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set nocompatible
" Pathogen
call pathogen#infect()
call pathogen#helptags()
set number
set mouse=a
set vb
set t_Co=256
set guifont=Terminus\ Medium:h12
set noantialias
set guioptions-=T
set guioptions-=L
set guioptions-=r
"let g:solarized_termcolors=256
let g:solarized_italic=0
let g:Powerline_symbols='fancy'
colorscheme solarized
let white_background=$WHITE_BACKGROUND
if white_background == '1'
set background=light
set background=dark
set backspace=indent,eol,start
" Display indentation guides
set list
set listchars=tab\-,trail:·,extends:»,precedes:«,nbsp:×
" Delete trailing white space
func! DeleteTrailingWS()
exe "normal mz"
exe "normal `z"
" Automatically delete training white space on save
" autocmd BufWrite *.pl :call DeleteTrailingWS()
" autocmd BufWrite *.pm :call DeleteTrailingWS()
autocmd BufWrite *.py :call DeleteTrailingWS()
autocmd BufWrite *.coffee :call DeleteTrailingWS()
let g:airline_theme='solarized'
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1
let g:airline#extensions#whitespace#enabled = 0
" set cryptmethod=blowfish
syntax on
" set synmaxcol=200
set colorcolumn=81
set hlsearch
set wildmenu
set cursorline
set laststatus=2
set spell spelllang=nl,pt,en
set history=10000
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set softtabstop=4
set expandtab
set linebreak
set foldenable
set foldmethod=syntax
set foldlevel=10
set autoindent
set smartindent
set showmatch
set incsearch
set ignorecase
set smartcase
set showcmd
set whichwrap+=<,>,h,l,[,]
filetype on
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on
let g:ctrlp_match_window = 'bottom,order:ttb,min:1,max:100'
let g:ctrlp_user_command = ['.git/', 'git --git-dir=%s/.git ls-files -oc --exclude-standard', 'find %s -maxdepth 4 -type f -size +0c']
let g:CommandTUseGitLsFiles = 1
" let g:perl_compiler_force_warnings = 0
" let perl_fold=1
" let perl_nofold_packages=1
let perl_extended_vars=1
let perl_include_pod=1
autocmd FileType perl,mason :call SetupPerl()
function! SetupPerl()
compiler perl
setlocal makeprg=perl\ -I.\ -I..\ -I../..\ -I../../..\ -Ilib\ -Mstrict\ -wc\ %
setlocal iskeyword=48-57,_,A-Z,a-z,192-255,:
setlocal path+=.,..,../..,../../..,lib
setlocal complete=.,w,b,u,t
map <F6> :%!perltidy<CR>
vmap <F6> :!perltidy<CR>
set updatetime=500
autocmd Filetype erlang setlocal omnifunc=erlang_complete#Complete
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile /etc/nginx/* set ft=nginx
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.comp set ft=mason
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.hql set ft=sql
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile /tmp/sql* set ft=sql
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.[ct]sv set ft=text
set backup
set backupdir=~/tmp,/tmp
set dir=~/tmp,/tmp
if has("persistent_undo")
set undodir=~/tmp,/tmp
set undofile
nnoremap <F3> :UndotreeToggle<cr>
"set grepprg=ack\ -a
" dont use Q for Ex mode
map Q :q
" edit/write/quit alias
cnoreabbrev E e
cnoreabbrev W w
cnoreabbrev Q w
" overwrite protected files (
cmap w!! %!sudo tee > /dev/null %
" kill'em all!!!
" nnoremap <Up> <NOP>
" nnoremap <Down> <NOP>
" nnoremap <Left> <NOP>
" nnoremap <Right> <NOP>
" noremap <Insert> ""
" noremap! <Insert> <NOP>
" noremap <Delete> ""
" noremap! <Delete> <NOP>
" noremap <Home> ""
" noremap! <Home> <NOP>
" noremap <End> ""
" noremap! <End> <NOP>
" noremap <PageUp> ""
" noremap! <PageUp> <NOP>
" noremap <PageDown> ""
" noremap! <PageDown> <NOP>
nnoremap k gk
nnoremap j gj
" now all operations work with the OS clipboard
"set clipboard=unnamed
" make tab in v mode ident code
vmap <Tab> >gv
vmap <S-Tab> <gv
" Surround text currently selected while in visual mode
" (The surrounded text is kept selected after being surround)
vmap <leader>" S"lvi"
vmap <leader>' S'lvi'
vmap <leader>` S`lvi`
vmap <leader>< S<
" no space
vmap <leader>) S)lvi(
vmap <leader>} S}lvi{
vmap <leader>] S]lvi[
vmap <leader>> S>lvi<
" with space
vmap <leader>( S(lvi(
vmap <leader>{ S{lvi{
vmap <leader>[ S[lvi[
" make tab in normal mode ident code
"nmap <Tab> I<tab><esc>
"nmap <S-Tab> ^i<bs><esc>
"let g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType = "context"
let g:manpageview_multimanpage = 0
" Ctrl-r searches for selected text
vnoremap <C-r> "zy:/<C-r>z
" eregex
nnoremap <leader>/ :call eregex#toggle()<CR>
map <F5> :make<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>
let g:tagbar_autofocus = 1
"let Tlist_Auto_Open=1
let Tlist_Use_Right_Window=1
let g:tagbar_type_perl = {
\ 'kinds' : [
\ 'p:packages:1:0',
\ 'c:constants:0:0',
\ 'f:formats:0:0',
\ 's:subroutines',
\ ],
\ }
"set autochdir
set tags=tags,./tags,./../tags,./../../tags,./../../../tags,./../../../../tags,./../../../../../tags,./../../../../../../tags
"nnoremap <C-down> :BufExplorer<CR>
"noremap <C-left> :bprev<CR>
"noremap <C-right> :bnext<CR>
"let g:buftabs_only_basename=1
" tmux-alike
map <C-a> <C-w>
map <C-w>- :new<CR>
map <C-w>\| :vnew<CR>
map <C-w>; <C-\>
set splitbelow
set splitright
" Easily increase and decrease next number with ctrl+m and ctrl+n
nnoremap <C-m> <C-a>
nnoremap <C-n> <C-x>
highlight clear SignColumn
let g:gitgutter_realtime = 0
let g:gitgutter_eager = 0
autocmd BufReadPost * nested
\ if line("'\"") > 1 && line("'\"") <= line("$") |
\ exe "normal! g`\"" |
\ endif |
\ if !exists('b:reload_dos') && !&binary && &ff=='unix' && (0 < search('\r$', 'nc')) |
\ let b:reload_dos = 1 |
\ e ++ff=dos |
\ endif
autocmd QuickFixCmdPost *grep* cwindow
" \\g for global git search for word under the cursor (with highlight)
nmap <leader>g :let @/="\\<<C-R><C-W>\\>"<CR>:set hls<CR>:silent Ggrep -w "<C-R><C-W>"<CR>:ccl<CR>:cw<CR><CR>
" Stuff from
"====[ Make the 81st column stand out ]====================
" OR ELSE just the 81st column of wide lines...
" highlight ColorColumn ctermbg=magenta
" call matchadd('ColorColumn', '\%81v', 100)