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Incremented node tag to v0.6.4. Small addition to the article.

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Title: Managing module dependencies
Author: Kishore Nallan
Date: Mon Dec 05 2011 16:30:20 GMT
-Node: v0.4.1
+Node: v0.6.4
Following [this discussion]( on the node.js mailing list about managing module dependencies, I thought it's worth sharing some pointers on that here.
@@ -26,9 +26,11 @@ Note that you can either require a specific version of a module, or a minimum ve
If you have development related dependencies (e.g. testing framework) which you do not wish to install in production, specify them using the `devDependencies` property:
"devDependencies": {
- "vows": "0.5.13"
+ "vows": ">= 0.4.x"
+On production, using `npm install --production` will ensure that the development dependencies are not installed.
## Managing private NPM modules
If you're working on a private module, you can also add `"private": true` to the `package.json` file to prevent yourself from accidentally publishing your module to the NPM registry.

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