STIMED.js is jQuery plugin for controlling CSS styles over time.
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STIMED.js is a jQuery plugin for controlling CSS styles over time. There are almost endless possibilities for using timed CSS properties. You could change webpage colors to make them more calm at night and more contrast during daytime, or hide a specific element in a certain time, or just move an element in sync with time...

I've created this plugin based on an idea about time synced CSS styles and because I didn't find a library for this kind of task. Keep in mind that this plugin is still just a proof of concept and for testing purposes only. Maybe you could find it useful or contribute and make it better!

Getting Started and Documentation

From STIMED.js webpage you'll find everything that you need to use this plugin.

  • Getting Started
  • Examples
  • Documentation
    • Styles
    • Time
    • Presets
  • About


If you think you can improve this plugin with your superb skills you are welcome to fork the project and create pull request.


STIMED.js made by Sakari Niittymaa (Creatide)

Creatide is not a company nor a big factory. It's a single Designer who also loves coding and improving workflow. I create tools for my personal usage in order to relieve my design process, so every tool is used by myself. Some of those tools end up being released to the public under this name and domain.

Working as a designer makes your come up with different ideas on how your workflow could be improved. My approach: when you got an idea for a specific tool, create it, then you have it. That's what Creatide is all about.


The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2017 Creatide (Sakari Niittymaa)