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Companion code for Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q# textbook
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Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q#
Sample Code

This repository provides sample code for Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q# (Dr. Sarah Kaiser and Chris Granade, Manning Publications), currently in Manning Early Access Preview.

Below, we provide some instructions on getting started with each sample; please see Appendix A (coming soon) for more details.

Getting Started with Python

The examples for Chapters 2 through 5 are written in Python. To run these examples, we recommend the Anaconda distribution of Python 3. Once you have installed Anaconda, you can create a Conda environment to run the sample code in by running the following command:

conda create -n=quantum -c conda-forge python>=3.6 ipython numpy matplotlib notebook qutip

Getting Started with Q#

The examples in Chapters 6 through 11 are written in Q#, a new quantum programming language from Microsoft. To run these examples, please follow the Getting Started with Jupyter Notebooks provided with Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit.

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