X11 FrontEnd for the Rio Utility
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X11 FrontEnd for the Rio Utility


X11 FrontEnd for the Rio Utility v1.07 made by guys from the Snowblind Alliance. Surely not the best nor the most beautiful of all GUIs made to manage the famous Rio MP3 Player, but I tried to implement some of the ideas that the "real" managers doesn't implement. List of some "interesting" features:

  • 2 windows side-by-side like in Norton Commander legacy managers
  • treats M3U playlists as directories
  • displays the space remaining on the device as you select files to upload
  • current file & overall progress bars
  • realtime display of the transfer speed

Note that you need Tk8.0 extension for Perl (and the Perl itself) to get this frontend running! The GUI works under ActivePerl Win32 environment out-of-shelf, but I haven't tested if the interaction with the rio.exe is OK. You can download it here and test for yourself! However, I would suggest you to use my Diamond Rio PMP300 FS-plugin for Total Commander.