Default Port of 5984 Breaking Connections to Cloudant over HTTPS #29

mhemesath opened this Issue Jun 10, 2011 · 2 comments


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I'm trying to setup an app on Heroku. Heroku provides the URL to the your couch instance through an environment variable. So connecting to the database would be achieved like this:

var CouchClient = require('couch-client');
var client = new CouchClient(process.env.CLOUDANT_URL + "/myDocument")

The resulting URL is over HTTPs, however, because the port 5984 is defaulted, the connection never works.


hdachev commented Jun 13, 2011

Try setting CLOUDANT_URL to "https://username:password@host:443"

Yeah, I have that coded in for now and it seems to work. It's a bit weird though, as a working URL is supplied by Heroku on


and I have to end up doing

 process.env.CLOUDANT_URL + ":443/myDocument"
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