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#! /bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
'''AI module for genetic tic-tac-toe.'''
import multiprocessing, zlib, os
from random import random, choice
from itertools import izip, count
from tictacboard import Board, play_game
from tictacstategen import statemap
from time import time, localtime
def humanize_dt(start, end):
'''Gives a human-readable time difference between start and end.'''
delta = end - start
days , delta = divmod(delta, 24 * 60 * 60)
hours, delta = divmod(delta, 60 * 60)
mins , secs = divmod(delta, 60)
ret = ''
if days : ret += "%id " % days
if hours: ret += "%ih " % hours
if mins : ret += "%im " % mins
if secs : ret += "%.2fs"% secs
return ret
def restore(size, perm=True):
'''Loads some saved data about a Population from a file on disk.
Returns the generation count and the Critters themselves.'''
filename = 'population' if perm else 'temp'
filename += '%s.dat'% size
with open(filename,'rb') as f:
if perm: print "Loading old population"
data = zlib.decompress('\n')
generation = int(data.pop())
critters = [Critter(line) for line in data]
if perm: print "At generation %i"% generation
return generation, critters
def gauntlet(data):
'''Determines the fitness of Critters in a Population by having them play
a tournament of tic-tac-toe.'''
i, sz = data
_, critters = restore(sz, False)
x = critters[i]
ret = [play_game(x, o, False) for o in critters]
print "evaluated %i of %i"% (i+1, sz)
return ret
class Player(object): pass
class Critter(Player):
'''A Critter is a tic-tac-toe-playing organism. It is usually found in
def __init__(self, chromosome=None, score=0):
'''Constructs a critter, either from a specified chromosome or
if chromosome is None: self.randomize()
else: self.chromosome = chromosome
self.score = score
def randomize(self):
'''Creates a critter with a wholly random chromosome. All genes are
assigned random legal values.'''
chromosome = [None]*len(statemap)
for k, v in
valid_moves = Board(v).legal_moves()
chromosome[k] = str(choice(valid_moves))
self.chromosome = ''.join(chromosome)
def mutate(self):
'''Mutates a Critter, giving each gene a 10% chance to become some
random new legal value.'''
mutant = self.reproduce(Critter(score=self.score-1), .1)
self.chromosome = mutant.chromosome
def reproduce(self, partner, thresh=.3):
'''Produces a new Critter that is the spawn of this and partner.
Genes have a chance equal to thresh to come from the lower-scoring
baby_chrome = [None]*len(statemap)
if self.score >= partner.score:
dominant = self.chromosome
recessive = partner.chromosome
dominant = partner.chromosome
recessive = self.chromosome
for i in xrange(len(statemap)):
baby_chrome[i] = dominant[i] if random() > thresh \
else recessive[i]
return Critter(''.join(baby_chrome))
def get_move(self, brd):
'''Gets the move encoded the chromosome, if any.
Otherwise, picks randomly.'''
for trn in Board.transforms: # we need to check all the transforms
sqr = brd.transform(trn).squares
if sqr in statemap.index: # this board fits
move = self.chromosome[statemap.index[sqr]]
return Board.transforms[trn][int(move)] # undo transform
return choice(brd.legal_moves()) # fallback for states that are decided
def __str__(self):
'''Printing a critter prints its chromosome.'''
return self.chromosome
class Population(Player):
'''A Population is a collestion of Critters, vying for survival through
def __init__(self, size=1000, gens=100, survival=.15, dom_thresh=.2,
mutation=.05, win_value=4, loss_cost=15):
'''Creates a new Population, with tunables galore'''
self.size = size
self.survival = survival
self.mutation = mutation
self.win_value = win_value
self.loss_cost = loss_cost
self.dom_thresh = dom_thresh
self.pool = multiprocessing.Pool()
try: self.generation, self.critters = restore(size,True)
except IOError:
print "Seeding population of size", size
self.generation = 0
self.critters = [Critter() for _ in xrange(size)]
def evolve(self, gens):
'''Does the real crunchy work of evolving the Population.'''
while self.generation < gens:
print "Propogating gen %s of %s"% (self.generation + 1, gens)
start = time()
t = localtime()
self.generation += 1
print "[%02i:%02i:%02i] gen %s took %s"% \
(t.tm_hour, t.tm_min, t.tm_sec, self.generation, \
humanize_dt(start, time()))
print "Evolution Complete!"
def select(self):
'''Runs the Critters through a gauntlet, determining which are the
most fit. Sorts them accordingly.'''
print "Determing fitnesses..." # the worker threads need to read state from disk
size = (self.size for i in xrange(self.size))
results =, izip(count(), size))
os.remove("temp%s.dat"% self.size)
for games, x in izip(results, self.critters):
for winner, o in izip(games, self.critters):
if winner == Board.X:
x.score += self.win_value
o.score -= self.loss_cost
elif winner == Board.O:
o.score += self.win_value
x.score -= self.loss_cost
self.critters.sort(key=lambda x: x.score, reverse=True)
def propogate(self):
'''Culls those unfit to survive, then produces the offspring of the
most fit Critters.'''
survivors = self.critters[:int(self.size*self.survival)]
babies = []
while len(babies) + len(survivors) < self.size:
baby = choice(survivors).reproduce(choice(survivors), \
if random() < self.mutation: baby.mutate()
for critter in survivors: critter.score = 0
self.critters = survivors + babies
def get_move(self, brd):
'''Gives the move the most fit Critter thinks is best.'''
return self.critters[0].get_move(brd)
def save(self, perm=True):
'''Writes some information about this population to disk.'''
def _save(perm):
'''Does the actual saving.'''
filename = 'population' if perm else 'temp'
filename += '%s.dat'% self.size
with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
data = ''
for guy in self.critters:
data += (guy.chromosome+'\n')
data += str(self.generation)
compr = zlib.compress(data)
ratio = float(len(compr)) / len(data) * 100
if perm: print "Saved! Compression ratio: %4.2f%%"% ratio
if perm: print "Saving to disk..."
except KeyboardInterrupt as e:
print "Completing save before exitting..."
raise KeyboardInterrupt(e)