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kriskowal commented Aug 27, 2013

Thanks for putting this and wait.for together. This article would be about ten times more valuable if it acknowledged and compared alternatives with promises and @creationix’s own genrun proof-of-concept, and acknowledged the interleaving hazards associated with fibers.

Hola Lucio,

Como estas?

I'm about to use wait.for - as it is the only thing I've seen that seems to come near to enabling a non-blocking wait for an async operation to complete under node.js.

Just wanted to check a couple of points to make sure I've really go it.

  1. This really is non-blocking - i.e. the node server can process other incoming page requests whilst wait.for hangs around waiting for an asynchronous function to compete - then enables the later code to use the results synchronously.
  2. wait.for expects a function (say asyncFn()) as argument - with parameters to that function call listed after. More importantly it assumes the last argument of asyncFn to be a callback - which is not supplied in the wait.for but is 'put in automatically' by the wait.for implementation...

So bascially for example doing:
[ callback of form callback(err, data) ]
asyncDBOperation(selectStatement, callback)

value = wait.for(asyncDBOperation) ...

value will be the 'data ' part of the callback function.

  1. If that is correct, seems to me you deserve a medal!

I'm on - if you'd rather reply there - it'd be better.


@creationix thanks a lot! Mark.

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