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blindness coding

Inspired by Code in the Dark, this repository provides a simple yet fully-working solution for your own contest in HTML+CSS blind coding. You can use your favorite editor and share your progress live in index.html thanks to tunneling so the audience can watch multiple contestants on the projector.

Auto-saving option is recommended to automatically refresh the browser. Currently, configuration for vscode is included.

Original concept:

Code in the Dark is a front-end (HTML, CSS) competition, ..., where each contestant compete to implement a website design given only a screenshot. The catch is that no previews of the results are allowed during the implementation, and no measuring tools can be used. The winner is decided by the audience.


  1. clone this repository and install dependencies npm i
  2. open your editor and be sure auto-saving is enabled
  3. start tunneling with:
    • npm start - share your tunnel url
    • npm start <my-custom-name> - share your tunnel https://<my-custom-name>
  4. open index.html (and don't leave the editor šŸ˜†)
  5. start coding!
  6. (optional) when time runs out push your code to the new branch

more inspiration


What is the recommended setup?

Have a look here

Why there is some predefined source code in the index.html?

Browsersync needs <body> tag during initial request to inject script responsible for site refresh. Also, your editor comes with snippets functionality anyway.

Is my screen being shared when I start tunneling?

No. Only the content of your index.html file (and any CSS file in case you create some).


šŸ•¶ simple yet fully-working solution for your own contest



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