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" Vim syntax file
setlocal iskeyword+=:
" Language: Jack Script
" Maintainer: Tim Caswell
if exists("b:current_syntax")
setlocal iskeyword+=-
setlocal iskeyword+=?
setlocal iskeyword+=!
let b:current_syntax = "jack"
syn keyword jackTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX
syn match jackComment "--.*$" contains=jackTodo,@Spell
syn keyword jackConstant null
syn keyword jackBoolean true false
syn region jackString start=+'+ end=+'+ skip=+\\\\\|\\'+ contains=jackSpecial,@Spell
syn region jackString start=+"+ end=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ contains=jackSpecial,@Spell
syn match jackNumber "\<0\>"
syn match jackNumber "\<[1-9][0-9]*\>"
syn match jackNumber "\<0[xX]\x\+\>"
syn keyword jackType Integer Boolean Null String Buffer List Object Function
syn keyword jackConditional if elif else
syn keyword jackRepeat for in while split and
syn keyword jackKeyword vars delete is
syn keyword jackException abort
syn keyword jackFunction print rand range inspect bind i-collect i-keys i-values i-pairs i-map i-filter i-chunk i-collect i-zip i-merge i-each i-any? i-all?
"syn match jackIdentifier \<[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_-]*[?!]*\>
"syn keyword jackOperator \|\| ^^ + - / * # %
highlight link jackTodo Todo
highlight link jackComment Comment
highlight link jackConstant Constant
highlight link jackBoolean Boolean
highlight link jackString String
highlight link jackNumber Number
highlight link jackType Type
highlight link jackConditional Conditional
highlight link jackRepeat Repeat
highlight link jackKeyword Keyword
highlight link jackException Exception
highlight link jackFunction Function
"highlight link jackOperator Operator
"highlight link jackIdentifier Identifier
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