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Just for fun

Sparkgap is a major refactor of my previous SCA and FI code. This provides a more consistent UI experience (console instead of paragraph-length command-lines), better self-contained documentation and a single unified support module for both FI and SCA tasks.

This toolkit contains:

  •, wrapper for correlation attacks
  •, wrapper for differential attacks
  •, a simple trace visualizer
  •, a signal alignment tool
  •, wrapper for signal acquisition jobs
    • frontends/*, wrapper scripts for various acquisition frontends
    • drivers/*, wrapper scripts for logic control drivers
  •, control script for TriggerBuddy FPGA module
  • support/*, a single support package for FI and SCA
  • support/attacks/*, distinguisher and correlation modeling
  • experiments/*, in-progress and successful attacks
  • docs/*, self-contained markdown documentation
  • fpga/*, the source code + bitstream for a TriggerBuddy (for Arty A7 35T variant)

These tools should be used in a workflow. A quick start workflow is documented here, and more documentation can be found in the docs/ folder. You should also read this to extend the framework.

The code is provided as-is, pull requests welcome :)

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