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GPM - The Grand Package Manager

GPM is a tool to package things from diverse sources (directories, gems, ...) into native packages like .deb or .rpm At the moment only gem input and .deb output are supported.


GPM is hosted on, so a simple

gem install gpm

should work.

Common usage

Build a DEB package from a bundler directory:

bin/gpm package $SERVICE_DIR/Gemfile -d $DESTINATION_DIR_ON_TARGET -s bundler -t deb

Build a DEB package from a gem package:

bin/gpm package $SERVICE_DIR/$service_name.gem -d $DESTINATION_DIR_ON_TARGET -s gem -t deb

Relation to FPM

GPM is mostly a rewrite of FPM and might be merged with it if FPM's maintainers are OK with that. GPM is developed in a behaviour-driven style (BDD) using Cucumber and RSpec. One major internal difference is that GPM tries to use convention over configuration. Template expansion works by reading all template files from a directory with the same name as the package type and then applying certain operations based on the file name:

  • Files named some_file.gz.erb are standard ERB templates which automatically get gzipped to some_file.gz after expansion
  • Directories named some_directory.tar.gz.dir get tar-gzipped to a file some_directory.tar.gz after expanding all templates

GPM Target Plugins

GPM has a plugin system for packaging targets, where modules and classes can contribute to packaging steps (at the moment file_creation and packaging). For a simple example see lib/gpm/target/zip_directories.

To Do

  • When the package/postinst script gets packaged uncomment the step which checks that the DEBIAN postinst script calls it
  • Use Tilt for expanding templates so developers can choose between templating engines
  • GPM should not modify the origin directory. At the moment it does this by calling "bundle install" and "bundle install --deployment" in it.
  • Eliminate current Source::War. It can be replaced by using Source::Maven and specifying the WAR file in included-files
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