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perl Build.PL complains about missing files #8

ncolton opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When trying to follow the instruction, I got the following gripe:

$ perl Build.PL
WARNING: the following files are missing in your kit:
Please inform the author.


Did you tried to run ./Build test after the perl Build.PL step? Despite the warnings, it is supposed to end with:

All tests successful.
Files=13, Tests=1,  1 wallclock secs ( 0.07 usr  0.05 sys +  0.29 cusr  0.07 csys =  0.48 CPU)
Result: PASS

The missing files are generated/consumed by the ./Build dist step which is only used to release the project at CPAN.


The test phase does indeed pass running only one of the tests.


Perhaps the Build.PL file isn't configured correctly. For example, the distribution does not ship with a README, but a The Build.PL file is not configured to create a proper README.

You can add create_readme => 1 to Build.PL to accomplish that.

@creaktive creaktive referenced this issue from a commit
@creaktive fixing issue #8 b5c40f1

The README is generated correctly:
However, my .gitignore was set to keep the script-generated files out of the repository. Better let them in :)
Thanks for your observations, fixed!

@creaktive creaktive closed this

Argh. First wake up, THEN read code. Sorry about that. :)

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