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task runner for node.js
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Docs (TODO)

  • Getting Started

Featured Tasks

  • concat - concatenate files
  • copy - copy files from one place to another
  • exec - execute command line scripts
  • find - find files and run a task on them
  • minify_html - minify html files
  • merge - merge two or more directories together
  • sardines - browserify your js files
  • uglify - uglify your js files
  • catchall - wraps your code up so all exceptions are caught
  • http_server - start a web server for executing tasks
  • watch - watch for any changes
  • help - show tasks, & descriptions for tasks

TODO Tasks

  • cli input: prompts, choices, confirmations, etc.
  • template - parse a template file
  • lessc - less css
  • growl
  • ping - ping server on a task
  • install - install mesh packages

TODO Features

  • get watch content difference

How-To (TODO)

  • Build for multiple platforms under one codebase
  • Build a clean layer for communicating between multiple JS apps
  • Build libraries that are supported under mesh
  • Create custom tasks for mesh
  • Use mesh from the command line
  • Build meteor-like applications
  • Use mesh to watch log files, and send them any changes to any logging service (loggly, pingdom, pagerduty)

Examples (TODO)

  • Use mesh for CLI input
  • Use mesh with jekyll

Example Libraries

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