plays "Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark" through PC build-in speaker under DOS/Windows/Linux/FreeBSD
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		     Demoniac v0.666a -- DAEMON'iac Advisor

Coded by Stas (Mail:; URL:;
(C)opyLeft by SysD Destructive Labs, 1997-2004


	Produces sound (in this specific case, the beginning of Iron Maiden song
"Fear Of The Dark") on internal PC Speaker hardware. Compiles and works on:

 * DOS (DJGPP, Turbo C)
 * Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP (Borland C, Microsoft Visual C, MinGW)
 * Linux (gcc)
 * FreeBSD (gcc)

(see compiling instructions below)

Can be useful to provide audible alert without acessing soundcard. Requires
superuser powers except for Windows NT/2K/XP (note that superuser is default
mode for DOS & Windows 9x ;)
This code is also supposed to be portable to *any* OS that runs on i386
architecture. Other architectures are not supported and neither will be!


 * Compile on Linux & FreeBSD with:
	gcc -O2 -o demoniac demoniac.c; strip demoniac

 * Compile Windows generic with:
	gcc -O2 -o demoniac.exe demoniac.c
	strip demoniac.exe
	cl demoniac.c
	bcc32 demoniac.c

 * Compile Windows 9x-specific (for debugging) with:
	gcc -D_WIN9X -O2 -o demoniac.exe demoniac.c
	cl -D_WIN9X demoniac.c
	bcc32 -D_WIN9X demoniac.c

 * Compile Windows NT/2K/XP-specific (for debugging) with:
	gcc -D_WINNT -O2 -o demoniac.exe demoniac.c
	cl -D_WINNT demoniac.c
	bcc32 -D_WINNT demoniac.c

 * Compile on DOS under Turbo C:
	tcc -O demoniac.c

 * Compile on DOS under DJGPP:
	gcc -O2 -o demoniac.exe demoniac.c
	strip demoniac

	Note: you might try -DNOFEAR compiler flag if you want more simple music.
	(this WAS the original music played by demoniac 0.1b ;)


	Reprogram sound in the way you want and paste into your own source :)


	* Sound timing is different on different circunstances.
	* Sound finalization isn't properly handled on DOS/Win9x.


	* Dr. Checks, for music conversion
	* Iron Maiden, for music itself :)
	* Linus Torvalds, for /usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386
	* Peter Norton, for PC speaker controlling algorithm
	* Riku Saikkonen, for his IO-Port-Programming-HOWTO
	* The Snowblind Alliance, for Rio utility v1.07
	* t0p, for idea of daemon beeper