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+Github: Srirangan
+Twitter: srirangan
+I'm a passionate programmer and product developer. I've been programming professionally since 2002 and I bring expertise in both front-end and back-end development.
+In the last ten years, I've successfully executed freelance, open source and enterprise projects. I have been part of cross-functional and cross-cultural teams and I've had the opportunity to [work]( with some very interesting people and companies.
+I enjoy building browser based, real-time apps using innovative technologies including Node.js,, Express.js, HTML5, JQuery, SugarJS, CSS3 etc.
+Enterprise technologies that interest me are primarily Python and Scala. I've been working with NoSQL databases — MongoDB and Google Data Store APIs in particular.
+Other technologies that I've had fun with over the years are Adobe Flex, Java (Spring, Hibernate and popular enterprise frameworks), PHP 5 and related platforms, frameworks and libraries.
+I'm the creator of [Review19]( - next generation, real-time collaboration.
+I'm a keen open-source enthusiast and my [GitHub]( profile contains contributions to various Node.js, Scala, Python and Adobe Flex projects.
+I'm the author of the [Apache Maven 3 Cookbook]( (Packt Publishing, ISBN 978-1-849512-442) which is available for purchase in stores and on Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and Flipkart.

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