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Sprite Zero

Sprite zero is an extremely simple script that automates creating css sprites. It will create a sprite file for every css file you feed it. If you need a sprite file that spans multiple files, you'll have to concatenate them yourself.

To make sure images aren't sprited, you can do any of the following:

  • don't use the background shortcut notation
  • instead of setting the position at 0 0, use top left
  • in fact, the script will skip every non-pixel offset

This is very alpha


Run this script from the root of your web folder, pass the location of a CSS file as an argument. python <> <path_to_css_file>

Your old CSS file will be replaced. To revert, do git reset --hard HEAD

Other similar programs:

I searched for some similar programs written in Python, but I couldn't find one that did exactly what I had in mind. There seem to be a lot more written for RoR, but I wanted to stay in Python. These are some of the other projects I found that seemed interesting: