haml-js works in Safari and Firefox, but breaks in IE8 #26

raganwald opened this Issue Dec 17, 2010 · 2 comments


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I know that the mandate is for haml-js to work in server-side JS only, but it is extremely useful when writing client-side JS applications as well. The minor issues are some missing methods on core prototypes like Array. These are easily worked around in a separate JS file. The more major issue is that the syntax matcher.regexp(line) is not supported in IE at all, and this requires an actual patch to transform it into matcher.regexp.exec(line).


creationix commented Dec 22, 2010

Great, send me a pull request. I've since discovered that calling regExp's as functions is non-standard behavior and so I shouldn't be doing it.


creationix commented Dec 30, 2010

Closed by d8c1ca4 when used in conjunction with compatibility methods for various core classes

This issue was closed.

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