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// GLTexture.h
// CeedGL
// Created by Raphael Sebbe on 01/11/10.
// Copyright (c) 2010 Creaceed. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <CeedGL/GLObject.h>
@interface GLTexture : GLObject {
GLsizei mWidth, mHeight;
GLenum mInternalFormat; // ex. GL_RGBA
//GLenum mType; // ex. GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE
GLint mBorder;
@property (readonly, nonatomic) GLsizei width, height;
@property (readonly, nonatomic) GLenum internalFormat;//, type;
@property (readonly, nonatomic) GLint border;
// GLTexture creation
+ (GLTexture*)texture;
// Texture definition
- (void)setFromExistingHandle:(GLuint)handle width:(GLsizei)w height:(GLsizei)h internalFormat:(GLenum)iformat border:(GLint)border;
- (void)loadImage:(const GLvoid *)pixels width:(GLsizei)w height:(GLsizei)h format:(GLenum)format type:(GLenum)type internalFormat:(GLenum)iformat target:(GLenum)target;
- (void)loadImage:(const GLvoid*)pixels level:(GLint)level width:(GLsizei)w height:(GLsizei)h format:(GLenum)format type:(GLenum)type border:(GLint)border internalFormat:(GLenum)iformat target:(GLenum)target magFilter:(GLenum)magfil minFilter:(GLenum)minfil wrapS:(GLenum)wraps wrapT:(GLenum)wrapt;
- (void)copyFramebufferImageToLevel:(GLint)level x:(GLint)x y:(GLint)y width:(GLint)w height:(GLint)height border:(GLint)border internalFormat:(GLenum)iformat target:(GLenum)target;
// Binding
- (void)bind:(GLenum)target;
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