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<p>I want my words <a>to have spaces on the outside</a> So they don't run together. But i also want some to have<a> spaces on the inside </a>and still others to have <a> spaces on either side </a> even if it has <a> code </a> on the line <a>or</a> just code with space on the outside</p><p><a>link</a>s that touch their neighbor.</p><p>And <a>links</a> that do not</p><p>Or a <b> important thing </b> with tons of space</p><p>Download the file <a href="/home">here</a> now.</p> <p> </p> <div data-id="123456" class="item pending"><input type="checkbox" id="todo-123456" class="checkbox" /><label name="todo-123456" class="description">hi</label> <span> 123456 </span> <a href="/todo/123456/delete" class="delete live">delete</a> </div>
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