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Starter Kit

Video tutorial:

Before you begin, make sure you have NodeJS installed. If you're looking for a pre-bundled version of mojo, you can download this file:

Simply double-click the server file to start running your application, then open up http://localhost:8085 in your browser.

If you're comfortable with terminal, you can also run npm install; npm start in the application directory.

File Structure

app/js - app source code
  commands/ - global comments (mojo-mediator)
  models/ - your app models (mojo-models)
  routes/ - your routes (mojo-router)
  templates/ - template stuff (modifiers, plugins - paperclip)
  views/ - your views (mojo-views)
  entry.js - main entry point into ypur appliation
  includes.js - browser-specific files to include (jquery, es5 shims, analytics, etc.)
  index.js - your application class
build/ - where your app is built to
server - runs the dev server
package.json - app description & dev commands


Below are a list of available commands you can run for this starter kit.

npm install

Installs all dependencies for the starter kit

npm start

starts the development server on port 8085

npm run build

bundles your application into one script

npm run hotswap

runs the hotswap server on port 8090. This script automatically reloads your browser if any file changes locally.

make test

Runs the unit tests


make test ONLY=messages REPORTER=list # run only messages tests with the list reporter

make test-watch

Runs the unit tests, and re-run them whenever a file changes


make test-watch ONLY=messages REPORTER=list # run only messages tests with the list reporter