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A small Python RPG, focused on RPG elements like battle and grinding
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A text RPG written in Python 3 with many technical RPG features you'd want.

Requirements / Dependencies

  • Python3
  • sqlite3
  • textwrap
  • time
  • pickle
  • os
  • datetime
  • difflib
  • random
  • Read/write access to the project folder for database creation, reading, and saved games.

Quick Preview

Game Features

  • OOP Python RPG with simple class names, convenient calls like ourhero.heal() and ourhero.isalive()
  • 15 levels of stats, weapons, items, and monsters
  • 3 hero classes, each with unique gear and base stats, which makes them all a unique experience.
  • Save / Load system for saving your character's progress
  • A customizable set of CSVs for modifying the game , and creating your own turn-based RPG.
  • A database population module which implements new changes and makes a new database. (Schema changes coming soon)
  • 5 buyable, findable, usable items with added status effects (damage, healing, regen, dodge, weapon repair)

What you will experience

  • Randomized battle system ensuring a fun grinding and leveling experience. Later levels require more effort, gear, items.
  • 75 enemies with different HP, XP, Gold, Atk, Def
  • A miserable old traveler who gives unsolicited life advice
  • A Blacksmith who sells and repairs gear
  • Riddles which reward gold and EXP
  • A Store which sells items

Check back soon for new features!

How to use

  1. For your convenience, you can skip any prompt and default [n]ew game, [w]arrior, [1] easy, [a]dventure, [a]ttack by simply pressing [enter].

  2. Run If the database was deleted, it will reload the database from the CSVs in ./csv/ folder.

  3. Press [ENTER] to play regular game. Enter [1] to go into debugging mode.

  4. Select [n]ew game

  5. Choose your class: [w]arrior [m]age [h]unter

  6. Choose difficulty: [1]easy [2]med [3]hard

  7. Enter your character's name

  8. [a]dventure or [c]amp

  9. [a]dventure will be a random choice of a battle, item, riddle, traveler.

  10. [c]amp will regerate your health, and offer features like: [a]dventure, [i]tem, [h]ero, [p]eddler, [b]lacksmith, [l]oad, [s]ave, [q]uit

  11. Battle will give you several battle commands: [a]tk, [d]ef, [r]un, [i]tem, [c]oinflip to [h]eal (100g)

  12. Upon finishing a battle, you are rewarded with gold and exp.

  13. Have fun!

Saving / loading

If loading game run, and select [l]oad when prompted.

If saving, go to camp, select [s]ave, and name the save file. (The script needs permissions to write to the directory!)

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