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easy way to test something with which you'd want to use grunt-contrib-livereload
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livereload-workspace is an easy way to test something web-related. It could be a concept you want to try out (like you would on jsFiddle) or a project you want to dive right into.

It can be seen as a template for any web-related project that you'd want to use grunt-contrib-livereload with. The Gruntfile will likely (and if it doesn't, you should be worried) evolve over time to look nothing like the original. If you don't like Grunt then don't use this.

Yes, this is like yeoman, but a lot more basic. "Crappier", you might say. I say: better for my needs.

It comprises a basic HTML file with links to JavaScript and CSS files as well as compiled LESS and CoffeeScript files. Just delete unneeded files and remove their references from the HTML: pick and choose depending on which language you fancy using at the time. The serving, compiling, and reloading of everything (including the HTML file) is all handled by the grunt task.

Clone this repository to get a fresh workspace whenever you need one.


Install grunt

npm install -g grunt-cli

Install dependencies

npm install


Run the default task with --force:

grunt --force

(We're using --force because we don't want grunt to give up and stop watching for changes if it fails to compile one of the CoffeeScript/LESS files during development.)

Navigate to http://localhost:9001. If you're on Windows, open.bat will open it in your default browser. If not, do it manually.

Edit some files and they'll automatically compile (if necessary) and reload in your browser.

The files

  • script1.js – JavaScript
  • – CoffeeScript (compiled into script2.js)
  • style1.css – CSS
  • style2.less – LESS (compiled into style2.css)

Similar things

Bugs or contributions

Open an issue or send a pull request.



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