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utorrent-mrc is a mIRC script that lets you to retrieve information from uTorrent by means of invoking the Web UI.


Put src/utorrent.mrc in your mIRC directory and run the following command inside mIRC.

/load -rs utorrent.mrc

Press ALT + R and select utorrent.mrc in the View menu to configure the script.


The configuration options can be found near the top of utorrent.mrc.

Each option is in the format alias ut.<option> return <value> where <option> refers to an item in the table below, and <value> is whatever you want it to be.

Option Description Default
userpass The username and password of the Web UI in the format username:password. example:example
webui.ip The IP address of the Web UI.
webui.port The port of the Web UI. 1337
matchall Whether /ut displays all matches. Set this to 1 for true or 0 for false. 0
format The formatting string used to display the torrents. see Formatting below


/ut <search terms>

Searches for and displays the first (or all if ut.matchall is enabled) result for a torrent using the default format, in the active window. The search string is automatically converted to a wildcard string e.g., word1 word2 will search for *word1*word2*.

/utw <search terms>

Searches for and displays all torrents in a dialog. Double clicking on a torrent will send it to the active window, and close the dialog. The search terms are treated the same way as they are in /ut.


Displays all downloading torrents.

Formatting (ut.format)

The ut.format configuration option is an alias that returns the correct format for the status parameter (passed as $1). If you don't understand what that means, then leave the default alone.




Name Meaning
{name} torrent name
{dl} download speed
{ul} upload speed
{dld} downloaded
{uld} uploaded
{rem} amount remaining
{size} size
{perc} percent complete
{eta} eta in short format (hh:mm:ss)
{eta2} eta in long format e.g., 1d 18h 2m 46s
{rat} ratio
{lbl} label
{pc} peers connected
{ps} peers in swarm
{sc} seeds connected
{ss} seeds in swarm
{qord} queue order
{avl} availability
{hash} hash
{stat} status
{pbar} wget-style download progress bar

Internal commands

The following internal aliases and identifiers are intended for developers who want to extend this script.

/utmk <callback> [params]

This is an alias that can be used if you want to parse the results yourself.

The callback function will be called like this (once per torrent):

/callback [params] <output>

$utformat(<rawline>, [format])

This will format <rawline> from uTorrent's Web UI output according to [format], or according to the default format if [format] is not specified.

$utmatch(<search>, <rawline>)

Performs a wildcard match of <search> against the torrent's name (parsed out of <rawline>)


1.0.4 (2013-05-10 – only 6 years later)

  • fix wildcard matching not working with the latest version of uTorrent

1.0.3 (2007-10-05)

  • add 'status' parameter to ut.format allowing more flexible custom formats that depend on a torrent's status
  • add long format 'eta2' tag (e.g., 1d 18h 2m 46s)

1.0.2 (03/10/2007)

  • fix $statfmt, now it actually works
  • fix ut.matchall config option not working
  • fix hashtable bug
  • add /utd command which shows what's downloading
  • change size of torrents window is a nicer value (old one can still be changed back manually in the source code if needed)

1.0.1 (01/10/2007)

  • change to use a hash table instead of inefficient %vars to simulate arrays

1.0.0 (08/09/2007)

  • initial release


Back then: no idea. This script was written quite a long time ago, as you can see.

Now: doodle for helping sort out the fix for 1.0.4. (I don't even use this script anymore.)

Bugs or contributions

Open an issue or send a pull request.