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Email Build with Middleman


make sure you have ruby installed, along with middleman

clone the directory and run bundle install before starting

run the middleman server using the middleman command, then access it at http://localhost:4567

###layout & partials

Layouts (as in campaignmonitor layouts) are saved in partials/modules

Make use of partials to keep the code easier to maintain and read


I'm using a really stripped down version of ink to set up defaults

Then any custom styles are in partials/_styleall.css.scss.

The style is actually loaded as a partial so that it puts the code directly into the head of the document, rather than linking to it.

This file is being passed as a Sass file, so you can make use of everything you normally would in Sass.

###inlining styles

To ensure everything works across all browsers its important to inline all the css. To do this I'm using premailer.

Premailer is run on middleman build. It outputs this into the build folder with -inline preprended to the file.

Although this is the preferred send format, do not upload this one to campaign monitor, as you'll need the styles in the head to overwrite wysiwyg styling