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GibCounter QuakeWorld stats

GibCounter is a tiny yet quite useful game statistics generator for QuakeWorld games. It operates parsing frag*.log files generated by the QuakeWorld game server. If your server doesn't generate such a log files by default, you may enable this feature executing the server as follows:

qw-server +set fraglogfile 1

Of course you can also edit your server's .cfg files to enable frag logging. You may run GibCounter on the same machine (and, on UN*X systems, as the same user) that runs the game server. If it's a QuakeForge server, then GibCounter will locate log files automatically at the path $HOME/.quakeforge/qw. For the different ports of the QuakeWorld server, or a QuakeForge server operating as a different user, you may specify the location of the qw directory manually. To do that, simply pass the new directory as an argument to GibCounter (using your favorite command line shell):

perl /home/qserver/.quake/qw

GibCounter outputs the generated HTML code directly to STDOUT. So, if you're going to add it into your server's crontab, don't forget to pipe the output to some file! For example, the following crontab line will regenerate GibCounter game stats every 30 min and make it available through the URL (file paths & crontab format may be different on your system; so ask your system administrator if unsure):

0,30 * * * * perl $HOME/ > $HOME/www/gibcounter.html

GibCounter is also highly theme-able: CSS style of almost every element may be changed within gibcounter.css file. Of course, you can also edit the HTML template which is contained inside the Perl source itself :)

The game statistics page generated by GibCounter is self-explanatory. On the top, it will show players ranking, sorted by (guess what?!) the frags they scored. Frags are computed as: kills minus suicides. GibCounter also computes how many times each player was killed by others. And, on the bottom of the generated page, some computed totals are shown. This includes the period of time for which the stats were made, the top fragger (the best) & the top fragged (the worst) players. Please note that players with default nicknames, such as "unnamed" or "user-#", are automatically excluded from being processed, simply to avoid useless information bloat (as many different players would be rated as one, with very high kill/death number)!

By the way, GibCounter preserves the colorization of the graphical font in players' nicknames (Quake console is able to print some ASCII characters in white, orange, gold & brown colors), and translates all symbols into readable ASCII.

So, after all, how does GibCounter-generated page looks like?! Look for yourself, here are some example stats. Also, feel free to modify the program itself to fit your own needs!

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