Debian sid-based LiveCD, with Kazakh language.
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Kazsid is a pure Debian live system targeted on kazakh and
russian speaking users. Its purpose is to provide a full-featured
desktop Linux version with the Kazakh language.

It is based on Debian sid.

To build it, you should have Debian wheezy/sid box, and
live-build package (>3.0) installed. Also install
debootstrap package. Note, that this setup is configured to use
a local apt-proxy-ng installation to reduce network usage.

First, run the script to get some
packages to install. We are using them because these packages
are not in the official Debian repos.

There is firmware package, which has its own licence.
This licence is autoaccepted during build. Take a look at
config/preseed directory.

By the way, to reduce the final image size,
all locales except kk,ru,en are removed with localepurge.

I used to build it with
"time sudo lb build 2>&1 | tee build.log" command,
and now it is included into auto/build script.
Just execute "lb build".