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Turn stairs in Tomb into fixed-destination escape hatches (Twitch chat)

Stair dancing is a convenient technique that's good enough to clear many
parts of Tomb levels. Repeated use of stairs is one of the major reasons
why players find the branch repetitive and uninteresting. This commit
addresses that problem by replacing the usual stone stairs with escape
hatches that have fixed destinations. Now when entering the Tomb:2
central ambush, the Tomb:1 outer hall, and Tomb:3, the player must take
an escape hatch and has no immediate return stair where they land.
Instead they can escape back to the previous level through corresponding
escape hatch placed somewhere close by, within 12 spaces or so.

Tomb:3 has a more substantive layout change to allow the hatches to work
well gameplay-wise. Now there are doors into each of the two loot
chambers near the entry area, with escape hatches located in the
chambers themselves. Without the door addition, the escape hatches would
have needed to be very close to the entry locations to give a good way
to proceed for players who can't use translocations or certain god
abilities. The terrain of the loot chambers is also slightly altered so
that inside chamber tiles near the new door always expose some LOS
outside the chamber door.

This change also strengthens the theme of Tomb featuring dangerous
ambushes and confusing layouts. It's a difficulty increase to Tomb as a
whole, since the player can't immediately return to a cleared area to
rest, but good tactics work very well for clearing the branch, based on
my play-testing.
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gammafunk committed Apr 3, 2017
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