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PODPAC usage examples and tutorials
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PODPAC Examples

Repository that contains files and example Jupyter notebook demonstrating PODPAC usage.

Run Examples on Binder

Binder is a service to run Jupyter Notebooks without any setup. Click the link below to launch the PODPAC Examples binder:


Run Examples Locally

To run examples locally, you must have a working version of PODPAC installed

Start JupyterLab

  1. Clone or download this repository to your computer
  2. Browse to the location of the podpac-examples repository
  3. Launch a JupyterLab session
$ jupyter lab

Viewing Markdown in JupterLab

To make a Markdown (.md) file more readable in JupyterLab (.e.g this file):

  • Right-click the text editor
  • Select 'Show Markdown Preview'

A new window will open and show a nicely rendered version of the file.

Using JupyterLab

The official documentation can be found here, or from the help menu at the top of the JupyterLab browser window.

To launch an example:

  • Browse to an example using the file-browser on the left panel
  • Double-click the file
  • From the top menu, select Run --> Run All

There are multiple useful keyboard shortcuts, as shown below. For example, for evaluating cells in the notebook:

  • Ctrl-Enter: Evaluate current cell
  • Shift-Enter: Evaluate current cell and select the next cell
  • Alt-Enter: Evaluate current cell and create a new cell after it

Where to go from here

  • The Introduction notebook introduces the PODPAC library and some Python basics
  • The notebooks/basic_examples folder contains notebooks with some basic examples
  • The notebooks/demos folder contains notebooks with some more involved examples
  • The notebooks/developer folder contains notebooks with technical implementation details for developers
  • The notebooks/presentations folder contains notebooks of presentations given at various workshops, conferences, science team meetings, and other venues
  • The data folder contains raw datafiles used for some of the examples.
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