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// I know it has been discussed in mailing list. I'm not an author of that e-mail, below is my use-case.
When I find an invariant violation, I want to stop crawling immediately. I want to do something like this:

        builder.addPlugin(new OnInvariantViolationPlugin() {

            public void onInvariantViolation(Invariant invariant, CrawlerContext context) {
                CrawljaxRunner runner = context.getRunner(); // This method doesn't exist
                runner.terminate(); // This method doesn't exist

        CrawljaxRunner crawljax = new CrawljaxRunner(;;
@alexnederlof alexnederlof was assigned Jun 7, 2013

No problem. I will try to squeeze this in the 3.1 next week.

thc202 commented Jun 10, 2013

I'm the author of the topic in the mailing list.

The new API matches my use case (the PostCrawlingPlugin plug-ins are allowed to run after the call to stop).


@amesbah amesbah closed this in #274 Jun 11, 2013
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