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A spelling practice tool written in Python
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2018 Colin Burke

Practice spelling with an assortment of features, dictionary lookup, and text-to-speech

How to use:

Currently, run Here are the features:

  1. voice: "Welcome to spelling practice, please enter your name"
Your name? (input)
  1. voice: "Hi Crawsome, which area would you like to practice?"
1. 2 to 4-letter words
2. 4 to 5-letter words
3. 5 to 6-letter words
4. 6 to 7-letter words
5. 7 to 9-letter words
6. Challenge Mode: 9 letters and above
  1. "Please spell the word," (random word chosen in your difficulty)


  1. A list of possible things that could go wrong
1. I want a Hint (WIP)
2. I need to hear it's definition
3. Word is not clear (WIP)
4. Word is not a great spelling word, or an edge case (WIP)
5. Word is obscene (WIP)
6. Word read too slowly
7. Word is read too fast
8. I'd like to hear it in a different voice (WIP)


  • pyttsx
  • pyttsx3
  • pywin32
  • setuptools
  • pypiwin32
  • PyDictionary
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