Archive of Little Smalltalk (with updates to work on modern platforms). Also collects forks and documentation on this historic system.
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Port lst5 to 64 bit linux

Little Smalltalk

This contains the implementations of A Little Smalltalk from the former "A Little Smalltalk" project. I'm not actively working on any of these now, but keep the sources here to help keep this historical system from being lost.



The original, and therefore oldest implementation. As of November 2014, this is working under OS X Yosemite on a 2013 MacBook Air.


As of November 2014, this partially builds under OS X Yosemite, but fails to run.


This is the version I've done the most work on. I've tested it on various Linux and OS X releases.


A significant rewrite, this is fairly modern and has a significantly smaller and simpler implementation.

As of November 2015, this version:

  • Works on 64-bit Linux
  • Builds, but dies with a segfault under OS X and 32-bit Linux


An updated variation of LST v4. This was being worked on by Danny Reinhold and others, but has been frozen since a server hack on the website.

This is working on OS X Yosemite as of November 2014.


A Java implementation.


My thanks go to Timothy Budd for creating this, Danny Reinhold for obtaining permissions to release and update these, and Dmitry Geurkov for sending me patches to fix several issues with lst1.