Server Side Plugin for TeamCity that allows JSON and JSONP integration for Jenkins/Hudson applications
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tcjson is a Server Side Plugin to add JSON and JSONP support to TeamCity. It is built to emulate the Jenkins/Hudson JSON API.

Currently only supports TeamCity 8.x and up.


To install, simply copy the tcjson-[version].zip file to your ~/.BuildServer/plugins directory and restart your server.


Here are some sample HTTP requests.

To see all active builds:

curl -u <username>:<password> http://<teamcity-url>/httpAuth/app/json/api/json

To see all active builds for a given project:

curl -u <username>:<password> http://<teamcity-url>/httpAuth/app/json/<projectId>/api/json

To see all active builds for a list of projects:

curl -u <username>:<password> http://<teamcity-url>/httpAuth/app/json/<projectId1>/<projectId2>/<projectId3>/api/json

Authentication is controlled via the global TeamCity settings. By default it will redirect you to the login page. If you would prefer seeing a proper 401 response code then simply add /httpAuth/ to the front of the URL.