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nRF905 single-chip radio transceiver demodulator + FLARM protocol decoder
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Build Status

nRF905 demodulator/FLARM decoder

make                                            # compile everything
rtl_sdr -f 868.05m -s 1.6m -g 49.6 -p 49 - |    # tune to 868.05 MHz, set sample rate to 1.6 MHz, gain to 49.6 dB, and tuner error to 49 ppm
    ./nrf905_demod 29 |                         # demodulate nRF905 packets with 29 bytes per message
    ./flarm_decode 43.21 5.43 12                # decode FLARM packets for ground station located at latitude 43.21, longitude 5.43 and geoid height 12


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