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Welcome to the Crawl development Wiki

This wiki is used for managing various aspects related to the open-source game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (aka: Crawl).

Design Pages

Looking to contribute and looking for ideas for a project? Resolving issues filed on github is a good place to start. If you want meatier ideas, User Interface Improvements has projects that are unambiguous improvements to crawl for which an implementation is welcome (particularly those addressing accessibility).

On the gameplay side of things, check Current Brainstorming. Be warned that brainstorms often peter out, even among devteam members! These pages might be out of date or reflect ideas that the team later decided against. So do get in touch, following the contributor's guide linked above.

Discuss Crawl

This wiki is not for general chatter and editing is currently restrected to project members; the following other options exist:

  • The Tavern : DCSS official forums.
  • DCSS subreddit : a forum for players, where better posts tend to float to the top of each page
  • #crawl on : you can also find developers on #crawl-dev
  • Your favorite gaming forum! Start a new thread if necessary. :-)

Infrastructure Administration

This wiki houses project infrastructure documentation:

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