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Magneto was right, side channel is fun.
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Side Channels 'n' Stuff

Just for fun

The fuckshitfuck toolkit is a repository of code used for side channel acquisition, preprocessing and analysis, similar to the ChipWhisperer, but written ground-up as an (extremely successful) learning exercise.

This toolkit comprises:

  • Normal Side Channels:
    • Acquisition:
      • ./, for acquisition from picoscope scopes
      • ./, for acquisition from rigol scopes
      • ./, for pcsc+picoscope acquisition from smartcards
    • Preprocessing:
      • ./, for temporal alignment of traces
    • Analysis:
      • ./, a multi-model tool for correlation analysis
      • ./, a multi-model tool for differential analysis
      • ./, a simple matplotlib-based tool to view sets of traces
      • ./, an implementation of non-specific welch's t-test leak detector
  • Keyboards:
    • ./y/, an EM leakage and peak detection tool for keyboard scan matrices

Note the correlation and differential analysis front-ends are now decoupled from the leakage modelling back-ends - models can be found in support/ and typically do not need to be changed to analyze traces using different leakage hypotheses.

Some test targets are provided in target/ and pictarget-3.X/

The code is provided as-is, pull requests and feature requests are welcome.

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