Monsters that worship Dith or Yred (including allies of the player) are
immune to the umbra accuracy reduction.
* Monsters can no longer have a flee ability (polar bears, black bears, and
* Derived undead (skeletons, zombies, spectres, and simulacra) now do 80% of the
damage of the base monster and inherit the energy use pattern of the base
* Derived undead created by spells or items are temporary, falling apart after
some time. Yredelemnul still creates permanent undead.
* Removed monsters:
- Unborn.
- Ravens.
- Giant mites.
- Baby alligators.
- Boring beetles.
- Goliath beetles.
- Wandering mushrooms only generate through Fedhas or the monster Summon
Mushrooms spell.
* Enslavement is replaced by Tukima's Dance in the Enchanter starting book, and
by Gell's Gravitas in the Arcane Marksman starting book. Tukima's Dance no
longer appears in the Book of Enchantments.
* Animate Skeleton and Animate Dead now create temporary undead that expire
after some time.
* Ignite Poison is now level 3 Fire/Poison/Transmutations; it no longer ignites
items or poisonous creatures, only poisoned creatures and clouds, but does
dramatically more damage to the former, especially at low power.
* Gell's Gravitas is now level 3 and smite-targeted; it can now target empty
space, but no longer confuses monsters.
* Summon Guardian Golem is now level 3.
* Aura of Abjuration is now level 5, and has been moved from the Grand Grimoire
to the book of Summonings.
* Monstrous Menagerie has been moved from the books of Summonings and Beasts to
the Grand Grimoire.
* Summon Mana Viper has been moved from the book of Hinderance to the book of
* Sticks to Snakes no longer requires wielding arrows.
* Apporting the Orb of Zot now causes the orb run to begin.
* Cigotuvi's Embrace is now stronger with small numbers of corpses, and
considerably weaker with huge numbers.
* Freeze no longer has a stun effect.
* Death's Door sets player exhaustion when canceled with Borgnjor's
* Ozocubu's Armour and Stoneskin no longer give additional bonuses to Ice Form
and Statue Form, respectively.
* Casting Malign Gateway no longer drains player Int.
* Casting Haunt no longer cause sickness.
* High level spellbooks no longer restrict learning from them based on skill
* Corpse Rot now affects all corpses in LOS.
* Darkness is now level 6.
* Controlled Blink is now level 8.
* Removed spells:
- Abjuration.
- Control Teleport.
- Enslavement.
- Flight.
- Sure Blade.
- Singularity.
* The level map viewer (X) now allows you to examine monsters, items & features
(with 'v'), just as the normal examine mode does.
* The inventory descriptions for weapons & shields now shows the skill required
to reach minimum attack delay / remove attack delay penalty, respectively.
* The rune menu now shows you all runes and their locations before they are
found, including the Orb of Zot.
* New ability_slot option, which allows you to specify default letters for
* The 'a'bility command shows the menu by default; to get the old behaviour,
use the option "ability_menu = false".
* The auto_eat_chunks option is now true by default, so hungry characters eat
chunks while resting, travelling, and exploring.
* Allow searching for jewellery, dragon armour/hides and magical staves using
abbreviations for their granted properties.
* Compilation under Cygwin is now supported.
Stone Soup 0.16.2 (20150811)
* Give FeEE players stones at game start.
* Display base attributes in the '@' display.
* No longer revoke Zin's sanctuary when a confused ally attacks you, and allow
confused allies in your sanctuary to get away with attacking hostiles.
* Ranged and confused player attacks as well as the Tornado, Static Discharge,
and Singularity spells now all break sanctuary.
* Fix a bug where players who lose the big wings mutation while flying with no
other source of flight would continue to fly. They now stop flying and get an
emergency flight evocation if wearing a ring of flight.
* Fix a bug where a player with the confused status could cancel accidental
attacks when wielding a weapon inscribed with "!a".
* Fix a bug where monsters with phase shift got 8 more EV than intended.
* Fix a bug where players could take a shaft and land in inescapable areas.
* Have Dithmenos' spell-shadowing attack use the same targeting as the player
attack that triggered it to avoid it doing things like hitting allies.
* Fix a mouse bug in the Tiles version where Ctrl and Alt modifiers would be
set when clicking despite those keys not being pressed.
* Fix the Tiles version failing to run on OS X.
* In the Objstat debug mode for counting items and monsters, the output format
has been streamlined to generate one file per table with data from all levels
in each table.
* Fix a bug in Objstat where items in shops weren't counted.
* Other minor bugfixes, and cleanups to in-game descriptions and help text.
Stone Soup 0.16.1 (20150322)
* Major bugfix release. Because of the first two bugfixes listed below, it's
strongly recommended that all 0.16.0 users upgrade to this version.
* Fix a bug where all player melee damage was effectively doubled. This only
affected player melee damage, not player ranged or spells, or monster damage
at all.
* Fix a bug in sprint where controlled blink was blocked as if from the stasis
* Artefacts with the Contam property are no longer marked as chaotic and hence
hated by Zin, since Zin wouldn't give penance for using e.g. weapons with
this property anyhow. There's now a warning under Zin when Contam items are
removed, since this does incur penance.
* Monsters no longer avoid walking on shadow traps.
* Fix the build for the Android port of DCSS.
* Other minor bugfixes.
Stone Soup 0.16 (20150311)
* New gods: Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy and Ru the Awakened.
* Zot Defense has been removed.
Branches, environment
* The tides in Shoals now only shift between shallow water & land; deep water
is neither created nor destroyed. The tides move 15 times faster than before.
* Ziggurats now only require two runes to enter, down from three.
* Every time a player clears a ziggurat (exits from the top floor, Zig:27), all
subsequent ziggurats become significantly harder.
* A Hall of Blades area (not branch) is now guaranteed on Elf:2.
* Abyssal stairs can now appear in the Abyssal Knight starting abyss.
* Clouds of draining now require rN+++ for immunity, up from rN+.
* Clouds of miasma now apply the 'Rot' status, rather than causing rotting
* New trap: "Shadow Trap", which summons a small group of hostile creatures
from the local area when any non-summoned creature steps on it.
* Traps no longer care about whether the player is flying.
* The 'disarm trap' command has been removed.
* Demigods now gain two stats of their choice on on every third level, in
exchange for no longer getting one random stat on every second level.
* Demigods now have innate Sustain Abilities.
* All species can now choose 'unarmed' when playing backgrounds that allow a
weapon choice.
* Ghouls now gain as much healing from normal chunks as they previously got
from rotting flesh, and always cure a point of rot when eating a chunk.
* Vampires now bottle blood with 'c', and can do so from the first level.
* Butchering/bottling now only takes a single turn.
* Wanderers now receive a randart spellbook instead of starting with a Level 1
spell memorized.
* Wanderers can start with one elemental evoker or a box of beasts instead of
a wand.
* Wanderer starting equipment is noted in the game log.
* Felids no longer have a jump-attack ability, which has been removed.
* Worshippers of Kikubaaqudgha and Nemelex Xobeh will now have titles unique
to those gods displayed when their highest skill is Necromancy or Evocations
* Gargoyles can no longer cast Statue Form.
* Removed Death Knight and Healer backgrounds.
* The Great Lords of Pandemonium (Cerebov, et al) will reappear on later floors
of Pandemonium if their rune is stolen, unless and until they are slain.
* The Serpent of Hell is considerably tougher; it now has three heads which
can attack and/or breathe separately, and can also summon backup.
* Mnoleg now has more and more exciting attack types.
* Mimics now cackle and vanish (forever) when discovered.
* Curse skulls now move - fast!
* Iron devils have been upgraded to rust devils, which do less damage but
corrode with their touch.
* Insubstantial wisps are now more fragile & less numerous, but have Static
* Seraphim are now considerably stronger, and have a new spellset. They can
now (very occasionally) appear on the orb run.
* New monsters:
- Robin of the Strong Arm, appearing in the early Dungeon. An unusually
strong hobgoblin, with a personal army of hobgoblins and goblins. She
happily hurls the latter at her enemies.
- Caustic shrikes, appearing in Depths. Metallic birds that travel in flocks,
attacking with acid-dripping claws that sear through armour & flesh alike.
- Shard shrikes, appearing in Cocytus. Batty monsters that come in flocks and
spit deadly ice shards at their foes.
- Elemental wellsprings, appearing in Cocytus. They fire powerful waves of
water which produce hostile water elementals - but deplete their own
'health' in the process.
- Bennu, the divine phoenix, appearing in Tomb. Attacks with draining and
holy; when killed, explodes into ghostly flame and instantly returns to
life (once).
- Ushabti, funerary statues, appearing in Tomb. They exhale long lines of
draining clouds, and rumble deeply to alert far-away foes.
- Anubis guards, living fanatics appearing in Tomb. They're conditioned to
be immune to torment, and breathe draining, dispel undead, and howl to
alert other guards.
- Death scarabs, swarming insects appearing in Tomb. They trail miasma and
have a vampiric bite that also drains speed.
* Renamed monsters:
- Silver statues -> obsidian statues.
- Green rats -> river rats.
- Orange rats -> hell rats.
- Yellow wasps -> wasps.
- Red wasps -> hornets.
- Mermaids -> sirens.
- Sirens -> merfolk avatars.
- Meatsprint lost souls -> wretched souls.
* The Royal Jelly now leaks a large number of jellies when polymorphed.
* Ghost crabs have been moved from Crypt to Swamp.
* The "misshapen and mutated" status (from Malmutate and the new Irradiate
spell) is now temporary, but more significant.
* Player ghosts & spellforged servitors can now have more than six spells.
* Player ghosts now have their weapon brands displayed.
* Hellwings can now cast Cigotuvi's Embrace, and start with it active.
* Xtahua's breath now creates a cloud of flames, like red draconians'.
* Tiamat can now be any colour of draconian, except grey.
* Fannar can now cast Condensation Shield.
* Frederick is now a demigod; his armour has been upgraded & his spellset has
been tweaked.
* Sense invisibility has been simplified; monsters that had it now have see
invisible + blindness immunity instead.
* Item-eating monsters such as jellies no longer eat items you have seen,
except for followers of Jiyva.
* Magic immunity no longer confers confusion immunity to monsters.
* Many monsters are no longer magic immune: notably, most plant enemies, eyes,
mummies, and angels.
* Polymorphed monsters now return to their original shapes in death.
* Liches (and ancient liches) now choose their spells randomly from a large
set of possible spells, instead of having fixed spellbooks.
* All non-permanent summoned monsters are now unable to use stairs.
* New spells:
- Singularity (L9 Translocation), which summons a singularity & sucks in all
nearby enemies, severely damaging them in the process.
- Gell's Gravitas (L5 Hexes/Translocation), which pulls nearby creatures
toward the target, causing damage if they collide & occasionally confusing
- Hydra Form (L6 Transmutation), a short-duration form that attacks all
adjacent foes & devours slain foes for nutrition and healing.
- Irradiate (L5 Transmutation/Conjuration), which deals heavy damage &
malmutates nearby enemies, but also contaminates the caster.
- Cigotuvi's Embrace (L5 Necromancy), which turns all corpses in LOS into
armour for the player.
* Dispersal now affects a wider radius & has a chance of confusing its victims.
* Force Lance is now L4 Translocation/Conjuration, and is more accurate and
better at knocking enemies back.
* Ice, Dragon, Tree and Fungus forms no longer meld octopode rings.
* Spell miscast effects have been hugely revamped.
* Monstrous Menagerie has had its summon cap reduced by one.
* Twisted Resurrection and Forceful Dismissal have been removed.
* Chunks are now only separated by edibility (normal, poisonous, mutagenic...),
rather than source monster type.
* Rotting chunks are gone; corpses rot directly into skeletons.
* Cleaving attacks (from axes and Hydra Form) try to hit all adjacent enemies,
rather than being blocked by walls.
* Enemy-held weapons now have their brands ID'd on sight.
* Wand changes:
- Zapping wands that don't have their charge count identified wastes several
- Wand type is auto-identified on pickup.
- Many weak wands have had their max charge count increased.
* New items:
- Gyre & Gimble, a pair of quickblades linked by a chain; they take two hands
to use, but each attack made with them strikes twice.
- Shadow Dragon Armour: as heavy as Storm Dragon Armour, but has Stlth++++
in place of rElec.
- Quicksilver Dragon Armour: slightly heavier than Mottled Dragon Armour,
with much better AC & MR+, but unenchantable. (Always +0.)
- Phantom mirrors: one-use evocables that create a temporary friendly clone
of targeted monsters.
- The Iron Rod, which fires a spray of shrapnel in a wide arc. Extremely
effective against agile, low-AC enemies, but ineffective against armoured
enemies or at a distance.
- The Akashic Record, a new high-level Translocations book.
- Potions of ambrosia, which give substantial health & magic regeneration for
a short period, but also confuse the user; if the confusion ends, so does
* Regeneration has been moved from rings to amulets.
* Corrosion resistance can now occur on artefact armour.
* Artefact generation has been generally reworked.
* Scale mail now only has 10 ER, down from 11.
* Unrand changes:
- The Ring of Vitality is now the Amulet of Vitality.
- The captain's cutlass is now +5 (was +10) and can disarm enemies.
- The Hat of the Alchemist is now -2 (rElec rPois rF rC rN MR rMut rCorr).
- Maxwell's Patent Armour now gives rCorr rElec instead of rF+ rC+.
- The arbalest Hellfire has had its explosion damage roughly doubled.
- The dark maul has had both its base damage & enchantment increased.
* All food other than rations, chunks, and royal jellies now takes one turn
to eat.
* Potions of blood no longer give nutrition for non-vampires.
* All short blades now do piercing damage.
* Weapons other than short blades & felid claws are all now equally good at
* Light armour now has a small spellcast success penalty.
* Elemental evocables now charge & discharge on a type-by-type basis, rather
than individually for each item.
* The Box of Beasts and Rod of Shadows are now considerably stronger.
* The lantern of shadows now drains MP while in use, and ceases to function
once its wielder runs dry.
* Steel ammo no longer has a decreased mulch rate.
* Large rocks no longer have randomized range.
* Renamed items:
- Cutlasses are now rapiers.
- Bastard swords are now double swords.
- Claymores are now triple swords.
- Cloaks of darkness are now cloaks of invisibility.
* Removed items:
- Boots of jumping.
- Potions of confusion, porridge and coagulated blood.
- Blessed Blades.
- Rods of Striking.
- Tomes of Destruction.
- The book of Wizardry.
- The Spear of the Botono.
- The blowgun of the Assassin.
* All characters can now evoke decks from the inventory.
* If one's god would disapprove of a card's effects, they will block the
blasphemous effects in question as it is drawn.
* New cards.
- Elements, which summons three beasts of the four elements.
- Rangers, which summons two or three ranged-missile users.
- Placid Magic, which removes all status effects and applies heavy antimagic
to all creatures in sight, including the user.
- Water, which creates temporary pools of shallow water & summoned elemental
* Revamped destruction cards:
- Storm has replaced rain and swiftness with summoning air elementals, or
thunder clouds alongside a wind blast.
- Pain has lost Torment and can now summon a flayed ghost to instantly apply
its flaying effect to living targets.
- Venom has lost Sting for earlier Venom Bolts and Poison Arrows, but at low
power will briefly make the user vulnerable to poison.
- Degeneration now applies a temporary malmutated effect to targets, along
with polymorphing them to creatures with lower HD. Undead are dazed.
- Vitriol now can provide Corrosive Bolts at higher power.
- Orb bursts will now attempt to home on monsters they might reasonably hit.
* Revamped battle cards:
- Potion has strictly-negative effects taken out, and will also apply its
effects to allies if possible.
- Blade now solely gives a cleaving status (which does not stack with the
reaching of polearms or the original cleaving of axes, but will otherwise
apply to all forms of weapon / unarmed attack.)
- Helm can apply Stoneskin or Shroud of Golubria effects to allies at high
- Elixir gives a small amount of temporary vitality to your allies, alongside
its restorative effects to the user.
- Shadow gives the darkness status (reduced LOS) instead of invisibility.
- Dowsing is now significantly stronger in duration and range.
* Revamped summoning cards:
- Pentagram now summons a more constrained set of demons (stronger at
lower power and weaker at high power), and an additional accompanying
hell hound, rakshasa, or pandemonium lord.
- Dance has replaced its short swords with quarterstaves and its dire flails
with executioner's axes. It also has a chance of summoning a randart.
- Foxfire has lost butterflies and gained ravens.
- Repulsiveness can now summon both an ugly thing and a very ugly thing, and
always summons at least one friendly ugly thing if any hostiles are made.
* Revamped emergency cards:
- Cloud surrounds all hostile monsters with varying types of clouds,
instead of randomly scattering clouds in all valid places in sight.
- Shaft now randomly places shafts under other monsters as well.
- Tomb can now raise rock walls on stone stairs and deep water.
- Velocity will always apply an overall-positive effect (with allies present).
- Banshee now drains victims, in addition to causing fear.
- Solitude can now cause Disjunction at high power.
* Wild Magic now affects enemies instead of the player, and restores magic for
each enemy so affected. It has moved from the Deck of Punishment to the Deck
of Wonders.
* Dowsing is no longer in the deck of battle.
* Decks of war have lost their set of destruction cards.
* The Cloud card has moved from decks of destruction to decks of emergency.
* Removed cards: Metamorphosis, Herd, Bones.
* New god: Gozag the Greedy. Gozag is a temple god, with an altar either in
Temple or on D:2-9.
- Charges a service fee for joining, dependent on the amount of gold that
has been generated in the game.
- Does not have piety.
- Defeated enemies turn to gold; these gold piles distract nearby
creatures, causing them to sometimes not act.
- Potion Petition: purchase one set of potion effects. The first use is free.
- Call Merchant: fund a merchant to set up shop somewhere near to areas
of the dungeon you have explored.
- Bribe Branch: send money to the inhabitants of a branch to turn them
temporarily neutral or incite them to join you.
* New god: Ru the Awakened. Ru is a temple god, with an altar either in
Temple or on D:2-9.
- Periodically offers the player a choice of three permanent sacrifices in
exchange for piety; all abilities scale with piety; piety never decreases.
- Leaving Ru leaves all your sacrifices in place, but incurs no wrath.
- 1*: Enemies may fail to attack you or even attack each other instead.
- 2*: Enemies that hurt you may be punished with status effects.
- 3*: Draw Out Power: restore health and mana to yourself, break free of webs
and constriction, and cure confusion and petrification. Inflicts minor
self-drain and short exhaustion.
- 4*: Power Leap: Blinks you three tiles and deals high AOE damage at your
destination. Inflicts medium exhaustion.
- 5*: Apocalypse: Deals very high damage to all monsters in LOS and inflicts
statuses. Inflicts heavy drain and exhaustion.
* All gods now treat followers' kills the same as the player's, for purposes of
piety gain.
* Makhleb and Okawaru no longer support corpse sacrifice.
* Dithmenos now specifically hates fire; Corona and related effects are now
permitted to Dithmenos's worshippers.
* Nemelex Xobeh:
- Draw One and Peek at Two are no more.
- Cards have been changed thoroughly over once more.
- Nemelex now grants destruction decks again.
* While following TSO, enemies will no longer be distracted by your allies.
* TSO's Divine Shield no longer benefits from Shields skill.
* Zin:
- Hell effect protection halved; now capping out at 50%, down from 100%.
- Recite now more effective at very low Invocations.
* Elyvilon:
- Followers can no longer pacify monsters by zapping wands of Heal Wounds.
- Piety gain is now solely from exploration.
- Abilities have been reworked:
- 1*: Lesser Self-Healing (now called 'Lesser Healing')
- 2*: Greater Heal Other (now called 'Heal Other')
- 3*: Purification
- 4*: Greater Self-Healing (now called 'Greater Healing')
- 5*: Divine Vigour
* Gods that hated eating various types of creature (Beogh and the good gods)
now hate butchering those types of creatures. Penalties for violating these
conducts have been raised significantly.
* Some effects (Shatter, banishment, etc.) now display animations.
* Monster AC, EV, and MR are now displayed as bars in their descriptions.
* Monster spell descriptions can now be examined through their descriptions, in
the same way as books & rods.
* Odds of hex success is now displayed when targeting monsters, or when
examining their spells.
* The screen now flashes on attempting to autoexplore with monsters in view,
indicating where the relevant monsters are.
* Stealth is now displayed as a bar in the % screen. (The old 'stealth words')
are still visible with @.)
* A third page has been added to the god description (^) screen, listing causes
and effects of divine wrath.
* Xom now has a 'mood' meter, in the same place other gods have piety meters.
* Control-direction no longer tries to open or close doors.
* Derived undead (zombies, skeletons, &c) now have their full names displayed.
* Corrosion now visibly (temporarily) reduces weapons' enhancement bonuses.
* Monsters no longer appear on the minimap.
* The weapon, species, and background options allow these aspects to be
specified in the init file, causing one to be randomly selected; a new combo
option allows entire sets of the above to be specified, again with one being
randomly selected.
* Added explore mode, which is a limited version of wizard mode, where the
only benefit gained is the inability to die. No extra information is
displayed (like in wizard mode), and no extra commands are available. As
with wizard mode, explore mode games are not scored. Enter explore mode
using '+'.
* ?/ has been generally improved, and a new ?/c(L)oud lookup has been added.
Stone Soup 0.15.2 (20141018)
* Assorted crash fixes, bug fixes, and display cleanups.
* Always weight formicid weapon acquirement towards two-handed weapons.
* Allow in-game updates to the mon_glyph option to change the glyph.
* Allow the option syntax of mon_glyph = <mon1>:<mon2> in order to set the
color/glyph of one monster using the base values of another monster.
* In tiles, the tile_player_tile option allows you to specify an arbitrary
monster tile to display for your character. The options tile_weapon_offsets
and tile_shield_offsets can be used to adjust the player weapon and shield
location when using these custom tiles.
* For use with tile_player_tile: the old orb guardian tile, a new monster
vampire tile, and weapon/shield offsets for various monster tiles.
Stone Soup 0.15.1 (20140915)
* Assorted crash fixes.
* Monsters don't benefit from player throwing skill.
* Monsters no longer flee at random on re-entering a level after a short time.
* Several messages correctly no longer appear for out-of-sight monster
* Dithmenos' stealth bonus works properly again.
* Several spell icons that missed the initial 0.15 release.
Stone Soup 0.15 (20140828)
* New god: Qazlal Stormbringer.
* Nemelex Xobeh and decks in general have had many changes.
* Ranged combat has been rewritten from the ground up.
* Inventory weight limits have been removed.
* Item destruction is no more, and corrosion has a more severe but
temporary effect.
Branches, environment
* The Hall of Blades has been cut.
* Crypt is now three levels (was five).
* Some areas of the Tomb layout can now vary.
* Mechanical traps no longer drop ammo.
* Most randomly-placed teleport traps now disappear after one use.
* Troves asking for items require that item to be unequipped.
* The Abyss no longer sometimes blocks blinking.
* Mutagenic fog now causes large amounts of glow instead of mutating directly.
* Inventory item weight and player burden states are no more.
* Cross-training now gives a direct bonus to cross-trained skills, rather than
decreasing the XP cost of learning them.
* Anti-training (for opposite elemental schools) has been removed.
* Formicids can no longer throw large rocks.
* Tengu now gain permaflight at XL14 (was 15).
* All non-undead forms can eat and drink normally.
* All forms can butcher.
* Wisp form can read scrolls and cannot blink on demand.
* Teleportitis cannot be controlled.
* Wanderers have tweaked starting kits with generally better items.
* Player clinging (seen only in Spider Form and with the boots of the Spider)
is no more.
* Kobolds, hill orcs, and ogres are no longer saprovorous.
* Kobolds no longer have disease resistance.
* Halflings have rebalanced stats and aptitudes, shifting them towards defense.
* Ogres and centaurs no longer have a fast metabolism; halflings no longer
have a slow metabolism.
* Centaurs are no longer herbivorous.
* Vampires:
- always get the full effect of all potions;
- can always mutate; and
- always get the full effect of all mutations.
* Some Demonspawn mutations have been modified:
- The Foul Stench facet gives rot immunity earlier and separately instead of
- Facets which gave potion/scroll item conservation now give freezing/fire
cloud immunity earlier and separately.
* The hoof mutation no longer gives extra damage or a stealth penalty for
players wearing boots.
* Player rPois now gives a consistent 2/3rds resistance to poison effects; this
is lower than the previous resistance to poisoning, but higher than the old
resistance to direct poison damage. "Strong poison" effects no longer punch
through rPois, and paralytic stings (wasps) can now slow through rPois.
* Many enemy glyphs have been adjusted. See 0.14_monster_glyphs.txt.
* Monsters will no longer pick up items that the player has seen. Allies won't
pick up items at all.
* Corrosion affects all of your equipment, but only temporarily, and the chance
to corrode equipment does not consider item enchantment.
* Draining effects no longer permanently reduce monsters' stats ('hit dice');
instead, they apply a temporary status which reduces hit dice for the
* Monsters no longer fall asleep after long periods of time.
* New monster: ghost crabs, found in Crypt. They breathe ghostly flames that
call dangerous specters into existence.
* New monster: torpor snails, found in Lair and Spider. Their enemies are
slowed on sight, somewhat like ancient zymes.
* Enemies are more intelligent about using area-of-attack spells such as
Symbol of Torment and Chain Lightning even when you are not in sight.
* Komodo dragons now bite harder but don't sicken the player.
* Purple ugly things deal extra damage in lieu of a sickness attack.
* Deep dwarf death knights are now just death knights.
* Manticores now move as fast as the player, and have an unlimited number of
spike volleys.
* Base draconians can become nonbase draconians with experience.
* Undead and nonliving enemies regenerate as fast as other enemies.
* Silver statues and orange crystal statues are immune to disintegration,
but have less health and AC and have their abilities converted to spells
such that they spam less; this implies OCS confusion can be resisted.
* Bog bodies no longer randomly rot.
* Undead monsters will now fall to pieces in deep water, instead of hiding
* Curse skulls are now immobile, again.
* Lost souls now make enemies into ghosts instead of specters.
* Spriggan riders now ride wasps.
* Ugly & very ugly things are now dramatically nastier.
* Cherub's hymns can buff any allies, not just those with higher HDs.
* Killing holy monsters no longer invokes cleansing flame on the perpetrator.
* Ghouls and necrophages can no longer equip weapons or armour.
* Mimics no longer mimic doors, statues, fountains or hatches.
* Each unique now has a special title, shown when you first see them or in the
description screen.
* Removed enemies: vapours, thorn lotuses, giant goldfish, silver stars,
flaming corpses, grizzly bears, spriggan enchanters, phoenixes, shedu,
plague shamblers, giant slugs, elephant slugs, giant fireflies, brown oozes,
pulsating lumps, big fish, sharks, lava worms.
* Dazzling Spray replaces Invisibility in the book of Maledictions (the
Enchanter starting spellbook). Invisibility in turn replaces Apportation
in the book of Burglary.
* Casting Ozocubu's Refrigeration now prevents the player from using potions
for several turns instead of destroying potions.
* Spider Form now moves at normal speed, and no longer gives clinging.
* Tukima's Dance now animates weapons held by monsters. The weapons will fight
against their former owners. It is also now level 3.
* Confusing Touch now has a short, non-stacking duration which discharges
entirely when it successfully confuses an enemy. While it's in effect, your
attacks do no damage. It's been moved to level 2.
* Sublimation of Blood no longer uses chunks; it now only draws from the
caster's HP. Fedhas now permits its use.
* Simulacrum now works on a single corpse at the caster's feet, creating
several simulacra from it.
* Monsters casting Simulacrum now affect all corpses in LOS, producing half as
many simulacra as the player version of the spell.
* Many spells, which used player skill, now use spellpower instead: Death's
Door, Passwall, Sticks to Snakes, Ozocubu's Armour, Condensation Shield,
Stoneskin, Statue Form, and Ice Form.
* Shatter is now always full-LOS-ranged, instead of depending on Earth skill.
* Statue Form no longer gives -10 EV.
* Death Channel lasts twice as long.
* The Book of War Chants is no more.
* Removed spells: Fire Brand, Freezing Aura, Lethal Infusion, Poison Weapon,
Summon Elemental.
* Item destruction is no more.
* Ranged combat has been rewritten based on melee attacks - AC and EV
has more of an impact, attack delay is more predictable, and Throwing
should be more viable as a ranged option as compared to bows and crossbows,
among other changes.
- Slings have been split into two weapon types; the basic type has been
renamed to 'hunting sling', and a new, rare 'greatsling' has been added.
- Crossbows have been split into three types. The hand crossbow returns as
a starting weapon; the basic crossbow has been renamed to an 'arbalest';
and a new, rare 'triple crossbow' type has been added.
- (Plain) bows have been renamed to shortbows.
* Weapon enchantment & slaying bonuses have been merged into a single number,
giving both +accuracy & +damage. Scrolls of enchant weapon I, II, and III
have all been merged into a new "enchant weapon" scroll. The scrolls are
rarer, but always succeed.
* Shields have been rebalanced. All non-shield-enchantment sources of SH have
been halved, and the effectiveness of SH at blocking attacks has been
doubled, to make the utility of a point of SH roughly equivalent to a point
of EV. In effect, this is a small buff. Non-bucklers can now be enchanted
past +3.
* Multiple changes to unrandarts:
- The blowgun of the Assassin returns; it has a chance to affect the target
more than normal blowguns.
- New unrand: the +8 orange crystal plate armour {Archmagi, Int+3 Clar
- New unrand: the +6 Majin-Bo {vamp, Archmagi, MP+6 Int+6}. A quarterstaff
that takes HP every time you cast a spell.
- The dagger of Chilly Death now sometimes flash-freezes enemies, slowing
their movement, and the scimitar of Flaming Death now sometimes applies
sticky flame to its victims.
- Leech is now +8, with -2 to all stats (instead of -1), and -2 to both AC
and EV.
- Skullcrusher is now +3 with +7 strength.
- The Trident of the Octopus King now starts at +8 and gets an additional +
for each Ring of the Octopus King worn. If anyone reads this & gets it to
+10 or higher in an actual game, send screenshots!
- Punk is now a +7 greatsling {Freeze, rC+}.
- Sniper is now a "heavy crossbow", a triple crossbow with 27 base delay.
- The Mace of Brilliance is now the +1 Eveningstar "Brilliance".
- Many other weapon artefacts have had their enchantments tweaked.
- Maxwell's Patent Armour now gives rF+ rC+ instead of Conservation.
- The Shield of Resistance, Shield of the Gong, and Large Shield of Ignorance
have had their enchantment levels adjusted.
- Removed unrands: the boots of the Spider.
* Branding changes:
- Scrolls of brand weapon will no longer make temporary brands permanent,
but can now randomly apply any brand to an unbranded weapon.
- Blessed weapons can be rebranded.
- Rebranding a distortion weapon no longer causes a distortion effect.
- Branded non-artefact weapons can now be given a temporary re-brand.
- Damage from the electrocution brand has been reduced slightly.
- Draining now triggers somewhat less often, but will cause monsters to be
temporarily drained whenever it does fire.
- The dragonslaying brand is no longer generated. (Wyrmbane still has it.)
* Food changes:
- Honeycombs have been renamed to royal jellies; they don't restore
- Potions of blood cure a point of ghoul rotting.
- All types of fruit have been merged together into one gooey, messy item
- Brown (contaminated) chunks are gone, replaced with normal ones.
- Cheese, sausages, and ambrosia are no more.
* New item: potion of cancellation, which removes enchantments & contamination
on the player.
* Scrolls of vulnerability have been simplified; they now just halve MR for all
creatures in LOS.
* Cancellation-type effects (from the potion, quicksilver dragons, etc) now
reduce transformation durations to one turn, rather than cancelling them
* Identify scrolls now always identify a single item.
* Jewellery automatically identifies once equipped.
* Amulets of inaccuracy are always cursed.
* New rings of stealth and loudness, which positively/negatively adjust
a player's stealth.
* Amulets of rage no longer have a tiny chance of extending berserk duration.
* Sacks of spiders now place webs directly onto enemies, rather than spreading
them randomly around the area.
* Cleaving hits the full eight squares around a player, when not blocked by
* Putting on or taking off armour now always takes five turns.
* Scrolls of magic mapping now show 100% of the map.
* Gloves of archery no longer penalise melee.
* Sustain abilities effects no longer stack.
* Amulets of resist corrosion now give only 50% corrosion resistance, from 90%.
* Potions of resistance now grant corrosion resistance.
* Staves of air now activate extra melee damage as often as other elemental staves.
* Flying creatures no longer have a 2/3rds chance of dodging thrown nets.
* Weapons and armour which aren't visibly enchanted no longer have enchantments
higher than +0.
* Corpses and skeletons are stationary, and can't be picked up nor apported.
* Other removed items: darts, rings of hunger and sustenance, amulet of
conservation, cloak of preservation, potions of strong poison and paralysis.
* New cards.
- Fortitude, which gives Damage Shaving and a bonus to strength.
- Storm, which can make shallow water, a tornado, or cause swiftness.
- Cloud, which spawns dangerous clouds around the user and on hostiles.
- Degeneration, which polymorphs nearby monsters into weaker ones.
- Shaft, which creates a shaft under the player. This is an old effect of the
Flight card.
- Illusion, which summons an illusion of the player.
* Revamped cards.
- Velocity card now hastes the slow and slows hasty rather than simply
speeding up the player.
- Potion card has a new list of effects.
* The Mercenary card can generate base demonspawn instead of spriggan riders.
* Decks of war now contain the Dowsing and Potion cards.
* Decks of dungeon are no more.
* Removed cards: Experience, Sage, Water, Vitrification, Trowel, Minefield,
Shuffle, Warp, Portal, Frost, Flame, Spark, Flight, Battlelust, and Genie.
* New god: Qazlal Stormbringer. Qazlal is a temple god, with an altar either in
Temple or on D:2-9.
- Piety on kills.
- All followers are immune from their own clouds.
- 1*: Storm Shield: you passively generate elemental clouds around you and
gain bonus SH, and gain RMsl at 3*; you also generate a lot of
- 2*: Upheaval: blast a small nearby area with elemental forces.
- 3*: Elemental Force: turn nearby clouds into elementals.
- 4*: Elemental Adaptation: taking elemental or physical damage sometimes
temporarily grants you resistance against that element.
- 5*: Disaster Area: blast the entire area around you with elemental
* Nemelex has been revamped.
- Nemelex only gives piety for exploration rather than item sacrifices or
deck usage.
- Peek at Two now reveals the top cards of a deck but cannot be used with
other Nemelex abilities.
- Nemelex now only gifts decks of war and escape.
- Various cards have been changed, added, or removed. See the Cards section
for details.
* Beoghites can now gift items directly to their followers at high piety.
* Beogh will now improve allies' equipment, and outright gift weapons, armour,
and ammo to orcs who lack them.
* Followers of good gods no longer get a chance to turn holy enemies neutral.
* Zin's Recite no longer prompts for a book, instead affecting all monsters
in sight with the strongest effects that would impact them.
* Ashenzari now counts Felids as fully bound when all of their jewellery slots
are cursed.
* Sif Muna wrath can no longer cause amnesia.
* Gods that give missile gifts can do so sooner.
* Monsters with special melee attacks (e.g. poison, fire) have this noted in
their descriptions.
* Unique enemies are now announced by their proper titles when first appearing.
* Ctrl-T now displays the weapons that enemies are carrying, in console.
* New tile_show_player_species option; when enabled, uses the monster tile
instead of the player race one.
* Ability and spell icons have been reworked.
* There are status lights for Might, Agility, and Brilliance.
Stone Soup 0.14.2 (20140827)
* More crash fixes.
* Some text fixes.
* Transformations no longer allow the character to wield too-large weapons.
* The tutorial skill screen now allows skills to be toggled again.
* Artefact and non-artefact rings are now distinguished properly when swapping
Stone Soup 0.14.1 (20140428)
* Several crash fixes.
* Fire dragons correctly grant bonus Dithmenos piety.
* Ranged attacks from invisibile monsters correctly turn off autopickup.
* Good gods punish the player properly for negative energy clouds.
* Natasha no longer revives after being pacified, and does not get a new
item when reviving.
* When playing a race with permanent flight ability, it is now possible to
remove an item granting flight over dangerous terrain.
* Wanderers do not occasionally get more MP than other backgrounds.
Stone Soup 0.14 (20140409)
* The lower half of D is now a new branch, the Depths.
* Two new species: Formicids and Vine Stalkers.
* A new deity: Dithmenos the Shadowed.
* Greatly revised monster sets in the Lair branches.
* Greatly revised summoning spell sets.
Branches, environment
* The main Dungeon is now fifteen levels.
* A new branch: the Depths; entered from the end of Dungeon, it is five levels
long and contains the entrance to the Realm of Zot.
* The Vaults are now entered from D:13-14 and need a rune to enter.
* Abyssal stairs appear more frequently, and are fixed with depth.
* Ziggurats require only three runes to enter; an entrance is guaranteed
in Depths, but still spawn as normal in Pan.
* Portals are no longer closed when carrying the Orb of Zot.
* The Horn of Geryon is no longer necessary for entering Hell branches.
* Labyrinths contain more enemies, and the minotaur is normally awake.
* More Ziggurat enemy sets.
* Crypt endings now contain some pieces of thematic loot: draining and/or
pain and/or vampiric weapons, rings of positive energy and amulets of
warding, one of several unrands, the Necronomicon, or evokers/staves.
* Easy ice cave portals now appear only in D, Lair, and Orc; hard ice cave
portals appear in Elf and rotating Lair branches.
* Portal timers have been generally shortened and made more consistent with
each other; additionally, the shorter timer started upon first seeing them
has been removed.
* The layout of the last level of the Vaults has been changed, with all four
subsections being open at each corner.
* Gadget shops and wand shops have been merged; the resulting gadget shops
now also sell rods.
* The price of items in shops has been recalibrated.
* Pandemonium exits occur more frequently as the player obtains runes from
* New species:
- Formicids possess four strong arms to use large weapons together with
shields, in addition to strong natural digging abilities and a permanent
stasis effect.
- Vine stalkers regenerate quickly, but cannot heal with wands or
potions; they possess innate spirit shield and an anti-magic bite.
* Felids have an innate jump attack ability, allowing them to jump over
other monsters and attack their target in a single turn.
* Felids can use wands.
* Demonspawns' negative energy facet has the second level of rN replaced by
"black mark," which gives melee attacks a chance to heal the player and apply
a bad status to the victim.
* The first two levels of the slow healing mutation only affect rates of
healing when enemies are in sight (half and no healing for those levels
respectively). Stat regeneration and the third level of the mutation
are unchanged.
* Fast/slow movement mutations no longer occur randomly.
* Recommended backgrounds and species have been adjusted; in particular,
backgrounds can recommend species that don't necessarily recommend that
background and vice versa (e.g. CK -> Tr may be recommended whereas Tr -> CK
is not).
* Poison damage is now deterministic.
* The antennae mutation gives invisible monster indicators for every invisible
enemy in LOS.
* Merfolk can now be mesmerised by mermaids and sirens.
* Artificers, Wanderers, Assassins, and Venom Mages no longer start with
knowledge of potions and scrolls they don't possess.
* Fighters and Gladiators start with higher-tier weapons.
* Fighers start with a potion of might.
* Demonspawn icemail now restores all at once, instead of gradually, and is
not disrupted by casting fire spells.
* Guardian serpents no longer have Teleport Other; instead they get
Blink Allies Encircle.
* Lom Lobon can now cast Tornado.
* The plain "dragon" is now known as "fire dragon".
* Dragons, drakes, crabs, and acid blobs no longer flee at low health.
* Jellies once again split.
* Monsters are subject to summon caps.
* Summoned creatures are dismissed upon the death of their summoner.
* Word of Recall is now subject to a breath timer, and can be interrupted
by causing a breath timeout (with e.g. curare).
* Minotaurs appearing naturally outside of labyrinths now come with
* Abominations don't heal naturally; those created from spells can heal
by melding further with crawling corpses and macabre masses.
* New enemies:
- Fauns, who hex the player before attacking from afar, and their larger
brethren satyrs, who can empower their nearby allies.
- Wind drakes, who can breathe powerful blasts of wind and airstrike the
- Thorn lotuses, plants adrift on the water that pepper the player with
thorns fired from afar.
- Thorn hunters, who fire volleys of thorns and create briar patches to
impede their foes' movements.
- Dryads, who turn the forest against you by casting Awaken Forest like
spriggan druids and summoning snaplasher vines that pull their enemies
- Water nymphs, who passively form a pool of water around themselves
and strike down the player with said water.
- Shambling mangroves, slow-moving, tough plants home to a nest of ravens
or wasps.
- Raiju, which can attack by transforming themselves into a bolt of
- Worldbinders, abyssal enemies which summon low tier enemies from other
- Shock serpents, who build up electrical energy for a static discharge;
- Mana vipers, snakes with an antimagic bite;
- Naga sharpshooters, who snipe at the player with Portal Projectile;
- Naga ritualists, who can amplify poison in enemies and also cast
Olgreb's Toxic Radiance;
- Salamander mystics, with Bolt of Magma, Haste Other, a single-target
version of Ignite Poison, and Iskenderun's Mystic Blast;
- Salamander firebrands, whose attacks cause a ring of flames to appear
around the target.
- Octopode crushers, who can throw both the victims they constrict as well
as icicles.
* A new set of enemies based on demonspawn, appearing in Pan.
- Base types:
- monstrous (auxiliary attacks and more HP);
- gelid (rC++ and icemail - bonus AC which dissipates on fire damage);
- infernal (rF++ and fire attacks);
- putrid (rPois, gains HP on nearby kills);
- torturous (augmentation, powered by pain, and spines).
- Classes:
- blood saint (Legendary Destruction, which casts random powerful
conjurations, and Ephemeral Infusion, which temporarily heals
nearby allies);
- chaos champions (Chaotic Reflection, which inflicts a random hex-like
effect on itself and the target, and Random Bolt as per the rod
of destruction);
- warmongers (Grand Avatar, essentially a hybrid battlesphere and
spectral weapon which triggers on sufficiently damaging attacks of
nearby allies, and Sap Magic, a hex which hinders spellcasting success
progressively as spells are cast);
- corrupters (Plane Rend, which summons high tier enemies from other
branches, and Corrupt Body, which inflicts a small set of temporary
- black suns (Black Mark, which empowers nearby allies with various
draining attacks that heal on hit, and previously existing spells
Bolt of Draining, Malign Offering, and Dispel Undead).
* Adjustments to lair branch enemies:
- Spriggan druids' Druid's Call now calls 2-3 creatures out of LOS nearby
and does not invisibly might creatures; instead, nearby creatures
are healed and frenzied on their death. Stone Arrow also replaces
Sunray in their spell set.
- Siren songs' pulling effects are now irresistible if the player is
already mesmerised.
- Siren songs call drowned souls, weak temporary enemies with a drowning
- Manticores' spines now embed themselves in targets, causing damage while
moving until a few turns is spent doing nothing to remove them.
- Harpies no longer steal food or eat food off of the ground.
- Plain salamanders have been weakened, and all salamanders can slither
around on land.
* Adjustments to other enemies:
- Quokkas are speed 12 (making them effectively identical to grey rats).
- Boggarts are more durable.
- Rakshasas gain a monster spell "Phantom Mirror", which summons
a clone of a nearby allied monster with half the hit points, with
a 50% chance of swapping the clone for the original; this replaces
their previous self-cloning abilities. They can now also cast
Iskenderun's Mystic Blast and will summon two clones of themselves
at 50% HP as a one-time effect.
- Giant orange brains get Mass Confusion instead of Confusion.
- Spriggans in general now merely have fast movement speed instead of
fast speed in general, more damage and less EV.
- Spriggan air mages have Haste (replacing Shock).
- Deep elf demonologists summon more greater demons instead of minor
- Draconian knights have fewer but distinct spell sets focusing on
ice and necromancy.
- Gargoyles and molten gargoyles now have Stone Arrow and Bolt of
Magma respectively, and generate with mace-type weapons.
- Metal gargoyles are now war gargoyles - fast and with the ability to
fire metal fragments at targets.
- Crystal golems are now crystal guardians - less health, but with the
ability to fire crystal bolts that bounce off of all walls and deal
either fire or cold damage on a per-bolt basis.
- Ravens and eldritch tentacles no longer eat corpses.
* New uniques:
- Asterion, a minotaur of Makhleb who flings Major Destruction and
can employ Spectral Weapon with his demon weapon;
- Natasha, a felid ex-familiar with minor spellcasting abilities;
- Vashnia, leader of a squad of naga sharpshooters with translocational
ability to match.
* Moths of suppression, rock worms, lava fish, lemures, jellyfish, grey rats,
spiny worms, giant amoebae, deep dwarf berserkers, agate snails, giant
centipedes, rotting devils, clay golems, and stone golems are no more.
* Ball lightnings are no longer permanently confused, instead seeking out
targets like giant spores.
* Killer Klowns have a different set of possible damage brands: strong
poison, pain, drain speed, fire, cold, electric, and anti-magic.
* Flying enemies are no longer immune to throwing nets.
* Geryon can fly once again.
* Antaeus gains Flash Freeze, an ice conjuration which impedes the target's
movement for three turns.
* Player ghosts can retain and cast dazzling spray, which has a chance to cause
a confusion effect against the player.
* All pandemonium lords now see invisible.
* The Enchantress now appears as a normal unique in the Depths.
* Josephine has a new spell set - Ghostly Fireball, Dispel Undead, Vampiric
Draining, and Animate Dead - and rN+++.
* Lamia has been de-throned.
* Resisting an enchantment now displays a message showing how difficult in
general the target will be to enchant, rather than how well or how poorly
they fared on that particular resistance roll.
* New spells:
- Summon Lightning Spire (L4 Summoning/Air), which places a lightning
spire up to two squares away from the player; it replaces Summon
Scorpions in the book of Callings.
- Summon Guardian Golem (L4 Summoning/Charms), which creates a golem
that protects the player with Injury Bond and occasionally explodes
on death; appears in the book of Callings.
- Summon Forest (L5 Summoning/Translocations), which summons a dryad
and temporarily converts terrain near the player to forest; it
is in the Book of the Warp.
- Summon Mana Viper (L5 Summoning/Hexes); it appears in the Book of
- Monstrous Menagerie (L6 Summoning), which summons a manticore, some
harpies, a lindwurm, or a sphinx (at high spellpower); it appears in
the book of Beasts and the book of Summonings (replacing Summon
Ugly Thing).
- Forceful Dismissal (L6 Summoning), which ends all player summons
and damages enemies next to them; it appears in the Grand Grimoire.
- Aura of Abjuration (L6 Summoning), a less powerful but per-turn mass
abjuration effect; it replaces Mass Abjuration in the Grand Grimoire.
- Spellforged Servitor (L7 Conjuration/Summoning), which summons a
servitor with a subset of the player's most destructive conjurations;
it replaces Fireball in the book of Wizardry.
- Glaciate (L9 Ice/Conjurations), which fires a great blast of ice in
a cone, turning slain monsters into blocks of ice and Flash Freezing the
survivors; it replaces Ice Storm in the Book of Annihilations.
- Dragon's Call (L9 Summoning), which for its duration of effect summons
dragons near targets at the end of LOS (at the full spell cost per
summon); replaces Summon Dragon in the Book of the Dragon.
* Sticks to Snakes only works on missiles (arrows and javelins) now.
* Conjure Ball Lightning has been reduced from level 7 to 6, and the
duration of the ball lightning has been lowered.
* Metabolic Englaciation has been reduced from level 6 to 5, and the slow
duration is cumulative across casts.
* Bolt of Draining has been reduced from level 6 to 5.
* Fulminant Prism has been reduced from level 5 to 4.
* Iskenderun's Battlesphere has been increased from level 4 to 5.
* Ozocubu's Armour now has an encumbrance cap of 4, rendering it no longer
usable with mottled dragon armour.
* Song of Slaying has an increased duration and grants more slaying, but
is subject to a lower power cap.
* Swiftness now induces a period of sluggishness after it expires, and
can't be stacked.
* Several special cases for LRD damage types have been removed; ice, bone,
stone and rock (including petrified enemies) all result in the same
* Orb of Destruction now only appears in the Book of Power (was also in
* Call Canine Familiar now only summons one canine, and does not summon
* Repel and Deflect Missiles now expire on a per-deflection basis rather than
being a duration.
* Portal Projectile is now a duration, rather than firing individual
* All clouds caused by the player will dissipate much faster outside of your
line of sight.
* Orbs of destruction don't explode if they collide with another orb of
destruction before travelling more than a short distance.
* Removed spells: Dig, Summon Scorpions, Song of Shielding, Polymorph, Ice
Storm, Demonic Horde, Summon Ugly Thing, Summon Dragon, Mass Abjuration.
* The Orb of Zot no longer takes up an inventory slot.
* Weapons are identified immediately on wield.
* Wands are identified immediately on zapping.
* Elemental evokers now recharge one at a time, with the one closest to
full recharging charging first.
* Items on the ground are no longer subject to item destruction.
* Mottled dragon armour now has an encumbrance rating of 5 (was 4).
* The jumping ego (available only on boots) gives a jump attack ability
like that of felids.
* The reaching brand for whips is no more.
* Enchantment-like effects of chaos projectiles are now irresistible.
* Spears, daggers, clubs, and hand axes are no longer good for throwing.
* New "tomahawk" item: a throwing missile, usable by all non-felids, between
darts and javelins in damage.
- Small race hunters and arcane marksmen may select tomahawks.
* New "potion of lignification" - induces tree form.
* Small species can use throwing nets.
* Throwing nets do not degrade: instead, they have a chance to be destroyed
like other projectiles.
* Multiple changes to unrandarts:
- Piercer gets the penetration brand (was vorpal).
- Boots of the Assassin return in a new form: they now detect monsters and
allow short-blade-quality stabbing with any weapon (or unarmed).
- Hellfire now shoots hellfire bolts, dealing hellfire-branded damage and
- The Elemental Staff is reworked considerably - it grants rElec, rF++,
rC++, MR++, AC+5, and randomly deals elemental-branded attacks based
on the user's Evocations skill.
- The skin of Zhor now grants rC+++.
- Leech drains HP on all hits (instead of 3/5 for other vampiric weapons).
- Sniper is now a +15 vorpal crossbow with a slower rate of fire.
- Snakebite is now a +5 venom whip that applies a curare effect on two out
of five hits.
- The Singing Sword is now a bastard sword.
- The shield of the gong is now +27 with -5 EV.
- The ring of Shadows now has an umbra instead of +4 EV and -4 Acc.
- New unrand: "macabre finger necklace" - gives warding and an extra ring
- New unrand: "boots of the Spider" - gives clinging and jump attack.
- New unrand: "dark maul" - a very large, very slow two-handed weapon using
the Maces and Flails skill.
- New unrand: "hat of the High Council" - spellpower at the expense of
spell success rates.
- New unrand: "arc blade" - a cutlass which inflicts discharges of static
electricity on targets it hits.
- New unrand: "Spellbinder" - an antimagic demon whip which inflicts
miscasts on magic-using targets.
- New unrand: "lajatang of Order" - does silver damage (like the ammunition
brand) and grants resistance to mutation.
- New unrand: "Firestarter" - a +7 great mace {flame, rF++} which protects
scrolls from fire damage and inner flames targets it hits.
- The blowgun of the Assassin, Bullseye, and Lehudib's Crystal Spear (the
unrandart) are gone.
* Potions with known type that would have no effect can no longer be quaffed
at all.
* Potions other than potions of porridge and blood no longer give nutrition.
* All gauntlets and bracers are now gloves.
* All caps and wizard hats are now plain "hats".
* Great maces deal slightly less damage and are much less available than
* All scrolls now identify on read.
* The last healing potion is automatically identified assuming knowledge that
it is a healing potion.
* Magical penetrating projectiles now pierce shields.
* Ponderous items reduce movement delay by -1 (was -2), to match running
* Electrocution weapons no longer cause discharges on targets in water.
* Wearing body armour / rings no longer requires removing cloaks / gloves
* Scrolls are destroyed less frequently by sticky flame.
* Gold dragon armour, crystal plate armour, and plate armour have had their
encumbrance ratings reduced (27 -> 25, 24 -> 23, and 19 -> 18 respectively).
* The speed brand now grants 2/3 weapon delay and no damage reduction (was
1/2 delay and 10% damage reduction for melee weapons).
* Racial equipment is no more.
* Many changes to rods:
- The rod of destruction now fires random bolts instead of having a pre-set
- New rod: rod of ignition, which fires a bolt that explodes a fireball on
every target hit in a line.
- New rod: rod of shadows, which summons Shadow Creatures from a depth in
the dungeon roughly equivalent to the user's skill with Evocations,
drawing out-of-depth spawns after 15.
- New rod: rod of clouds, which creates various clouds based on power,
with high skill giving several new types of clouds.
- The rods of warding, venom, demonology, fiery destruction, and frigid
destruction are gone.
* The Horn of Geryon has been reworked into an XP-charged evokable, summoning
1-4 hell beasts whose friendliness depends on evocations power.
* Renamed items:
- Sabres are now cutlasses (and the captain's cutlass has been adjusted to
- Double swords are now bastard swords;
- Triple swords are now claymores;
- Potions of speed are now potions of haste.
* Scrolls of vulnerability are now more common.
* Curse scrolls and potions of blood no longer randomly generate.
* All curse scrolls now accept targets (as though the player was worshipping
Ashenzari in previous versions).
* Magic resistance-granting items now grant fixed increments of magic
resistance (indicated on the % screen).
* Removed potions of slowing.
* The Elixir card now heals over time instead of instantly.
* The Alchemist card is in decks of escape, but not wonders.
* The Bargain card has been removed.
* The Trowel card is in decks of wonder and only creates portals.
* The Battlelust card now deals primarily in might and agility at high power,
with the delayed berserk effect now occurring at lower power.
* A new deity: Dithmenos the Shadowed.
- A temple god; guaranteed an altar in Temple or somewhere on D:2-9.
- Accepts kills of most dungeon enemies, particularly those associated
with fire or light.
- Dislikes use of fire and light.
- 1* piety grants an umbra which expands with piety.
- 2*: Shadow Step - step adjacent to an immobile target creature no further
away than your umbra.
- 3* piety causes the player to occasionally bleed smoke on taking
sufficient damage.
- 4*: Shadow Mimic - the player's shadow sometimes mimics melee and ranged
attacks and targeted spells (so long as they're not self-targeted).
- 5*: Shadow Form - invisibility, resistance to many effects associated
with darkness and 50% damage resistance at the expense of skill drain,
a 50% reduction in melee damage output and significant reduction in
spell power.
* Gods no longer forgive the player for disliked effects of known wands
of random effects and weapons of chaos.
* Trolls of Cheibriados hunger considerably more slowly.
* Cheibriados' Bend Time is available to all followers (was 1* ability).
* Zin and Okawaru no longer care about the deaths of allies.
* Okawaru no longer suppresses the demonic guardian Ds mutation.
* Xom effects respect clarity and sustain abilities.
* Xom's confusion now caps at 20 turns.
* Zin's Recite shows what will be affected by all of the relevant recitations.
* Lugonu followers no longer suffer distortion unwield effects.
* Yredelemnul gifts vampires instead of freezing wraiths.
* Yredelemnul armies have a maximum combined total of three profane servitors
and bone dragons.
* Yredelemnul's servants are no longer angered when read-identifying a scroll
of holy word.
* Nemelex no longer gifts decks of dungeons, and deck gift types are now
independent of sacrificed item types.
* Jiyva's abilities no longer use Invocations.
* Divine wrath is now contingent on XP gain and cannot be waited out.
* Okawaru, Trog, Makhleb, Yredelemnul, and Kikubaaqudgha wrath now scales
better with player XL.
* Vehmuet wrath now employs actual conjurations instead of miscasts.
* Makhleb wrath can now hurl destruction at the player instead of being
limited to servant summoning.
* All skills eventually trainable by divine abilities can be trained
immediately on worshipping that god (Invocations for many gods, Evocations
for Nemelex, Necromancy for Kiku, and Shields for TSO per Divine Shield).
* Ashenzari now generates 1-3 curse scrolls per remove curse scroll.
* Innate abilities hated by your god are now marked as such.
* "Automagic" functionality similar to autofight has been added through the
options automagic_enable, automagic_stop, and automagic_fight; it can be
used to automatically cast spells in a specified slot in combat.
* Different types of magical traps are coloured differently.
* Unnaturally hard rock walls have a new default glyph.
* The % screen has a new layout.
* You are prompted to continue wearing/unwearing armour when a monster comes
into view.
* "pickup_mode = multi|single" is now "pickup_menu = true|false", with true
being the default; "pickup_menu_limit" has been introduced to handle
the old "auto:X" settings.
* The "auto_list" option has been removed.
* The WebTiles spectator box sorts names and links online player profiles.
* URLs occurring in WebTiles chat messages are hyperlinked.
* New default minimap colours.
* Examining a monster now displays the speeds at which it takes actions if
those actions are slower or faster than its normal speed.
* arena_delay, which controls the speed of arena play and animations, is now
available outside of arena mode as view_delay.
* Monsters get invisible monster indicators for one turn after they become
invisible to the player.
* The shop screen layout has been revised.
Stone Soup 0.13.2 (20140404)
* More crash fixes.
* More message improvements.
* Long inscriptions in inventory are trimmed.
* Inscriptions can show unicode.
* Branch entrances can no longer be blocked by traps.
* Autoexplore no longer mysteriously gets stuck.
* Explore horizon no longer hides detected items.
* Wanderers cannot start with both a shield and two-handed weapon equipped.
* Avoid giving double piety for some collateral kills.
* Monsters now use the correct number of charges when zapping rods.
* Fixed various issues with inspecting unknown squares.
Stone Soup 0.13.1 (20131128)
* Several crash fixes.
* Several message improvements.
* Spectral weapon and battlespheres behave better with stairs.
* Wind blasts can no longer push monsters through walls.
* Shadow creatures band members don't count towards the summon cap.
* Awakened trees and flaying ghosts respect sanctuary.
* Unfinished monsters shouldn't spawn anymore, and are identified if they do.
* You can check \ when reading scrolls of identify.
* clua/gearset works again.
* Vampires can't use lich form anymore.
* A tome of destruction evoke-fest exploit is no more.
* Monsters can't swap weapons while berserk.
* Fixed several bugs related to removed or disabled species/backgrounds.
Stone Soup 0.13 (20131011)
0.13 highlights
* A new race: Gargoyles.
* A reimagined Skald background.
* A thorough rework of the monster set in Crypt.
* Improvements to many evokable items.
* A new item: sack of spiders.
* Massively overhauled layout generators.
* Summoning school: per-spell limits and no stair following or pulling.
* New Sprint map: linesprint.
Branches, environment
* A new Sprint map: "|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||" by st (otherwise known as
* Branches now have exactly one exit stair (except the Dungeon, which can,
but is not guaranteed, to have more).
* Many new layouts have been added to most branches, including unique layouts
for branches that didn't have them; and numerous tweaks and improvements
to existing layouts.
* Vaults can now be placed at the centre of some layouts prepared to accept
them there.
* All portal vaults entrances that time out are now announced.
* Temple overflow altars can now contain multiple altars.
* New shop type: gadget shops, which sell evokable items.
* Mechanical traps do not spawn outside of vaults.
* Zot trap effects are now only a subset of the full set of miscasts, and
have some new unique effects - draining of wand charges and Word of Recall
(as per ironbrand convokers).
* A new race: Gargoyles, with low natural HP but an impressive host of
resistances and the ability to fly at XL14.
* Sludge elves are no more.
* The Skald background gets a reworked spellbook with four new spells:
- Infusion grants additional melee damage costing MP with each strike;
- Song of Slaying grants an incremental slaying bonus with every monster
killed (of sufficient threat level);
- Spectral Weapon creates an allied spectral clone of your weapon
which strikes enemies in melee when you do.
- Song of Shielding has a similar effect to Spirit Shield, trading HP
loss for MP loss.
* Priests are no more.
* The nausea status from eating contaminated chunks has been removed;
contaminated chunks now give less nutrition for characters that can't
handle them.
* Stabbing skill is no more; stabs now depend upon the average of the
character's stealth and weapon skill.
* The Traps skill is no more; all characters detect traps as though they
had (XL/3) Traps skill.
* Chaos knights start with a +0 chaos weapon instead of a +2 normal weapon.
* New tier 2 demonspawn mutation - "magic shield", giving spirit shield
at level one, improved magic regeneration at level two, and regenerating
mana in place of health as a function of current magic level at level
* Deaths to acid, self-targeting, and sticky flame now credit
the appropriate monster/spell.
* Draining a stat to zero can no longer directly kill the player; instead,
further stat drain damages the player. The effects of a stat being at zero
(fainting, slow actions, etc.) persist.
* Ogre hunters and artificers now start with a club instead of a short sword.
* Teleport control is a duration, which expires after time or use. It still
is disallowed on some levels.
* New/reworked Crypt monsters:
- Wraiths, shadow wraiths, and eidolons drain speed instead of XP.
- Eidolons deal more melee damage and can cast bolt of draining.
- Phantasmal warriors can temporarily reduce their target's magic
resistance and can blink closer to their foes.
- Flayed ghosts gain a smite-targeted flaying attack, dealing
temporary damage that scales with XP and goes away when the flayed
ghost is killed and/or enough time passes.
- Ancient champions, formerly a vault-specific monster, are now
full randomly-generated monsters, coming with a band of skeletal
warriors 50% of the time.
- Vampire mages cast vampiric draining more often, and have slightly
higher HD and HP; they also come with a band of vampires.
- Rotting hulks are now plague shamblers, capable of inflicting a
"retching" status effect that prevents food consumption; they
generate a cloud of miasma on death.
- Spectral things move at their full base monster speed.
- Deep dwarf death knights gain slightly better attack power and
starting equipment, and now come with a band of undead.
- Flying skulls get a slight HP boost and a larger attack power boost.
- Ghouls inflict rot half as often.
- Curse skulls are capable of out-of-LOS movement, similar to wandering
mushrooms, but preferring to place themselves where a player needs to
move the most to actually reach them.
- New monster: revenants, possessing a ghostly fireball attack and
capable of creating clouds of ghostly flame, which do not harm
undead and occasionally summon spectral things.
- New monster: lost souls, who sacrifice themselves to heal nearby
undead creatures or assume the shape of a nearby killed living
creature; they can be summoned by deep elf death mages.
- Necromancers don't come with necrophages, but do some with simulacra.
- Unborn deep dwarves are now just unborn.
- New monster: jiangshi, who move in short bursts (like sixfirhies) and
possess a vampiric melee attack.
* New forest-themed monsters:
- Spriggan assassins and enchanters, who attempt to disable the player
with blowguns and hexes respectively before moving in for the kill.
* Other new monsters:
- Tengu reavers, skilled with both steel and spells; appearing in the
late dungeon and in Vaults.
- Deathcaps, summonable by curse toes - tougher wandering mushrooms
with Drain Life.
* New unique: Sojobo, king of the tengu.
* Jory now spawns normally in the late dungeon, instead of being limited to
* Adjustments to some tier 4 demons:
- Orange demons' sting has a 50% chance of inflicting a Weakness status,
which reduces the player's attack damage.
- Blue devils have a swooping attack, where they can immediately move
adjacent to the player and attack from up to four tiles away.
- Red devils can now hop backwards from adjacent foes to make use of their
now-guaranteed polearms' reaching attacks.
* Adjustments to the elementals:
- Water elementals have an asphyxiation attack which lasts as long as
their target is next to them, and have slightly increased AC and HP.
- Fire elementals (and fire vortices) deal pure fire damage.
* Updated spell set for several monsters:
- Draconian shifters:
- Banishment is dropped.
- A new monster spell: Dimension Anchor, which temporarily prevents
teleportation, blinking, and Phase Shift.
- A new monster spell: Blink Allies Encircling, which blinks nearby
allies around the target.
- Controlled Blink is replaced with Blink Away as an emergency spell.
- Spriggan air mages:
- Drop Swiftness.
- New spell: Control Winds, which manipulates clouds (including
putting out fores fires immediately), and improves allied
ranged weapon accuracy.
- Spriggan druids:
- Drop Summon Caniforms.
- New spells: Haste Plants, which hastes nearby plant-like enemies,
and Druid's Call, which calls wildlife from elsewhere on the level
to aid the druid.
- The Enchantress:
- Banishment is banished.
- Gains Dimension Anchor (see draconian shifter entry above), Strip
Resistance (lowers the magic resistance of the target), and Mass
- Curse toes:
- No more Summon Undead.
- Deep elf summoners:
- Summon Demon replaced with Summon Vermin, which summons orange
rats, spiders, and some other things.
- Deep elf priests/high priests:
- A new spell "Malign Offering", which steals HP from the target
to give to their allies.
- Deep elf mages:
- Entirely new spellsets:
- Freeze, Throw Icicle, Summon Ice Beast;
- Bolt of Magma, Stone Arrow, Petrify;
- Iskenderun's Mystic Blast, Slow, Venom Bolt, Blink;
- Flame Tongue, Throw Flame, Sticky Flame, Fireball;
- Magic Dart, Force Lance, Iskenderun's Mystic Blast,
Iskenderun's Battlesphere.
- Deep elf conjurers:
- Only one spellset (bolt of fire, bolt of cold, lightning bolt,
bolt of draining); the spell set with sticky flame has been
- Gloorx Vloq:
- No longer has Invisibility as an emergency spell.
* Speed adjustments to several monsters:
- Speed 8: spiny worms, snapping turtles, guardian mummies (all previously
speed 9).
- Speed 10: jellies (previously 9).
* Shadows can now turn invisible, allowing them to move faster and
land a guaranteed stab attack on enemies.
* The retribution effect for killing an apis now inflicts Weakness on
the player, instead of healing nearby hostiles.
* Giant fireflies can now signal nearby awake monsters in a manner similar to
* Vault wardens can seal stairways in addition to doors.
* Zombies no longer appear excessively out of depth in the early dungeon.
* Orb run monster spawns no longer include weak monsters, and now include
Orb Guardians.
* Monster actions are now taken in order of speed, rather than any given
monster taking all of its actions at once.
* Removed monsters:
- Laboratory rats.
- War dogs (replaced by wolves with essentially matching stats).
- Deep dwarf scions, necromancers, and artificers.
- Deep elf soldiers.
- A large number of vault-specific monsters.
* Imps and other weak monsters no longer appear in Pan.
* Nergalle appears earlier in the dungeon.
* Lamia no longer comes with a band of minions.
* Creatures other than natural creatures can now be frenzied; this causes
them to attack anything in sight. The berserking effect of frenzy (might
and haste effects) is limited to natural creatures.
* New spells:
- Searing Ray, a level 2 conjuration replacing Force Lance in the
Book of Conjurations that deals damage over several consecutive turns.
- Discord, a level 8 hex that attempts to frenzy all monsters in sight.
* Summon Small Mammals now only ever summons one mammal, and is renamed to
Summon Small Mammal as a consequence.
* 100% of teleports on the orb run are delays (up from 50%).
* Haunt adjustments:
- Summons now fixate on their target.
- Flayed ghosts are no longer summoned.
- Friendlies are no longer targettable.
* Olgreb's Toxic Radiance now poisons continuously over several turns (and
deals impact damage); it also ignores the caster's poison resistance (if
* Dragon Form is pure Transmutations (was Tmut/Fire for all but Draconians).
* Force Lance is now level 5 (was level 2), with boosted range and damage
to match.
* Fulminant Prism now caps at 200 spellpower.
* Swiftness can be cast in water; it doesn't operate in water, but it
grants the status (which operates as expected when out of the water).
* Summons caps are introduced. This acts on a per-spell basis, each spell
has a fixed numerical limit for the number of summons active at any time.
Going over this limit means your oldest summons will expire in a very
short number of turns. Applies only to non-necromantic non-permanent
* Temporary summons will no longer follow the player down stairs.
* Temporary summons expire when the player moves to a different level.
* The elemental evocation items have been reworked:
- All no longer depend on elemental magic skill or nearby terrain, can
summon multiple elementals, and have an XP-based recharge timer.
- The lamp of fire fires up to three trails of flame in a given direction.
- The fan of air elementals is now the fan of gales, and blows back
nearby enemies.
- The stone of earth elementals is now the stone of tremors; it causes
rubble to fall from nearby rock, stone, or permarock walls to damage
creatures adjacent to them, and has a chance to shaft creatures;
- A new elemental evoker item - the phial of floods; it generates a wave
of water which temporarily leaves a pool of water behind, and summons
water elementals.
* The dependence of armour penalties on strength has been adjusted; there
are no longer magic strength numbers for lowest possible penalties.
* Potions of gain <ability> have been replaced by potions of beneficial
mutation, which grant the player a single beneficial mutation.
* Scrolls of vorpalise weapons are now scrolls of brand weapon, and can
rebrand weapons that already have a permanent brand affixed.
* Scrolls of immolation have been reworked to inner flame everything in
* Lear's chain mail is now Lear's hauberk - a +27 chain mail that covers
all armour slots other than shields and cloaks.
* The staves of energy eliminates 100% of spell hunger again, and includes
the now-gone staff of channeling as well.
* The staff of power scales with your maximum magic power.
* Box of beasts has been reworked:
- Has a fixed, random number of charges between 5 and 15 inclusive.
- 1/3 chance to fail on usage with no bad effects.
- When successful, generates a chimera; a new monster with three heads.
Each head can be a different beast, picked from a list which provides
better/stronger beasts at higher Evocations skill. The heads determine
the attacks and abilities available to the monster.
* New "sack of spiders" item:
- Fixed charges between 5 and 15 inclusive.
- On evoking, creates webs around you and releases spiders.
- Number of webs and type/number of spiders scales with evocations.
* Splint mail has been removed; chain mail is now 8 AC to compensate.
* Needles of sickness have been removed.
* Manuals do not need to be read to be activated; they're always on while in
* The rod of striking now functions as a melee weapon - it expends charges
to deal additional damage in melee.
* Boots of running have a -1 movement delay (was -2).
* The lantern of shadows' rate of shadow spawning scales with evocations,
and the resulting shadows now wander instead of following the player.
* New unrand: the +4 moon troll leather armour {Spirit MP+5 Regen}.
* Adjustments to unrands:
- Arga is now a broad axe.
- The shield of the gong no longer has guardian spirit; it is otherwise
- The knife of accuracy and boots of the Assassin are no more.
- The lightning scales are now +6 (was +3).
* Hammers do not generate outside of vaults.
* Rings of teleport control must be evoked to work.
* Yredelemnul no longer gifts rotting hulks / plague shamblers.
* Orcs encountering an orc priest for the first time are offered the chance
to convert to Beogh on the spot.
* Recite no longer paralyses the player; the player can take any action
that doesn't involve the mouth while reciting.
* For online play, explore_delay and travel_delay are instananeous by default.
* Dungeon features with variable-colour tiles now display those colours in
tiles (e.g. walls in the Abyss, the Elven Halls, and the Pan disco hall).
* Examining a monster will display the spells monsters of its type are
capable of using.
* A port to OpenSolaris (Dyson/Illumos).
* MSVC compilation once again possible (Visual Studio [Express] 2012)
Stone Soup 0.12.3 (20130923)
* Silver stars deal full damage to unclean monsters, not un-unclean ones.
* Unidentified cold resistance is no longer leaked on the draconian 'A' screen.
* Arena mode works better with restart_after_game.
* Local tiles ability icons check for berserk like the 'a' menu always has.
* The down arrow key works correctly in the webtiles help browser.
* Player ghosts no longer incorrectly get acid resistance when saved and
* Exiting unique Pan lord levels without the rune gives a warning.
* Certain vaults don't trap people who teleported in.
* Merfolk unmeld boots correctly again.
* Vehumet's extension of Dazzling Spray's range has been corrected.
* Autotravel won't try to go through monsters trapped in nets.
* A couple of clinging into water fixes.
* Some off-screen messages are properly suppressed.
* The last place high score is shown correctly.
* A load of crash fixes: LRD at the map edge, G ctrl-P (parent branch) in
the Dungeon, 0-hp starcursed masses, chaos bounces, loading levels with
scrying active, deporkalating transiting monsters, etc.
* Mac universal builds work again.
Stone Soup 0.12.2 (20130601)
* Fixed multiple issues on big-endian systems.
* Lowered optimization level on OS X, to work around toolchain bugs.
* If you have two unknown rings, auto-id on just one will work.
* The Abyss shouldn't spawn lava/deep water under your feet anymore.
* Allowed wielding vamp weapons while in a non-eating form.
* Fixed blind monsters being able to use scrolls.
* Randomly generated items don't spawn under plants.
* No more unconnected small closets in the Lair.
* Jellies won't munch on Ziggurat loot.
* Sage effect ends once it's no longer relevant.
* Updated default explore stops.
* Make autoexplore silently ignore sacrificables again.
* Webtiles speed-ups.
* Documentation fixes.
* Misc crash fixes.
Stone Soup 0.12.1 (20130505)
* Fix a Dazzling Spray + Battlesphere crash on Windows.
* Add a missing cloak of the Thief ability tile.
* Add a mention of cursed blunt butchery in 0.12 to this changelog.
Stone Soup 0.12 (20130501)
0.12 highlights
* Axes have a cleaving attack, hitting up to 7 enemies around you.
* The Vaults branch is five levels deep, with a distinct layout and several new
types of guards.
* Abyss has multiple levels of increasing difficulty, more varied terrain, and
many new thematic monsters.
* Conjurers get a new starting book of offensive non-elemental spells.
* Beogh and Yredelemnul let you recall allies across dungeon levels.
* Major changes to Vehumet.
* Friendly summons no longer attack out of sight.
* Secret doors are no more.
Branches, environment
* The Hall of Blades layout has been adjusted, and now contains two weapons
with "interesting brands" instead of just one.
* The Abyss is revamped yet again. It now contains five (still infinite)
levels of increasing difficulty. Each level is composed of regions with
different layouts, most of which are more static than before. The rune
appears only at the third level and below, more frequently at deeper levels.
* The Abyssal rune always appears in a vault, never lying around on the floor.
* Having the Abyssal rune greatly increases the generation of Abyss exits.
* Many Ziggurat floors have more fine-tuned monster-sets, and a few monster
sets have been replaced entirely.
* Three new Sprint maps: "Thunderdome" by evilmike, "The Pits" and "Arena of
Blood" both by st.
* The Abyss no longer exists in Sprint.
* New layouts for Cocytus, Gehenna, Snake, and the main Dungeon.
* More layouts allowed in Zot.
* New Lair branch ending vaults, and many other new vaults.
* More decorative vaults are now placed.
* "Special rooms" (kobold/orc rooms, beehives, morgues, jelly pits) have been
adjusted, now appear at more appropriate depths and layouts, and no longer
place doors.
* A new "special room" - the mythical zoo, with standard high fantasy beasts.
* New "runed door" feature: won't be opened by auto-explore or by monsters.
Becomes a regular door when opened.
* Alarm traps only trigger once, but make monsters swarm towards you for some
* Stalker is removed.
* Berserkers may choose their starting weapon.
* Gladiator no longer starts with a buckler, gets more Dodging to compensate.
* Traps are spotted (or not) deterministically based on skill level and a
few other factors: spending more time does not help.
* Levitation and controlled flight are no more - all flight is controlled.
* Flying no longer increases carrying capacity.
* Tengu receive their movement speed bonus when flying, regardless of burden.
* Black draconians gain permanent flight (like Tengu but without the speed
boost) at XL 14.
* Removed the hidden special cost of Spellcasting, Stealth, Evocations and
Invocations. Aptitudes adjusted.
* Experience aptitude uses the same scale as skill aptitudes. This scale is
coarser than the old one, so most races now require slightly more or less
experience to gain levels than before.
* Deep Elves are better at Earth magic than Air.
* Hill Orcs are better at Axes, worse at gaining levels.
* Tengu are better at gaining levels.
* Levels 1 and 2 of the teleportitis mutation teleport you only a limited
* The augmentation and powered by pain Demonspawn mutations have been improved.
* You can butcher while wielding a cursed or otherwise unswappable blunt
* Removed: ant larvae, bumblebees, blessed toes, rock trolls, wood golems.
* New monster: moth of suppression. Generates an aura that prevents evocation
and suppresses the magical effects of wielded/worn equipment.
* New abyssal monsters:
- Wretched star: bestows temporary mutations.
- Tentacled starspawn: has constricting tentacles and a nasty attack.
- Ancient zyme: causes sickness when near the player.
- Lurking horror: stalks like a wandering mushroom, then explodes for
- Starcursed mass: proliferates when ignored, re-merges when damaged.
Has a smite-targeted psychic scream that becomes more powerful as
more masses become visible.
- Apocalypse crab: breathes clouds of chaos.
- Thrashing horror: moves like a bat, tramples, and frenzies.
- Spatial maelstrom: incorporeal vortex that turns walls into spatial
* New deep troll specialist monsters, appearing in late-D deep troll packs:
- Deep troll shamans: cast Might Other and Haste Other on their
accompanying deep troll packs.
- Deep troll earth mages: cast Dig and LRD to allow the rest of the deep
troll pack to pursue their opponent.
* New vaults monsters:
- Vault sentinels, with a signal horn that generates a lot of noise and
the Sentinel's Mark spell which alerts all creatures on the level to
the player's location.
- Vault wardens, with the ability to close and seal doors near the player
for a time or until they are killed.
- Ironbrand convokers, with the ability to recall other monsters on the
level to their location. Also cast Might Other.
- Ironheart preservers, with the ability to take some damage in place of
an enemy the player is currently attacking.
* New uniques:
- Jorgrun, a deep dwarven earth elementalist.
- Lamia, queen of the nagas.
* Friendly summoned monsters do not attack things unless the player has line
of sight to both the summon and the victim. Glass does not count as line of
sight for this purpose.
* Summoned monsters do not cast spells that create permanent allies.
* Only a select few monsters flee at low HP.
* Ereshkigal has more HP, and can now cast Silence and Major Healing.
* Changed monsters: Frances, Joseph, Polyphemus, bone dragons, soul eaters,
vampires, vampire knights.
* Rotting corpses no longer spawn toadstools for non-Fedhasites.
* Monsters can now use wands of digging, and cast Dig in more circumstances.
* Allies summoned with the Mercenary card can pick up and use equipment.
* Removed: Fulsome Distillation, Evaporate, Cigotuvi's Degeneration, See
Invisible and Insulation.
* New spells:
- Force Lance (level 2 Conjuration). Fires a short-range single-target
projectile that can knock monsters backwards.
- Dazzling Spray (level 3 Conjuration/Hexes). Fires a spread of energy
bolts that can blind creatures.
- Iskenderun's Battlesphere (level 4 Conjuration/Charms). Creates an
autonomous globe that shoots at enemies in sync with your conjurations.
- Fulminant Prism (level 5 Conjuration/Hexes). Creates a time bomb at a
smite-targeted location.
- Disjunction (level 8 Translocation). Has a duration, during which it
blinks away nearby monsters. Causes contamination.
* Conjurers have a new book with non-elemental spells (including the new
* Spell memorisation failure is no more. As long as the failure chance is
not 100%, the spell can be memorized. There is a warning prompt if the
chance of a miscast is high.
* Some spellbooks have been reorganized.
* Condensation Shield's SH bonus no longer cares about Shields skill or
* The blinking component of the Dispersal spell is irresistible.
* Venom Bolt and Bolt of Magma do more damage; Teleport Other works more often.
* Recall is now gradual instead of instant: one ally is recalled every 3-6
* Axes have a cleaving attack: they hit up to seven targets with a single
swing (all directions except directly opposite the direction of attack,
but not if a wall is in the way). These secondary attacks do only 75%
damage and do not hit allies. Base damage for the larger axes is reduced
to compensate.
* One-handed maces and flails have been improved: flails and eveningstars get
a one point damage increase, and morningstars get a +3/-1 damage/accuracy
boost to replace spiked flails.
* The wand of polymorph other is now the wand of polymorph; use of it against
the player will turn them into a random form (including several new forms -
tree form, wisp form, porcupine form and fungus form).
* Scroll of unholy creation is replaced with scroll of summoning, which
summons a few level-appropriate monsters.
* Removed items: spiked flail, potion of water, staff of enchantment, plain
(non-magic, non-quarter-) staves
* Potion of decay rots HP immediately rather than giving the "Rot" status.
* Potions and rings of levitation are now "of flight"; boots of levitation
are now "of flying"; and the +Lev artefact property is now +Fly.
* Amulet of controlled flight is removed; Amulet of the Air now grants
passive Repel Missiles and inaccuracy instead.
* Amulet of inaccuracy correctly affects ranged weapons.
* Amulet of clarity prevents mesmerisation.
* Some rods were changed to have a more focused spell set.
* The "Contam" artefact property no longer causes contamination over time,
but only when the item is unequipped.
* The "*Rage" artefact property triggers much less often (except for Wrath of
* Improved fixedarts: Spear of the Botono, Robe of Night, Cloak of the Thief,
Robe of Folly, plutonium sword.
* The hand-and-a-half weapon category is gone; such weapons are now
one-handed for normal-size races.
* Followers of worshippers of Beogh and Yredelemnul can now be recalled across
* Followers of Beoghites now share experience when the player scores kills.
* Yredelemnul gives a small amount of piety for desecrating holy remains.
* Vehumet is overhauled: Now grants damaging spells one-at-a-time (available
from the (M)emorization screen), partially based on your elemental skills.
No longer supports summoning, accepts ally kills, or reduces spell MP cost.
* Zin's Imprisonment placement is much more forgiving, pushing adjacent
monsters out of the way if possible.
* Lugonu's Enter the Abyss no longer reduces maximum HP or MP.
* Lugonu no longer gives piety for anything in the Abyss.
* Mobile Fedhas-granted allies follow you across levels en masse.
* New Xom effects: loud noises, blink monsters, enchant monster (petrify,
slow, paralysis, enslavement; haste, might, invisibility), summon shadow
* Xom does not reduce stats as drastically, unless bored.
* Xom will not animate or swap weapons in the Abyss, and will not hostilely
animate your weapon at all anymore.
* Many updated tiles.
* A new Android port with touch-screen support.
* New options: auto_sacrifice, dump_on_save, item_glyph, monster_list_colour,
tile_cell_pixels, tile_filter_scaling.
* Removed options: sacrifice_before_explore (now part of auto_sacrifice),
annotate_item_class, annotate_item_dropped, autoinscribe_artefacts,
show_no_ctele, menu_colour_prefix_class, menu_colour_shops, list_rotten.
* Player action counts and generated vaults are now included in dumps by
* List options can be prepended to with ^=.
* The "evil_eating" and "evil_item" menu-colouring prefixes are renamed to
* Explosion and cloud spells will try to target a spot adjacent to an
out-of-range monster before falling back to the player's position,
but will ignore plants.
* It is possible to restrict a ctrl-f stash search to the current level by
prefixing it with "@".
* Swap the cycle ammunition commands. '(' = backward, ')' = forward.
* Webtiles supports real-time animations, toggleable via F10.
* Webtiles displays miniature health and MP bars on the player.
* Allies can now be ordered to retreat in a specific direction.
* Numerous crash fixes.
* Crashes during level transition no longer result in broken saves.
Stone Soup 0.11.3 (20130505)
* Don't show "constrict 1" for nagas who don't have it yet.
* Properly show racial AC bonuses.
* Fix all monsters ceasing to act after you were banished.
* Fix massive piety/hp gains with Jiyva for partial ammo stacks.
* Don't crash with Xom if a stat is drained to 0.
* Other minor fixes.
* Fix build failures with gcc-4.8 and LTO crashes.
Stone Soup 0.11.2 (20130125)
* Crash fixes.
* Jellies no longer take damage from acid.
* The Royal Jelly spawns behave correctly on the arena, and after pacification.
* Handle forcibly closing the game a bit better (save corruption, crashes,
possible cheating).
* No more false annotations in the Abyss.
* Octopodes can't grow claws on their non-existant hands anymore.
* Tile games did not always draw overlays properly.
* Invocation based titles were wrong on the high scores list.
* A number of other misc fixes.
Stone Soup 0.11.1 (20121116)
* A number of crash fixes.
* Option fixes: spell_slot=, runrest_ignore_monster-=
* Xom won't Inner Flame magic-immune monsters. Some were quite inappropriate.
* TSO won't get mad at you when a monster uses a staff of death.
* Boulder beetles stop rolling upon teleporting.
* Zombies get same eligibility for constriction as their base monsters.
* Slimify fixes: kraken tentacles (no longer slimeable) and monsters in/over
water (will turn into water-capable jellies).
* You can't stop some of Xom's spells anymore.
* Gaining/losing mutations from Jiyva is less spammy.
* Non-good gods can punish their worshippers during penance, like in 0.10-.
Stone Soup 0.11 (20121001)
0.11 Highlights
* A new branch: the Spider Nest.
* The Swamp branch is less annoying now.
* Missile enchantments are no more.
* Monster constriction vs the player has been overhauled.
* New monsters: Arachne, Fannar, orb spider, bog body, Hell Sentinel.
* Removed monsters: Jozef, bog mummy, midge, Pit Fiend, hairy devil.
* Lots of new vaults and tiles.
* Config file overhaul: lists require += when appending, you don't need to
upgrade your config by hand anymore (after this last(?) time).
Branches, environment
* New wizlab: Roulette of Golubria.
* A metric buttload of new vaults, including several new branch endings and
a full-level vault for deeper parts of the main dungeon.
* A new Sprint map by st, based on the Ziggurat.
* Vaults are more common.
* There are three new level layouts for the dungeon and various branches.
* You don't lose portal vaults after being banished from one.
* Escaping the Abyss places you where you came from, but grants short-term
immunity to most forms of banishment.
* Pandemonium: slightly fewer exits to the dungeon are placed, but there are
many more exits through the abyss (which will return you to the Dungeon).
* The Elven Halls are only three levels deep.
* Branch difficulty doesn't depend on where their entrance was anymore.
* Traps of a given type deal the same damage no matter where they are.
* Axe traps got axed.
* Wax walls are no more.
* There are no more randomly generated secret doors, but they can still be
found in vaults.
* The Swamp has an improved layout, with smaller and more compact levels, and
more trees. It is also less misty than before.
* Swamp trees are now mangroves, and are opaque.
* Spider Nest: replaces the old spider portal vault, contains the gossamer
rune of Zot.
* Games will have one of the Spider Nest or Snake Pit, and one of the Swamp or
Shoals, guaranteeing one poison themed branch and one water themed one.
* Humans get slightly more stat increases.
* Nagas get constriction at XL13 now.
* Tengu can fly when transformed.
* Grey Draconians are better at Earth and worse at Air, get more AC, and
no longer fumble in water.
* Felids are better at combat and Evocations, worse at Summonings.
* Felid pounces (sneak attacks) do more damage.
* The Evocations skill increases max MP.
* Forms without some sort of hands can't use wands/etc.
* Player ghost Sticky Flame autohits but is range 1.
* Berserk monsters are immune to fear.
* Plants don't feel torment. Oklob farms ahoy!
* Monsters attached to the ground are -TELE.
* Jellies, porcupines, flaming corpses won't get constricted.
* Magical staves work for monsters as something more than a mere cudgel.
* Monsters can use rings and amulets.
* Mindless monsters don't have any skills (zombies with pain weapons, etc.).
* New uniques:
- Arachne, half-human, half-spider.
- Fannar, an elven ice elementalist.
* Margery gets dragon armour.
* Monsters with arcane spells won't wear heavy armour.
* Donald can spawn in Labyrinths, and complains about them.
* Urug is drastically stronger.
* Mimics can be "inept", (no adjective), "ravenous" or "monstrous", with
a progression of strength and abilities.
* New monster: orb spider. Shoots weak orbs of destruction at you.
* Removed: Jozef, midges, killer bee larvae, hairy devils.
* Porcupines get spines.
* Hell Sentinels replace Pit Fiends.
* Boulder beetles can roll as a boulder.
* Jumping spiders can ensnare you with webs in melee.
* Poison attacks from sea snakes and redbacks can only be partially resisted.
* Hit dice and damage have been increased for all spider enemies.
* Emperor scorpions are much stronger.
* Ghost moths have been nerfed.
* Vampire mosquitoes lose their sickness attack, gain a stronger vampiric
* Swamp worms have better melee accuracy.
* Giant leeches are more dangerous.
* Bog mummies have been replaced with bog bodies: no death curse, stronger
spells, can be decomposed via Fedhas prayer.
* Monsters who submerge stop fleeing.
* Umbras don't give bonuses to demons anymore.
* Monsters (and player ghosts) can cast Ozocubu's Refrigeration.
* Monsters cast emergency spells more often.
* Monster constriction has been overhauled. Escape is easier, blinking counts
as two escape attempts (rather than always succeeding), and damage values are
* A "damageless constriction" effect has been implemented for certain
monsters, particularly mimics.
* The Royal Jelly is able to regenerate.
* Lee's Rapid Deconstruction works in Slime now.
* Iskenderun's Mystic Blast often explodes, but can still safely be used at
point blank range.
* Death Channel is level 6.
* Simulacrum works on beef jerkies, sausages and meat rations.
* Removed: Projected Noise.
* Artefacts can get distortion.
* Blowguns can get evasion.
* Wearing/removing armour can be aborted.
* Fixed artefacts with fixed appearance start identified.
* Weapons may corrode upon stabbing a jelly.
* Ambrosia gives more mp, but only as you digest it.
* Raw troll hides grant regeneration.
* Jewelry auto-ids when it shows an obvious effect.
* Ankuses, scrolls of detect curse, amulets of controlled flight, and rods of
smiting are no more.
* Rods of striking are better.
* Staves of energy reduce spell hunger to 1/3 instead of eliminating it.
* Missile enchantments are no more, greatly simplifying inventory management.
- Formulas have been changed to compensate, with skill filling the role of
missile enchantments.
* All missile brands start visible.
* Visored helmets don't prevent bite attacks.
* Identifying weapons by use works instantly but requires a random (per
item) level of skill.
* Unbranded items can't be glowing/runed unless they're cursed.
* New item: Lightning rod. Has a continuous effect across multiple zaps, and
allows you to spray wide cones of electricity at your enemies.
* Randart weapons have a wider selection of names.
* Acquirement will not provide you with items your god hates.
* Trowel works everywhere.
* Sage won't time out or be overwritten on a new draw.
* Removed: Spade.
* Map and Dowsing have been combined into one.
* Walls from the Tomb expire after a while.
* New: the Mercenary. Allows you to purchase allies.
* Warpwright teleport traps expire shortly.
* Trog accepts kills of holies.
* Abandoning Kikubaaqudgha rots all currently existing corpses.
* Kikubaaqudgha no longer guarantees getting all necromancy spells: instead,
he gifts books with a random selection of spells.
* Banishing monsters grants some XP and Lugonu piety.
* New Xom effect: mass inner flame.
* Nemelex gives far fewer decks of summoning.
* Nemelex loses the Mark Four ability, gains Deal Four.
* Nemelex doesn't try to enforce "genuine" use of cards -- was too
* Xom can't gift permanent allies anymore.
* Xom grants far fewer item gifts.
* Xom acts drastically more often when you're in a tough fight.
* Elyvilon doesn't take piety when life-saving allies.
* Non-newbie Elyvilonites can't destroy non-unholy weapons.
* Fedhas' Sunlight stays in place.
* Okawaru gives almost no heed to kills and sacrifices of easy monsters,
rewards toughest fights more.
* Concurrent god wraths don't dilute each other anymore.
* Stash tracking, annotations, etc, work for portal levels.
* Mutation notes mention how it was gained or lost.
* Removed options: pizza, ood_interesting, rare_interesting, note_all_spells.
* New options: auto_drop_chunks, autofight_throw, dump_kill_breakdowns,
show_travel_trail, sacrifice_before_explore.
* Webtiles chat is now logged (can be disabled via note_chat_messages).
* The show_gold_turns and show_game_turns options are now enabled by default:
you will see how much gold you have, and how much time your actions take.
* Fake translations: dwarven, jägerkin, kraut, wide.
* Loads of new tiles.
* The unique Pan/Hell lords get special tall tiles.
* An in-game high scores browser.
* Picking up stackable items shows how many you picked up.
* Every item, monster, feature has a description.
* Many descriptions were improved.
* Autoexplore stops on items sacrificeable to your god.
* Rods appear as a separate item class.
* Autopickup settings can now be configured in-game, via the '\' key.
* Several improvements have been made to the tutorial.
* Lantern of shadows no longer makes the whole screen dark grey in console mode.
* Targeting prompts have been massively improved. Almost all area of effect
spells are now supported, and bounce paths (e.g. from lightning bolt) are
* Some added or improved status indicators.
* Message filters are case-insensitive.
* Webtiles has experimental support for watching console games on servers
running both webtiles and dgamelaunch.
* Local tiles now has an abilities tab.
* &^P to polymorph into a form.
* &P to rebuild a level based on a vault.
* &^M to memorise a spell.
* &# to (partially) load a character dump file.
* Local tiles can display non-ASCII characters, in default builds only
Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.
Stone Soup 0.10.3 (20120614)
* Crash fixes.
* rPois- doesn't grant rPois+ for potions of poison.
* Clean chunks are no longer better than permafood when nauseated.
* The Flight spell is no longer cancellable (could cause a death when
swapping a +Lev item above water due to incorrect assumptions).
* A warning when transforming would meld your last +Lev item.
* Backlash works for finding portals on the map screen.
* Remembered traps no longer lose their identity when out of sight.
* Certain rare monsters don't clutter tile displays with name tags anymore.
* show_game_turns labels its display as "Time:" not "Turn:".
* Greatly improved webtiles performance.
* Fixed miscompiles or compilation failures with GCC 4.7.
* A bunch of assorted minor fixes.
* Some new interface functionality:
* can annotate remote levels (X[ then !)
* picking a stack of items you already had some of shows how many did you
just gain
* shops show item slot letters assigned to your new purchases
* enchantable missiles are listed in the wield menu if you have scrolls
of Enchant Weapon
Stone Soup 0.10.2 (20120411)
* A bunch of crash fixes.
* A number of description updates, to match 0.10 changes.
* Allies cannot smite enemies through glass anymore.
* Reaching cannot be used while caught in a net/web.
* Fix a number of oddities with the shopping list.
* Fix multiple compiles often repeating work -- especially jarring for
"make; make install".
* Unknown items in shop use a neutral tile colour, fixing an information
leak (you can't learn the appearances this way anymore).
* Fix allies not using IOOD at all.
* A lot of other minor fixes.
Stone Soup 0.10.1 (20120315)
* Fix "non tried" question mark in tiles being sometimes missing.
* Fix grey draconians sometimes drowning.
* Fix Lua junk appearing in some monster speech.
* Fix the Slime:6 vault opening soon after banishing the Royal Jelly.
* Fix pressing <<<<<< getting you scot free from constriction.
* Fix slaying not working when using magical staves.
* A bunch of crash fixes.
* ... including the "hunter" hints mode being totally inoperative.
* Assorted Webtiles fixes.
* And a bunch of other minor ones here and there.
Stone Soup 0.10 (20120216)
0.10 Highlights
* New species: Octopodes, sentient land-capable octopuses.
* Skill training system reworked. Dancing is really gone this time!
* All polearms have reaching.
* Constriction (nagas, octopodes, some snakes, tentacled monstrosities).
* New version of the Abyss.
Branches, portal vaults, levels
* Remove Hive. Guarantee some limited food supply in the dungeon.
* Completely reworked Abyss: it now morphs continuously over time, is mappable,
and extends infinitely in all directions.
* Most abyssal runes are in special vaults.
* Escaping the Abyss returns to place of banishment.
* Ziggurats have much more colourful holy levels.
* Ziggurats: spriggan levels.
* Pan monster set tweaked.
* More Volcano portal vaults.
* Web "traps", can briefly entangle those caught.
* A "twisting cavern" map layout.
* Many vaults, including large altar vaults, Abyss vaults, Pan Lord maps,
and several branch endings.
* A number of branches have a completely new set of tiles: Snake Pit,
Labyrinth, Vestibule of Hell, Crypt, Dis, Tartarus, Cocytus, Pandemonium.
* The chance of getting a unique Pandemonium level increases for each level of
Pan you visit.
* Ammo gifts can include large rocks and javelins.
* Lugonu accepts kills of demons.
* Cheibriados loses the "Make Ponderous" invocation, slows you down all the
time depending on piety.
* Cheibriados can slow down Abyss morphing and Orb run monster spawns.
* New Cheibriados ability: Temporal Distortion, moves nearby monsters forwards
in time a few turns.
* Cheibriados doesn't grant resistances anymore.
* Makhleb's powers use Health instead of Magic.
* Makhleb gives more Health for killing but no Magic anymore.
* Makhleb's Greater Destruction costs less piety.
* Zin followers pay mandatory tithe for piety. No more piety for waiting.
* Zin takes some gold upon conversion; this gives more piety than donation.
* Zin's Vitalisation is proactive, protecting from all bad statuses.
* Prayer to Zin doesn't provide feeding, Vitalisation gives satiation instead.
* Zin's Imprison duration increased.
* TSO: piety decays; gain piety for spotting non-evil monsters.
* Elyvilon: piety decays; piety for pacifications doubled.
* Elyvilon has piety loss for ally deaths instead of penance.
* Elyvilon doesn't grant piety for non-evil weapons past *** (even if you
drop lower later!). Evil weapons get identified on sight.
* Deaths of plants and non-living beings no longer count as friend deaths for
god conduct purposes.
* Octopodes: sentient octopuses that can wear eight rings.
* Draconians cannot wear body armour anymore, can wear gloves and boots.
* Centaurs can survive longer on vegetarian food.
* Felids gain lives every three levels.
* Minotaurs instinctively retaliate in melee.
* New Demonspawn mutations: Foul Stench, Ignite Blood, and Augmentation.
* Kenku are now called Tengu, and get more MP.
* Mountain Dwarves are no more.
* Minotaur and Hill Orc aptitudes are a lot better.
* Wild Magic mutation: reduced spell success, increased power.
* Evolution mutation: extra mutations as time passes.
* Always gain partial nutrition from brown chunks.
* Bad food causes nausea instead of sickness.
* Non-full carnivores cannot eat up to "engorged" without gourmand.
* A little score increase from runes for non-winners.
* Poison resistance is only 90% effective.
* New spell: Beastly Appendage (Transmutation 1).
* Flame Tongue has slightly longer range.
* Removed: Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Levitate.
* Abjuration becomes single-target. The old version (Mass Abj.) is
available as a new level 6 spell.
* Swiftness and Flight no longer give an extra boost when cast together.
* Swiftness halves stealth and makes it harder to detect traps.
* Flight lowered to level 3, Dragon Form lowered to level 7.
* Dispel Undead raised to level 5.
* Summoned Ugly Things are now always friendly.
* Shadow Creatures don't last as long anymore.
* Tornado's damage has been slightly improved.
* Conjure Ball Lightning improved, ball lightnings explode when their duration
* Mephitic Cloud and Evaporate don't guarantee a 3x3 cloud anymore.
* Recasting a transformation is no worse than the original cast.
* Animate Dead animates stacks.
* Lee's Rapid Deconstruction: prevent abuse, improve targeting.
* Summon Greater Demon only has tier 1 demons turn hostile over time.
* Spider form is susceptible to poison.
* Shatter doesn't work through walls, unless it manages to destroy them.
* No spells work through glass or trees anymore.
* Metabolic Englaciation slows down enemies.
* Twisted Resurrection is improved: corpses merge into abominations on their
own without needing to be stacked.
* Alistair's Intoxication is less reliable, depends on spell power.
* Boost the effective power of some hexes: Corona, Slow, Mass Confusion,
Cause Fear, Control Undead.
* Olgreb's Toxic Radiance is more effective at high spell power.
* Confusing Touch is less reliable.
* Inner Flame leaves clouds of fire when an affected monster explodes.
* Passage of Golubria creates two portals when cast, and allows more than two
portals to exist simultaneously.
* Arcane Marksmen are back, with a Hex-based spellbook.
* Artificers get a weaker staff and skills, but an extra wand.
* Transmuters lose Fulsome Destillation and Evaporate, gain Beastly Appendage.
* Necromancers lose Dispel Undead, gain Control Undead.
* Monks get ** piety upon taking on their first god.
* Non-integer values of a skill matter.
* Add skill training restrictions instead of requiring victory dance-style
usage of unknown skills.
* Stealth skill is no longer heavily discounted.
* Experience points are no longer shown directly, just a percentage to the
next level.
* Throwable starting weapons are autoinscribed with "=f".
* Leaving an unique Pan level without the rune asks for confirmation.
* Uniques and player ghosts annotate the level on the overview screen.
* New character dump options: spell_usage, which counts spells you have cast,
and action_counts, which also counts non-spell actions.
* Ctrl-W toggles weight display in inventory and dropping menu.
* Better ?/G and ?/B menus.
* Spell success adjectives are replaced with failure rate percentages. Failure
rates are coloured based on potential miscast severity.
* Many new monster descriptions and quotes.
* Ignacio no longer uses Torment, and he'll appear repeatedly until killed.
* New monster: profane servitor - an angel corrupted by Yredelemnul (undead).
* New monster: blizzard demon - a cold/air rank 2 demon.
* New holy monsters: silver star, cherub, phoenix, paladin, seraph.
* Removed: giant toads, vipers, blue deaths.
* Renamed: Fiend -> Brimstone Fiend, Imp -> Crimson Imp.
* Reorganized demon ranks, moving easier 1s to 2s.
* Feature mimics may now masquerade as most features.
* Item mimics can move once revealed.
* Monsters will retreat when hit from behind an obstacle they can't walk
* Unique Pandemonium lords can hunt you on the Orb run if you've stolen
their runes. Violate the 5th Commandment, not the 7th!
* Monsters cast emergency spells more often.
* Breath timeout for dragons, draconians, drakes.
* Most monster summoning spells toned down slightly.
* Monsters flee at lower health thresholds, and less predictably.
* Queen bees can send nearby killer bees berserk.
* Killer bee larvae turn into killer bees if they eat honeycombs or royal
* All abominations are now both demonic and undead.
* Slaying works like weapon enchantments.
* Acquirement allows choosing missiles.
* Nagas and Centaurs get far better chances to acquire bardings.
* Staff acquirement is more random.
* Miscellaneous item acquirement gives better decks.
* Weapon acquirement avoids useless weapon types.
* Misc items start identified when there are no doubts about them.
* The Orb of Zot has a slightly mutagenic glow and reduces stealth.
* The Crusade card can no longer give you permanent allies.
* All polearms have the reaching brand built in.
* Quarterstaves are split into two weapons: weak "staff" and good
"quarterstaff". Gladiators and Priests get to start with the latter.
* Common two-handed weapons are easier to use effectively.
* Several new fixed artefacts: lightning scales, Black Knight's horse barding,
ring of Vitality, autumn katana, shillelagh "Devastator", dragonskin cloak,
rings of the Octopus King.
* The Sceptre of Asmodeus can be evoked for temporary charmed unabjurable
demons (instead of random conjurations or hostile demons).
* Scrolls of enchant and vorpalise weapon are always identified upon use.
* Amulet of guardian spirit draws from HP and MP simultaneously.
* Remove crystal balls of seeing.
* Crystal ball of energy restores less MP but has less severe failure effects.
* Scroll of magic mapping detects secret doors.
* Tomb card is rarer.
* Portal card does not give instant teleports.
* Early weapons tend to be better.
* Rename potion of healing to potion of curing.
* Rename wand of healing to wand of heal wounds.
* Known properties of unique enemies' gear are pre-identified.
* Medium armour is better.
* Banded mail is no more, plate mail has been renamed to plate armour.
* Monster list.
* Webtiles games create a ttyrec, allowing them to be watched from SSH.
* Scale cells for small screens.
* "Glyph mode" which shows letters instead of tiles.
* Tiles in menus; Menus are sized according to each spectator's window, and
spectators can scroll independently.
* Improvements to the lobby: show gods, allow sorting on XL/Character/Level,
and show milestones.
Zot Defence
* You can now choose which map to play on.
* Disable useless gods.
* Disable hunger, except for Vampires.
* Creating altar asks for god, at much higher ability cost.
* Start with some consumables (as in Sprint) to make the early game a little
* Tarballs use xz rather than bz2 compression.
* Wizard mode is compiled in by default unless you specify NOWIZARD=y.
* Custom shops can be used in vaults.
* Multithreading, currently only to speed up database loading.
Stone Soup 0.9.2 (20120124)
* A number of crash fixes.
* Fix new games overwriting existing saves in one case.
* Fix Temple overflow gods not being randomized.
Stone Soup 0.9.1 (20110904)
* Fix missing portals to Zot on D:27 with restart_after_game after Sprint.
* Fix most large special maps not being generated.
* Fix mad amounts of divine gifts in certain cases.
* Don't duplicate monsters when exiting the Abyss.
* Fix a lock-up on selecting a random character.
* A number of crash fixes.
* Some documentation amendments.
* Don't stop butchering on unimportant messages.
* Add a command "show runes" ('}') that was documented but not implemented.
Stone Soup 0.9 (20110812)
Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.
Save compatibility with the 0.8 release is retained, although once a game is
loaded in 0.9, you can not go back to 0.8.
0.9 Highlights
* New skill training system. Experience pool and victory dancing are gone.
* Ashenzari: Remove passive XP boost, add a skill boost depending on level
of boundedness and which equipment is bound.
* Rename Crusader to Skald, change starting book and skill levels.
* New spells: Inner Flame, Shroud of Golubria.
* Removed spells: Teleport Self, Berserker Rage, Resist Poison.
* New monsters: Ignacio (unique executioner), catoblepas, basilisk.
* New subgame: Zot Defence. Consider it of experimental quality, though.
* Skill training: skills are trained immediately when XP is gained. The skills
trained are the ones that have been used recently (auto) or the ones which
have been selected (manual).
* Skill costs: the XP to skill point ratio no longer depends on skill level.
* Magic school skills early game discount removed.
* Cheibriados gives full stat boost for fully ponderous, regardless of species.
* Jiyva is a little less likely to remove mutations.
* Improve Jiyva's stat shuffling, take skills and armour into account.
* Makhleb has a new flavour description.
* Nerf TSO's and Makhleb's HP and MP on kills.
* Trog specialises in antimagic weapon gifts, gives fewer artefacts.
* Trog dislikes it when you train magic skills.
* Yred takes statue kills and forbids Statue Form.
* Zin's Vitalisation is cheaper and cures petrification, stat boost stackable.
* Don't allow avoiding good god wrath by swapping via another good god.
* Ashenzari: Remove passive XP boost, add a skill boost depending on level
of boundedness and which equipment is bound.
* Ashenzari: reduce reskilling XP penalty and some ability piety costs.
* Ashenzari wrath: reduce all skills for the duration of wrath.
* +3 base HP for all characters.
* Racial HP/MP gain is now displayed on a -3 to +3 scale (see ?%).
* Fighting gives less HP boost.
* All characters carry a bootknife to dissect corpses.
* Hill Orc Priests always take on Beogh.
* Berserkitis mutation triggers less often.
* Tweak starting skills for a few backgrounds (Fi, Gl, Wr, CK).
* Give Warpers a few more darts of dispersal.
* Let Gladiators start with a cap if they can't wear helmets.
* Start all Hunters with the same melee weapon.
* Start Artificers with quarterstaves, instead of letting Monks choose them.
* Rename Crusader to Skald, change starting book and skill levels.
* Conjurers don't need to choose a book (they always get an Air/Ice book).
* Felids: lose a level on death, gain at most nine lives, improved aptitudes.
* Draconians are more dextrous.
* Berserk speed-up reduced to that of haste (1.5 instead of 2).
* All species take the same amount of time to use stairs.
* New command: 'D'rop last. Drops the item(s) last picked up.
* Auto-switch: bumping while wielding launcher switches to weapon in slots a/b.
* Auto-switch: firing while wielding melee weapon switches to launcher in a/b.
* Auto-explore tries to look at unreachable places.
* Search: allows searching for portals, and for waypoints (Ctrl-F 1, Ctrl-F *).
* Search: "branded" synonymous with "ego". Better help (Ctrl-F ?).
* Search: only show items in a stash matching the search.
* Search: allow searching for armour by equipment slot.
* New help for skills screen (m??).
* Change inventory colours for some potions.
* Auto-pickup chunks after Animate Skeleton.
* Allow toggling hit prediction with ':' in new targeting modes.
* Cloud glyph in 7-bit ASCII is '0', not '#' anymore.
* Prompt before leaving Ziggurat.
* Better butchering messages, less spam.
* Abort spellcasting in many cases where spells are guaranteed to fail.
* Display -cTele on the status line where controlled teleports are blocked.
* Allow redefining mimic glyphs, once identified.
* Show percentage progress to the next level, instead of number of XP points.
* Show 'chaotic' in monster status only when aiming silver ammo at them.
* Show 'mindless' in monster status only when using Ely's healing abilities.
* New spell: Shroud of Golubria (comes in Skald and Warper starting books).
Prevents some melee damage, but likely to break against more damaging
* New spell: Inner Flame (comes in starting book of Fire Elementalists).
Causes targeted enemy to explode in a fireball when killed.
* Removed spells: Teleport Self, Berserker Rage, Resist Poison.
* Tornado: radius starts low, increases over time, add cooldown, adjust damage.
* Tornado moves monsters within its radius around.
* Blinking with Tornado active reduces its duration, teleporting cancels it.
* Make Fire Storm, Ice Storm, Bolt of Magma and Throw Icicle more resistible.
* Increase Bolt of Magma damage.
* Give Summon Dragon a longer duration, summon two dragons at high power.
* Shock and Lightning will hit a creature at most twice; damage increased.
* Make LRD and Sandblast more strongly affected by monster AC again.
* Ranges of Throw Frost/Flame and of Bolt of Cold/Fire swapped.
* Increase Flame Tongue's accuracy and range a little.
* Sublimation of Blood takes spellpower into account.
* Apportation takes spellpower into account for all items.
* Statue and Dragon Form balance: give both some GDR, reduce unarmed damage.
* Statue Form: boost all melee damage, give 50% torment resistance.
* Increase Ozocubu's Refrigeration to level 6.
* Reduce Summon Ice Beast to level 4, Static Discharge to level 3.
* Maxwell's Silver Hammer works also on all weapons with bludgeoning damage.
* Poison Weapon works also on blunt weapons.
* Condensation Shield duration increased.
* Simulacra from the spell are no longer abjurable.
* Renamed books: Chemistry -> Alchemy, Zoology -> Beasts.
* Catoblepas: a new hard-hitting yak-genus monster with petrifying breath.
* Replace "gila monster" with "basilisk", complete with petrification.
* Ignacio, a unique executioner of Makhleb, spawns in Pandemonium.
* AI: monsters improve even signature weapons (e.g. Sigmund will use Finisher).
* AI: confused high intelligence monsters don't move if next to a deadly cell.
* Allow polymorphing demons into other similar-tier demons.
* Snapping turtles and Geryon reach diagonally.
* Give Shadow Fiends and Tormentors a pain-branded melee attack.
* Boost ghost moth damage, don't spawn them in Spider's Nests.
* Fix random pan lords not getting Symbol of Torment in their spell sets.
* Vampire bats are undead.
* Monsters with mutagenic chunks leaves corpses less often.
* Reaching over a hostile monster may hit the monster between you and target.
* Kenku monsters come with gear, may spawn in the Abyss.
* Rename "beast" to "hell beast".
* Rename "megabat" to "bat".
* Kobolds can (rarely) get crossbows.
* Pikel: fixed bugs with freed monsters.
* Adjust xp values for some monsters.
* Disable feature mimics.
* New branch endings: multiple Elf:5 maps, Zot entry vaults on D:27.
* Many other new vaults, including serial vaults, traps, Abyss vaults.
* Blink in the Abyss only blinks; does not teleport anymore.
* Baileys are more sane in loot and threat.
* Troves: fix some bugs, and additional quests.
* Vestibule of Hell has its own monster set.
* Don't place kobold/orc/jelly/bee special rooms in the Hells.
Orb run
* Double the orb's weight.
* Disable controlled teleports once the orb is picked up.
* Orb run spawns are more likely to spawn near the player.
* Teleportation may need longer to kick in.
* Price reform: scrolls, potions, rings. Bad items cost more than 1 gold now.
* Cards: the Orb (new card), destruction cards buffed.
* Experience card gives less experience at low power.
* Scroll of identify shows top card when used on deck of cards.
* Picked up runes are no longer part of the inventory. They are listed in \.
* Randarts with the *Rage property trigger berserk less often.
* Modified spellbooks: Conjurations, Unlife, many elemental books.
* Bucklers provide less SH.
* Large rocks can (rarely) be generated on the dungeon floor.
* Ammo of dispersal only disperses if it does damage.
* Silver-branded ammo only does bonus damage to chaotic creatures.
* Reduce silver and steel damage bonus.
* Reflected missiles get their full range on the way back.
* Randart heavy armours tend to come with better enchantment.
* Wands and rods rely more strongly on Evocations skill.
* Long blades: nerf double swords, buff demon blades, remove katanas.
* Reduce demon whip and demon trident damage.
* Remove knives. Change Spriggan's Knife from knife to dagger.
* Make the Sword of Zonguldrok a double sword with the reaping brand.
* Give Undeadhunter a disruption effect against undead instead of holy wrath.
* Make Wyrmbane's enchantment increase whenever it kills a dragon.
* Give Scythe of Curses draining brand, inflict necro miscasts on its targets.
* Mace of Brilliance comes with a halo.
* Singing Sword does sonic damage at high tension.
* Bad unrandarts (Misfortune, Folly, Lear's) get a random appearance.
* Make potions of berserk rage more common.
* Display halo radius, fix information disparity between tiles and console.
* Don't allow casting spells in -CAST equipment by clicking on spell icons.
* Only flying pan lords have tiles with wings.
* Many new or improved monster, dungeon and interface tiles.
* Allow hiding the -cTele indicator with show_no_ctele.
* Allow automatically assigning specific spells to letters with spell_slot.
Stone Soup 0.8.1 (20110612)
* Fixes a number of crashes.
* Fixes stair colouring on the map being wrong.
* Jiyva's wrath won't summon giant spores, abusably by Fedhas.
* Fixes running not noticing new items.
* Ashenzari worshippers no longer can change armour under cursed cloaks.
* Glyphs not present in the locale won't cause display corruption in some
cases (mostly LC_CTYPE=C).
* Fixes massive slowdown for resting felids.
* Removes (or reduce) chances for save corruption on MacOS X.
* Fixed Kikubaaqudgha's torment invocation not granting xp.
Stone Soup 0.8 (20110426)
Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.
Breaks save compatibility with the 0.7 release.
0.8 Highlights
* New game mode: Zot Defence, a tower defence mini-game.
* New god: Ashenzari, god of divinations.
* New species: Felids, sentient cats.
* New spells: Malign Gateway, Tornado, Leda's Liquefaction, Summon Dragon,
Summon Hydra, Darkness.
* Removed spells: Bone Shards, Tame Beasts, Portal, Alter Self, Extension.
* Split Enchantments into Hexes (harm foes) and Charms (self-buffs).
* Replaced Selective Amnesia spell with scroll and book destruction.
* Improved heavy armour.
* Makhleb and the Shining One are no longer available as starting gods.
* Shortened the Elven Halls.
* New god: Ashenzari, god of divinations.
* Fixed gods sometimes missing from the game due to some temple vaults.
* Except for Jiyva, prayer is now only used for (piety-gaining) sacrifices.
Other effects are abilities.
* Killing monsters from god wrath doesn't give experience or items anymore.
* Gods ignore kills of dancing weapons, ball lightning and vortices.
* No instant divine retribution.
* Beefed up Cheibriados' wrath; no stat boosts during Chei penance.
* Eating with Chei doesn't give piety.
* Cheibriados warns you when putting on boots of running or amulet of rage.
* Armour keeps its ponderousness when melded.
* Invoking Elyvilon's protection is now an ability.
* Destroying weapons in Elyvilon's name is now a prayer.
* Elyvilon allows destruction of staves.
* Clarified Ely's healing/pacification messaging.
* Fedhas cares about trees burnt down in forest fires.
* Fedhas' corpse decomposition is now activated by prayer.
* Followers of Jiyva gain food, hp and mp on jellies slurping items.
* Jiyva no longer provides duplicate conservation and resist corrosion effects.
* Allowed the player more control over what items to sacrifice to Nemelex (on
the '^!' screen).
* Kikubaaqudgha's invocations use Necromancy skill.
* Toned down Kiku's mummy death curse protection.
* Made corpses received from Kiku actually fit for reanimation; reduce number of
* Kikubaaqudgha protects followers from ordinary mummy curses.
* Okawaru: Might -> Heroism, increasing all weapon skills by 5, up to 27.
* Okawaru: Haste -> Finesse, doubled combat speed (melee and ranged).
* Okawaru now accepts kills of holy beings.
* Sif Muna punishes destruction of spellbooks.
* Sif Muna's miscasts don't decrease penance.
* Trog extending your rage doesn't cause glow.
* The Shining One no longer accepts item sacrifices.
* TSO non-holy summon extension at most doubles the current duration.
* Prevented starvation by Xom swapping you to a vampiric weapon.
* Yredelemnul's prayer (Injury Mirror) is now an ability.
* Injury Mirror can now reflect torment damage.
* Yredelemnul accepts kills of artificial beings (golems, gargoyles).
* Overhauled Zin's Recite invocation: much more powerful and interesting.
* Zin protects from Hell effects, chance depending on piety.
* Zin forbids shapeshifting spells and protects against Kirke's pig spell.
* Zin hates monsters with mutagenic/rot corpses.
* Spell failure while already in yellow glow angers Zin.
* Butchering forbidden corpses asks for confirmation.
* Some god welcome messages differ while under penance.
* New species: Felids, sentient cats.
* Increased GDR from body armour. New GDR formula: 14 * (baseAC-2)^(1/2).
* XP from monster kills is proportional to the damage dealt by player/allies
out of total damage.
* No chain paralysis: When coming out of paralysis, you're immune for 1d3 turns.
* Removed Paladins, Reavers and Arcane Marksmen.
* Removed Chaos Knight of Makhleb.
* Split out CK/Lugonu -> Abyssal Knight, Pr/Yredelemnul -> Death Knight.
* Overhauled Draconians, now more interesting.
* Fixed dangerous clouds sometimes being considered safe for travelling.
* Fixed normal mutations possibly preventing getting them as a perma-mutation.
* Stop quick actions from letting you search faster.
* All sources of berserk are blocked at 'Very Hungry'. Berserk automatically
stops when you hit 'Starving'.
* Remove experience pool limit; abbreviate the XP pool above 100K.
* Stalker background changed to Transmutation-based Stabber.
* Allow starting with a falchion for Fi and Gl, also restrict trident to these
* Differentiate Ha/Ko aptitudes: Kobolds are good at Summ/Necro/Hex, Halflings
at Charm/Tloc.
* Halflings gain innate mutation resistance 1.
* Only cancel levitation once the last equipped +Lev item is removed.
* Nearing stat death causes paralysis, with increasing chances.
* Allow Merfolk transformations even in water.
* Retain talons, fangs and tail in appropriate transformations.
* Don't allow any headgear with Horns 3 or Antennae 3.
* Fix mutators and glowing occasionally giving good mutations.
* Balanced some Demonspawn mutations (Demonic guardian, Nightstalker).
* Remove Demonspawn breath mutations.
* Adapt exclusion radius to the Nightstalker mutation.
* New DS mutation Powered by Pain: restores MP when sufficient damage is taken.
* Demonspawn Fire and Ice facets are now mutually exclusive.
* Ghouls may now use food-cost abilities when starving.
* Ghouls and Vampires may evoke invisibility when starving/bloodless.
* Make hellfire ignore monster AC.
* Remove map-forgetting and spell-forgetting Divination miscast effects.
* Don't prevent blink from putting you in dangerous clouds.
* Don't train Stealth for pacified monsters.
* Allowed Merfolk/Kenku to blink over deep water.
* Allowed Kenku to stop flying.
* Apply terrain change to player when banished.
* Brought Merfolk HP down to Human HP levels.
* Boosted Mummy base MR 3 -> 5.
* Make LOS reducers multiplicative rather than additive.
* Potions/cards of experience give you a full level; similarly drain costs a
full level.
* Make stat gain mutations work for satiated Vampires.
* Replace scroll reading penalty while brainless with 80% failure chance.
* A wielded ranged weapon will only 'clumsily bash' monsters, no matter its
* Remove the satiation requirements from evokable invis.
* Disable ghost creation/loading in wizard non-debug mode.
* Better warning messages for form and levitation expiration.
* Consistently abort teleportation attempts when wearing stasis or -TELE.
* Give Ogres an extra +1 hp per level, and +3 apts in Fighting and M&F.
* Mention dietary and drinkary habits of mummies on the 'A' screen.
* Also meld wielded weapons.
* Disallow wearing hats in spider or ice form; allow wearing shields in statue
* Prevent ice form from picking items at the bottom of deep water.
* Overhaul combo recommendations.
* New tutorial, split into different maps/lessons.
* Fix a crash when reloading a game after restart_after_game.
* Allow item interaction from the inventory.
* Messages for things coming into view even when not exploring.