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A Forth language for game developers using Windows
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Glypher is a Forth system for Windows, with many features to make developing
games easier. It leverages the Allegro graphics library, and has paletted
sprites, joystick input, sound, and a triple-buffered fullscreen mode.

Glypher is based on the RetroForth (7.x) programming language, giving it a
solid, well developed base. The programming environment is similar to that
of ColorForth, with a tightly integrated set of editors for handling
graphics ("glyphs") and code.

Roger Levy was the developer of Glypher. He has since moved on to other
interests, and has kindly permitted us to continue developing Glypher. As he
no longer works on Glypher, please do not bother him with questions or
support requests.

The current Glypher code is/was being maintained by Ray St. Marie, but has
not been updated in quite some time. Anyone interested is welcome to fork
the repository and share patches back.

- Charles Childers
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