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Added some docs about the author profile and running the project locally
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@@ -30,15 +30,35 @@ Every article is a markdown file with some meta-data at the top of the file.
I had so much fun writing the last article on control flow, that I decided to...
## First section: Display JavaScript files
* display contents of external JavaScript file (path is relative to .markdown file)
- * display contents of external JavaScript file and evaluate its contents
+ * display contents of external JavaScript file and evaluate its contents
More content goes here.
+### Author format
+Every author has a markdown file located in `authors` folder. You should name this file by your name and surname `Name Surname.markdown`.
+ Github: your_github_account
+ Email:
+ Homepage:
+ Twitter: your_twitter_account
+ Location: City, State, Country
+ A few words about you.
+### Starting the project on your local machine
+Please check if the project is still working after you add your contribution to it. You can run the project in three easy steps:
+1. Install the `npm`packages: `npm install`
+2. Start the server: `node server/server.js`
+3. Enjoy your local blog clone at `http://localhost:8080`
More docs to come soon...
## Licensing
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