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ASCII code explorer

Designed back in 1997-1998 to be the freakin' best ASCII table viewer for MS-DOS 6.22 platform, LOL!!!


It accesses the console font bitmaps directly from the BIOS and amplifies them 16 times (bitmaps in a hex form are shown, also). User can navigate the character map using his/her mouse or the cursor keys.  For every character, it's ASCII code in decimal, hexadecimal & binary formats is displayed. One can also build strings of ASCII characters, just like in Windows' "Character Map". Foreground/background colors for the character, magnified character & character string are also editable through the GUI (there are 16 colors available for background, instead of default 8 :). It's pretty useless today, but helped me a lot to develop my elder programs. By the way, this ASCII explorer was written using QBasic 4.5...