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+Title: Node.js and MongoDB
+Author: Node Knockout
+Date: Sat Sep 11 2010 17:14:05 GMT-0700 (PDT)
+Node: v0.2.1
+This was the sixth in a series of posts leading up to
+[Node.js Knockout][] on how to use [node.js][]. This post was
+written by [10gen][] and [is cross-posted from their blog][].
+[10gen][1] is the corporate sponsor of [MongoDB][]. MongoDB bridges
+the gap between key-value stores (which are fast and highly
+scalable) and traditional RDBMS systems (which provide rich queries
+and deep functionality).
+## Node and MongoDB
+Node.js is turning out to be a framework of choice for building
+real-time applications of all kinds, from analytics systems to chat
+servers to location-based tracking services. If you're still new to
+Node, check out [Simon Willison's excellent introductory post][].
+If you're already using Node, you probably need a database, and you
+just might have considered using MongoDB.
+The rationale is certainly there. Working with Node's JavaScript
+means that MongoDB documents get their most natural representation
+- as JSON - right in the application layer. There's also
+significant continuity between your application and the MongoDB
+shell, since the shell is essentially a JavaScript interpreter, so
+you don't have to change languages when moving from application to
+## Node.js MongodB Driver
+Especially impressive to us at 10gen has been the community support
+for Node.js and MongoDB. First, there's Christian Kvalheim's
+excellent [mongodb-node-native project][], a non-blocking MongoDB
+driver implemented entirely in JavaScript using Node.js's system
+libraries. The project is a pretty close port of the
+[MongoDB Ruby driver][], making for an easy transition for those
+already used to the 10gen-supported drivers. If you're just
+starting, there's a helpful [mongodb-node-native mailing list][].
+## Hummingbird
+Need a real-world example? Check out [Hummingbird][], Michael
+Nutt's real-time analytics app. It's built on top of MongoDB using
+Node.js and the mongodb-node-native driver. Hummingbird, which is
+used in production at [Gilt Groupe][], brings together an
+impressive array of technologies; it uses the [express.js][]
+Node.js app framework and sports a responsive interface with the
+help of web sockets. Definitely worth checking out.
+## Mongoose
+Of course, one of the admitted difficulties in working with Node.js
+is dealing with deep callback structures. If this poses a problem,
+or if you happen to want a richer data modeling library, then
+[Mongoose][] is the answer. Created by [Learnboost][], Mongoose
+sits atop mongodb-node-native, providing a nice API for modeling
+your application.
+ [Countdown to Knockout: Post 6 - Node.js and MongoDB]:
+ [Node.js Knockout]:
+ [node.js]:
+ [10gen]:
+ [is cross-posted from their blog]:
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+ [MongoDB]:
+ [Simon Willison's excellent introductory post]: "Node.js is genuinely exciting"
+ [mongodb-node-native project]: "MongoDB Node Native Driver"
+ [MongoDB Ruby driver]: "MongoDB Ruby Driver"
+ [mongodb-node-native mailing list]: "MongoDB Node Native Mailing List"
+ [Hummingbird]: "Hummingbird App"
+ [Gilt Groupe]: "Gilt Groupe"
+ [express.js]: "Express.js"
+ [Mongoose]: "Mongoose"
+ [Learnboost]: "Learnboost"

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