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To work on the website of the Neard project, you'll need the following things installed on your machine :

  1. Ruby - choose an available tool to install Ruby on your system (or use Neard).
  2. Bundler - $ gem install bundler
  3. Jekyll - $ gem install jekyll
  4. Node.js - use the installer (or use Neard).
  5. gulp.js - $ npm install -g gulp
  6. Bower - $ npm install -g bower


  1. Clone this repo, or download it into a directory of your choice.
  2. Inside the directory, run bundle install, npm install and bower install.


This will give you file watching, browser synchronisation, auto-rebuild, CSS/JS and vendor injecting :

$ gulp serve

Then open your browser at http://localhost:3000
As this is just a Jekyll project, you can use any of the commands listed in their docs.



MIT. See LICENSE for more details.