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# HAML-JS Changelog
+- **0.2.0** - *2010-03-31* - Function based API, Safe hitespace, Code interpolation.
+ At the request of some users, I've removed the new insertion into the generated html. This means that most html will be on one long line, but as an added advantage you won't have that extra whitespace next to your anchor labels messing up your visual display.
+ Also I added string interpolation to every place I could fit it. This means you can do crazy stuff like interpolate within strings in attributes, in the body on plain text sections, and of course in javascript and css plugin blocks.
+ In order to tame the API, I deprecated the four old interfaces `compile`, `optimize`, `execute` and `render`. The new API is that the Haml/exports object itself is now a function that takes in haml text and outputs a compiled, optimized, ready to execute function.
- **0.1.2** - *2010-02-03* - Bug fixes, plugin aliases, CommonJS, and more...
This is a big release with many improvements. First haml-js is now a CommonJS module and is in the Tusk repository. Thanks to Tom Robinson for helping with that. Some of the plugins got aliases for people who didn't like the original name. For example, you can now do `:javascript` instead of `:script` and `:for` instead of `:each`. There were many bug fixes now that the code is starting to be actually used by myself and others.

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