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⚠️ Abandoned project

This project is not maintained anymore and is abandoned. Feel free to fork and make your own changes if needed.

Thanks to everyone for their valuable feedback and contributions.


Add MicroBadger Docker image changes notifications via a new WebHook in Rocket.Chat.

Receive alerts

  • Create a new Incoming WebHook in Administration > Integrations
  • Select the channel where you will receive the alerts. You may wish to create a dedicated channel for your notifications.
  • Select an account from which the alerts will be posted. You may wish to create a dedicated account just for notifications.
  • Set the "Enable Scripts" option to True.
  • Copy content of microbadger-incoming.js in Script field.
  • Save the integration. This will generate a webhook URL and secret for you.
  • Go to MicroBadger -> Notifications
  • Create a notification with a Docker image of your choice and set the Webhook URL generated.

Screenshot of messages generated by MicroBadger integration script

How can I help ?

All kinds of contributions are welcome 🙌! The most basic way to show your support is to star 🌟 the project, or to raise issues 💬 You can also support this project by becoming a sponsor on GitHub 👏 or by making a Paypal donation to ensure this journey continues indefinitely! 🚀

Thanks again for your support, it is much appreciated! 🙏


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.