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Stack your tasks - Stasks is a fast and simple solution to organize your daily to-do's.

Important: Windows only!

Important: No initial UI - you start it and it runs completely in the background listening to the shortcuts. Don't get confused!

Why you should use Stask:

  • Build for superfast keyboard only use
  • System-wide hotkeys to invoke the tool from every window
  • Releases focus and gives it back to the window from which Stasks was invoked after interaction is done

Stasks won't interrupt your workflow, it integrates into it.

It is properly tested with Python 2.7

Sweet little keyboard shortcuts:

new Task:

['Shift', 'Alt', '1'] to open interaction, [Escape] for exit

watch Tasks:

['Shift', 'Alt', '2'] to open interaction, [Escape] for exit, [w] to navigate up, [s] to navigate down

erase Task:

['Shift', 'Alt', '3'] to open interaction, [Escape] for exit, [w] to navigate up, [s] to navigate down, [Enter] for erase task

shutdown stasks:

['Shift', 'Alt', '0'] to close the application

How to install it

  • Install Python 2.7
  • Install PyHook
  • Install PyWin32
  • Checkout the project
  • run: python bdist_wininst
  • Install the generated stask-1.0.win32.exe
  • run pythonw