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trivia-mrc is a simple trivia bot written in mIRC script.


Put src/trivia.mrc in your mIRC directory and run the following command inside mIRC.

/load -rs trivia.mrc

Press ALT + R and select trivia.mrc in the View menu to configure the script.


The configuration options can be found near the top of trivia.mrc.

Each option is in the format alias trivia.<option> return <value> where <option> refers to an item in the table below, and <value> is whatever you want it to be.

Option Description Default
chan The channel in which the bot responds to commands, and speaks. It won't speak or respond in any other channel but this one. #trivia
pre The character to use as a command prefix. For example, if you pick ., then you'd start the bot with the command .start. .
qlength How long (in seconds) to give people to answer a question. 60
hintintv The pause (in seconds) between hints. Since there are 3 hints, you probably want hintintv * 3 < qlength to hold true. You can set it to a bigger value, but who knows what'll happen then. 15
questionpause How long (in seconds) to wait between the end of a question and the start of a new one. 10
unansweredstop After how many unanswered questions to automatically stop. 10
questionfile The file in which the questions are stored. questions.txt
scoresfile The file in which the scores are stored. scores.ini


These are the commands the bot will respond to in the trivia channel. They should be prefixed by the command prefix e.g., .start (if you chose . as the command prefix).

Command Description
start Starts the bot.
stop Stops the bot.
qcount Shows how many questions are in the questions file.
repeat Asks the bot to repeat the current question.
score [name] Shows [name]'s score, or your own if [name] is not specified.


The format of questions.txt is


For example:

A short legged hunting dog*basset

(Yes, I know that's technically not a question. Feel free to add your own or make corrections. The current questions file contains a bunch of questions I found somewhere out on the interwebs a long time ago. They're not brilliant, but they'll do.)


Scores are stored in an ini file, with one score per nickname.

For example:


There's no way to merge the scores of different nicknames used by the same person, sorry.


No idea. This script was written quite a long time ago.

Bugs or contributions

Open an issue or send a pull request.